The Chronicles
The Chronicles
1978 - 1988
written by Karl Fulves
Work of Various
395 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
(300 entries)
Data entered by Denis Behr.
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Jack Avis Foreword 1997
Karl Fulves Introduction 1997
Michael Skinner Coin Entrapped copper and silver coin placed on card case, named one penetrates cellophane and is underneath see also "From Bruce Arnold" (Bruce Arnold, 1979) 1 1978 1065
Karl Fulves Notes on the magazine, contributions 1 1978 1066
Karl Fulves & Kim Iles & Mel Stover & Howard Lyons Hyper Card various ideas with the Hypercard see also "Hyper Card" (Martin Gardner, 1975),
"Hypercard" (Karl Fulves, 1979),
"80. The Fifth Dimension" (Mel Stover & Howard Lyons & Karl Fulves, 1981),
varied by "Notes" (Karl Fulves, 1978)
1 1978 1067
Jeff Busby Royal Backs five apparently double-backed cards change into Royal Flush, see Reference Shelf see also "The Reference Shelf" (Karl Fulves, 1978),
varied by "Back to Back" (Bill Worsley, 1982)
1 1978 1070
Jeff Busby 6-as-5 Count Elmsley type 1 1978 1070
Unknown Five-Card Ascanio Spread 1 1978 1071
Al Baker Lesson performer know which object is taken, bloodless hand also published as "The One I Like" (Al Baker, 1934) 1 1978 1071
Karl Fulves The Isis Slate coding four numbers (or other things) with two lines on a slate varied by "Letters" (Bruce Barnett, 1978) 1 1978 1072
Karl Fulves You Win Once indifferent card put between two black queens, spectator cannot follow it 1 1978 1074
Derek Dingle Elastic Illusion single rubber band splits in two, starts with optical illusion and single band inspired by Larry Arcuri & Karl Fulves,
see also "Elastic Illusion" (Derek Dingle, 1982),
varied by "Elastrik" (Karl Fulves, 1978)
2 1978 1075
Frank Garcia Double Post stacked cups, ball secretly between, cups dragged down on table with balls underneath inspired by "Galloping Post" (Hugard's Modern Magic Manual, 1939, p. 130, item 4) 2 1978 1076
Karl Fulves In Writing three coins on table, chosen coin vanishes and reappears inside sealed envelope, one out of three force with written instructions 2 1978 1076
Karl Fulves Levitations on impromptu levitations varied by "Looy's Sooperman" (Looy Simonoff, 1979) 2 1978 1077
Marcello Truzzi & Martin Gardner Truzzi/Gardner Method solo levitation behind cloth 2 1978 1077
John Cornelius John Cornelius Method solo levitation behind cloth 2 1978 1078
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves Method solo levitation behind cloth in doorway 2 1978 1079
Unknown Stage Method solo levitation in the dark with glowing shoes and hands, shoes stick together 2 1978 1080
Roy Walton Caper starts with gag 2 1978 1084
Father Cyprian The Spectrum Effect two card prediction from half the deck, all other cards red inspired by "Colorincidentally" (Tony Chaudhuri, "Bedazzled!", 1977, p. 31) 3 1978 1085
Slydini The Slydini Palm for a ring (key ring size), while openly holding second ring, Downs palm style 3 1978 1087
Karl Fulves Factor Four "Still Counting"
card turns over in four-card packet, then changes into Jacks, then other cards change to Jacks, then card changes back to original selection, ungaffed
3 1978 1088
Unknown Through-the-First Turnover 3 1978 1089
Karl Fulves Identi-Kit "Still Counting"
six red cards, after a lot of counting a named value changes to black
see also "All Blacks" (Karl Fulves, 1979) 3 1978 1089
Karl Fulves Looking Glass Poker 3 1978 1090
Karl Fulves Cut-Deeper Force motivated with presentation 3 1978 1091
Harvey Rosenthal HR Cut four packets, flourish cut or set-up for red-black shuffle 3 1978 1093
Ken Krenzel & Derek Dingle & Karl Fulves Slow Motion III slow motion coin vanish, coin shrink when reproduced inspired by "Slow Motion Coin Vanish II" (Steve Freeman & Derek Dingle, 1974) 3 1978 1094
Milton Tropp Odd Coin three coins in one hand, two in the other, all five in one hand, see p. 1149 for credit information see also "Our Mysteries" (1941), p. 19 4 1978 1095
Milton Tropp Fist Transfer see also "Passing the Half-Bucks" (Ross Bertram, 1951) 4 1978 1096
Sam Schwartz The Lazy Gambler pokerhand gets better multiple times, changes into Royal Flush as finale see also "No. 1 With A Bullet" (Karl Fulves, 1989) 4 1978 1097
Karl Fulves Omega Count seven as five 4 1978 1097
Frank Garcia Bottomless Glass bottom of glass drops out and is restored, glass disc see also "From Ron Zollweg" (Ronald Zollweg, 1979),
varied by "Bottomless Glass Variation" (Karl Fulves, 1978)
4 1978 1098
Karl Fulves Bottomless Glass Variation bottom of glass drops out with content (coin) and is restored inspired by "Bottomless Glass" (Frank Garcia, 1978) 4 1978 1099
George Sands Reverse Bank Nite using the Lucky 13 prime force inspired by "Lucky 13" (George Sands, 1975) 4 1978 1100
George Sands Prime Choice - E.S.P. six pieces of paper, prediction on one, ESP symbols or something else on the other pieces, then Lucky 13 prime force inspired by "Lucky 13" (George Sands, 1975) 4 1978 1101
Bruce Barnett Letters more ideas on the Isis Slate coding system inspired by "The Isis Slate" (Karl Fulves, 1978) 4 1978 1101
Karl Fulves Notes on instructions on video or cassettes 4 1978 1102
Tom Ellis Linking Pin Moves - Head Link
- Impossible Curl Unlink
- Curl Only Link
see also "84. The Repeat Impossibility" (Tom Ellis, 1981),
"83. The Impossible Unlink" (Tom Ellis, 1981)
4 1978 1104
Derek Dingle Flash Coins four coins in box, four matches visibly change into the coins one by one and in coin box are the burnt matches 5 1978 1105
Derek Dingle Coin Separation Move several coins in classic palm, one dragged off with fourth finger 5 1978 1106
Karl Fulves Op-Trik optical illusion with Tally-Ho Circle Back, card flicked an center apparently does not move see also "Random Walk" (Karl Fulves, 1978) 5 1978 1109
Karl Fulves Rebound copper underneath one card, silver under another, the coins transpose, coin travel together under one card in repeat phase see also "Launch Pad" (Karl Fulves, 1975),
varied by "Radical Rebound" (Tom Gagnon, 1985)
5 1978 1110
Karl Fulves Tabled Spellbound coin under inverted glass changes, brief 5 1978 1112
Cardini Crawling Bill bill crawl over floor, routine made available via Milton Tropp, wrist reel varied by "Educated Dollar Bill" (Tom Gagnon, 1980) 5 1978 1114
Allan Slaight Five-Card Mental out see also "From Charles Steele" (Charles Steele, 1979) 6 1978 1115
Allan Slaight Slaight's Sequel mental speller 6 1978 1116
Karl Fulves Flim Flam chosen red card is only red card in black poker hand and vice versa 6 1978 1117
Karl Fulves Robot Ring betting game like endless chain with ring and rope
- The Win/Lose Option
- The Must-Lose Option
- The Must-Win Option
see p. 1149 for comment by Jerry Fulton
see also "The Hanging" (Robert E. Neale, 1968),
"The Left-Handed Knot" (Karl Fulves, 1971)
6 1978 1118
Karl Fulves Notes on the timeline regarding the material in the magazine 6 1978 1123
Allan Slaight Mutant Nomen Klondike shuffle 6 1978 1124
Karl Fulves Medallion impromptu method, credit information, card and number predicted inspired by "The Gold Medallion" (Al Koran, 1967) 7 1978 1125
Neal Thomas* A Puzzle rubber band configuration between fingers, "It should be noted, that Neal is 8 years old." see also "Elastic Solution" (Neal Thomas*, 1979),
also published as "62. Strange Interlude" (Neal Thomas*, 1981)
7 1978 1127
Karl Fulves The Lizard of Oz ball in silk transposes with plastic ring outside see also "Sponge Ball Problem" (Karl Fulves, 1978) 7 1978 1128
Leo McCauley Coin Vanish coin or sponge ball, see p. 1166 for credit information see also "The Chapender Vanish" (Martin Chapender, 1938) 7 1978 1131
Karl Fulves Notes on Slydini, stand-up lapping on a chair 7 1978 1132
Karl Fulves Suspense card balanced between upright card case and deck, then it remains suspended (chair levitation like) when case is removed 7 1978 1134
George Sands Platform Key-Rect "Two Tricks"
man and woman locked together with chain
8 1978 1135
George Sands Prime Choice "Two Tricks"
packet of thirteen cards, selection is the last one face-down after counting procedure
inspired by "Lucky 13" (George Sands, 1975) 8 1978 1137
Unknown Eight Kings & Furry Kitten two cyclical mnemonics 8 1978 1137
Karl Fulves The IOU Shuffle on amusing acronyms for shuffle sequences, M-BOMB 8 1978 1138
Greg Webb Mid-Air Exchange Han Ping Chien with cards, monte throw application 8 1978 1139
Unknown Monte Throw 8 1978 1139
Karl Fulves Notes on fake reviews in magic 8 1978 1141
Martin Gardner First Finger Grip 8 1978 1142
Martin Gardner Two Coin Vanishes - The First Vanish (with copper/silver coin application)
- The Second Vanish (Steve Freeman credit information)
for credit information, see reference
see also "Two Coin Vanishes" (Martin Gardner, 1979),
"Ultimate Retention Vanish" (Davide Costi, 2004)
8 1978 1144
Gus Davenport Midnite Coin "origin ... is in doubt"
glass in side pocket, coin vanishes and is heard appearing in glass, two methods
9 1978 1145
Harvey Telmar Flying Eagles finale for routine, into spectator's hand, clean vanish inspired by "The Flying Eagles" (1952) 9 1978 1147
Philip T. Goldstein A Dollar ungaffed coins inspired by "Spirit Cartography" (Braue, Hugard's Magic Monthly, April 1949) 9 1978 1148
Jerry Fulton & Charles Rose Letters 9 1978 1149
Karl Fulves Retrospective: The Red Prediction treatise on a multiple-out prediction "you will chose the only red card", see following items 9 1978 1150
Arthur Carter One Red Card "you will chose the only red card" also published as Pentagram, Dec. 1951 9 1978 1150
Unknown The Red Card Prediction "you will chose the only red card" also published as "The Red Card Prediction" (1959) 9 1978 1151
Dai Vernon Dai Vernon's Method "you will chose the only red card" 9 1978 1151
Martin Gardner Martin Gardner's Ideas "you will chose the only red card", both sides shown at beginning, three ideas 9 1978 1152
Karl Fulves Note By Karl Fulves "you will chose the only red card" 9 1978 1153
Bill Coomer Stay Up coffee cup clings to hand 9 1978 1154
Ken Beale Take Five with credit information
layout on table
- Ken Beale's "Take Five"
- Wiseguy Presentation
- A Ten-Card Problem
- Note By Karl Fulves
10 1978 1155
Karl Fulves Notes on earning money with magic 10 1978 1158
Stephen Clark Advent sandwiched card transposes with tabled card, only four cards used varied by "Color Added" (Stephen Clark, 1978) 10 1978 1159
Stephen Clark Color Added odd-backed version of "Advent" inspired by "Advent" (Stephen Clark, 1978),
see also "Jack's Gone" (Stewart Judah, 1975)
10 1978 1160
Karl Fulves Psi-X cut and shuffle procedure, only selection (probably) at stack position afterwards varied by "More Than One Way" (Jerry K. Hartman, 1978) 10 1978 1161
Karl Fulves Countless "Counts"
Jordan Count off the deck, taking four cards and hiding one surface
10 1978 1163
Father Cyprian Flash Backs five cards, change into Royal Flush see also "Flash Backs" (Father Cyprian, 1978) 10 1978 1164
Father Cyprian Discount combination of Flushtration and Hamman Count 10 1978 1164
John Cornelius Read Out denomination and serial number of bill read that is given behind back see also "Nor Eyes To See With" (Don Nielsen & Karl Fulves, 1969) 11 1978 1165
Karl Fulves Catapult card vanishes from packet, card to wallet application 11 1978 1167
Karl Fulves & Martin Gardner Psychic Motors "Curiosities"
piece of paper spins on the tip of a needle
- Martin Gardner's Method (Scientific American, April 1975)
- Streamlined Psychic
- Stop/Reverse
11 1978 1168
Father Cyprian Flash Backs second method, five cards, change into Royal Flush see also "Flash Backs" (Father Cyprian, 1978) 11 1978 1171
David Bornstein Pay Up performer switches cards with spectators, yet is left with four Aces, color changing backs kicker inspired by "To Pay the Price" (Ron Wilson, Talisman, Jan 1971),
see also "According to Hoyle" (Karl Fulves, 1968)
11 1978 1172
Karl Fulves Notes hypercard constructed from double facer with attached back piece
- Elastrik
- Oddments
inspired by "Hyper Card" (Karl Fulves & Kim Iles & Mel Stover & Howard Lyons, 1978) 11 1978 1173
Karl Fulves Elastrik ending with genuinely linked rubber bands inspired by "Elastic Illusion" (Derek Dingle, 1978) 11 1978 1173
Roy Walton Next one of three cards thought-of, it is stabbed to (or the stabbing card) inspired by trick in "The Magic Book" (Fulves) 11 1978 1174
Dai Vernon Instant Oil & Water 4&4, extra card 12 1978 1175
Stephen Clark Curious deck shuffled face-up/face-down, two suits named, cards of those suits corresponds with remaining reversed cards after they are removed 12 1978 1177
Sam Schwartz Twistrap Bizarre Twist type effect, credit claim ("Subsequently a midwest amateur published a routine based on a similar idea.") see also "The Bizarre Twist!" (Paul Harris, 1976) 12 1978 1178
Slydini Hank Gag handkerchief pulled out of non-existant breast pocket 12 1978 1179
John Cornelius Fireworks "Curiosities"
lit match is placed behind back and comes out out (gag), then in repeat it comes out lit again
12 1978 1181
Karl Fulves Solid Liquid "Curiosities"
seesaw set-up with two filled glasses, ruler and pencil, it swings when water is pushed and thus water is apparently solid, physics
inspired by Martin Gardner's "Science Puzzlers" 12 1978 1182
Karl Fulves Notes on the paper the magazine is printed on, Fulves's eye ailment 12 1978 1183
Jerry K. Hartman More Than One Way "There's More Than One Way To Spin A Cut."
two decks in reverse order
inspired by "Psi-X" (Karl Fulves, 1978),
see also "One Way Ghost" (Jerry K. Hartman, 1971)
12 1978 1184
Derek Dingle & Karl Fulves The Problem at Draw three hands dealt, performer has Aces, Aces put in center and repeated, repeat with Royal Flush, even though the performer deals himself only three cards inspired by "(C) The Problem At Draw" (Karl Fulves, 1978),
see also "Recursive Draw" (Karl Fulves, 1981)
13 1979 1185
Unknown Vernon Transfer 13 1979 1187
Unknown Small Packet Bottom Steal packet fanned out at same time 13 1979 1188
Charles Rose & Anne Carter Letters playboy clipping 13 1979 1189
Richard Durham Pin Thru Hank "Retrospective"
safety pin
- Notes By Karl Fulves
see also "88. Ultra Penetro" (Richard Durham, 1981) 13 1979 1190
Karl Fulves Notes on the Retrospective column 13 1979 1191
Karl Fulves The Self-Employed on publishing one's ideas 13 1979 1192
Karl Fulves Red Blues ungaffed B'Wave method, "Brainstorm II" inspired by "Brainstorm" (Karl Fulves & Father Cyprian & Sam Schwartz, 1978) 13 1979 1194
Karl Fulves Mate Two two cards torn in half, spectator takes two halves of one card, yet they do not match 13 1979 1194
Harvey Rosenthal Center Tear dummy center piece added to pieces, see also p. 1197 14 1979 1195
Edmund Rowland Edmund Rowland's Center Tear motivation for writing in center also published as Magic Wand, Dec. 1954 14 1979 1197
Martin Gardner Two Coin Vanishes on the history of the vanishes in the reference, with description of Paul Rosini's Five-Coin Routine see also "Two Coin Vanishes" (Martin Gardner, 1978) 14 1979 1198
Edward Victor Eleven Card Trick "Retrospective"
thorough description, originally from Willane's "Methods for Miracles" series (1952/1953)
14 1979 1200
Willane False Counting for Eleven Card Trick 14 1979 1202
Karl Fulves Go Directly to Jail card changes into "Go directly to jail" card, selection is now in case that has cut-outs to resemble a jail cell, two methods 14 1979 1204
Roy Walton Count Me In "Two Tricks"
between sandwich cards appear as many cards as the value of the selection, numerical set-up
15 1979 1205
Roy Walton The Ten To One Trick "Two Tricks"
one card between two Aces, ten cards between two Tens, cut into deck, number of cards corresponding to selection travels from Ten to Ace sandwich, numeric set-up, see also p. 1237 for credit information
15 1979 1206
Ted Glick Dice Trap two dice under cup, coin vanishes and reappears underneath cup between the two dice, three methods inspired by "Dice Problem" (Karl Fulves, 1974) 15 1979 1208
Karl Fulves Notes 15 1979 1210
Karl Fulves Pluto Bet bet regarding what's the planet furthest from the sun 15 1979 1210
Van Cleve Curse of Darkness "Curiosities"
candle is lighted, flame shrinks to glow and expands again
also published as "Curse of Darkness" (Van Cleve, Weird Magic) 15 1979 1211
Martin Gardner Boiling Point "Curiosities"
cold water in glass starts to boil
15 1979 1211
Karl Fulves The U.C.L.A. Move "Utility Center Lift Action"
hindu force that ends with a center double lift, matching application in which a selection does not match prediction card but then transforms
varied by "Border Crossing" (Roy Walton, 1980) 15 1979 1214
Dai Vernon & Frank Garcia Spellbound for Experts see p. 1300 for comment 16 1979 1215
Karl Fulves Knowing Comments snarky remarks on magic 16 1979 1218
Karl Fulves Zenner Plus "Curiosities"
guessing ESP cards with better accuracy than normal
16 1979 1219
Karl Fulves Reflections saliva on thumbnail for impromptu shiner inspired by "Picture Projection" (Robert Parrish, 1939),
see also Fingernail Polish Shiner, Walsh, Phoenix #325, p. 111
16 1979 1220
Karl Fulves Notes on sleight-free/self-working tricks and their definition see also "Letters" (James A. Taylor, 1979) 16 1979 1220
Father Cyprian & Karl Fulves Jump Shot banded deck, first rubber band jumps around half the deck, then around single selection, progressive see also "Band Bounce" (Karl Fulves, 2004) 16 1979 1221
Karl Fulves Rubber Band Problem inserting a packet in card case and removing it with rubber band around, posed as problem 16 1979 1222
Howard Schwarzman Night Riser black Aces on table, half deck on each, they rise to top of other packet, red Aces on bottom
- Notes By Karl Fulves
inspired by "Double Rise" (Bill Simon, 1952) 16 1979 1224
Stephen Mathews Gemini Rope rope around spectator's fourth finger, it's pulled and penetrates finger
- The Basic Method
- Stephen Mathews Notes
- Notes By Karl Fulves
see also "Notes" (Karl Fulves, 1979) 17 1979 1225
Allen Lang Prelude four cards face-down on table, spectator finds the one that matches prediction inspired by "Lottery" (Karl Fulves, 1977) 17 1979 1228
Bob Brook R & B selection matches odd-backed prediction, than the back colors change of deck and prediction inspired by Harry Franke trick in Hugard's Magic Monthly,
"Technicolor Cards" (Karl Fulves, 1974)
17 1979 1229
Tom Sellers A Billiard Ball Penetration "Retrospective" - Two Tricks
ball on stand covered with silk, then with larger silk, ball is on top when larger silk is removed
17 1979 1230
Tom Sellers On Again - Off Again "Retrospective" - Two Tricks
linking and unlinking safety pins
also published as "On Again - Off again" (Tom Sellers, 1939) 17 1979 1231
Karl Fulves Notes see also "Gemini Rope" (Stephen Mathews, 1979) 17 1979 1233
Karl Fulves Center Fold joker placed into deck behind back, then two selections made, half the joker (which is suddenly torn) found besides each card 17 1979 1234
Mitsunobu Matsuyama Paradox geometrical puzzle with a playing card that makes a full card face-down, but a piece is left over when assembled face-up
- The Turnover Tactic
- Business Card Variation
- Reference File
varied by "Powerdox" (Karl Fulves, 1980),
"Inflation Bite" (Jon Charles & Mitsunobu Matsuyama, 1984),
"From Jim Snapp" (Jim Snapp, 1988)
18 1979 1235
Karl Fulves & Slydini Notes Slydini on Okito box magic, Cups & Balls and card tricks 18 1979 1238
Stewart Judah Oil & Water "Retrospective"
3&3, extra card
see also "Letters" (George Draper & James Frasier & John MacKay & Ed Hammond, 1979) 18 1979 1239
Philip T. Goldstein Immoracle packet cut-off, anti-faro procedure to arrive at Royal Flush, overhand shuffle set-up sequence inspired by "Oracle" (Karl Fulves, 1970),
"Moracle" (Lin Searles, 1971),
see also "Lie-Decker" (Max Maven*, 2015)
18 1979 1240
Magic Ronnay Perfect Match five pairs are matching
- Notes By Karl Fulves
18 1979 1242
Karl Fulves No Box thumb tip rattle gimmick, routine with cigarette box see also "Tap II" (Bob Evans, 1980) 18 1979 1243
Dai Vernon Coin Move hand load from thumb clip 18 1979 1244
Derek Dingle Roll Your Own cigarette produced, broken in three parts, they change into three balls, back to single cigarette inspired by routine from Coe Norton lecture, ca. 1968 19 1979 1245
Karl Fulves Psycho double placed on table 19 1979 1249
Jerry K. Hartman Dup-licates 19 1979 1250
James A. Taylor Letters definition of self-working tricks see also "Notes" (Karl Fulves, 1979) 19 1979 1251
Eric Eicher Letters 19 1979 1251
Karl Fulves Cricket II in-the-hands version, two Aces slid through deck, they trap selection inspired by "Cricket" (Karl Fulves, 1979) 19 1979 1252
Karl Fulves Cricket two Aces slid through deck, they trap selection see also "Scorpio Switch" (Karl Fulves, 1979),
"Jiminy" (Karl Fulves, 1991),
varied by "Cricket II" (Karl Fulves, 1979),
also published as "Cricket" (Karl Fulves, 1979)
19 1979 1254
Alex Elmsley Parity Failure some cards from 5x5 cards layout are turned over according to rules, condition is called out and on one card is lied also published as "Parity Failure" (Alex Elmsley, 1980),
"Parity Failure" (Alex Elmsley, 1994)
20 1979 1255
Martin Gardner Gardner's Aces doing MacDonald Aces with four double facers, posed as problem varied by "Aces" (Martin Gardner, 1979) 20 1979 1256
Howard Wurst Out of Control out for psychological stop trick, see p. 1301 for reference also published as Sphinx, Feb. 1948 20 1979 1257
Victor Marsh Found selection returned to cased deck, medium in other room finds selection 20 1979 1258
Father Cyprian Psychogenic polaroid camera effects
- Psychogenic #1 (performer vanishes from picture)
- Psychogenic #2 (performer holds card, but on picture the performer is invisible)
- Psychogenic #3 (performer with card appears in picture)
- Psychogenic #4 (transparent image of performer appears in picture)
- Psychogenic #5 (later selection appears in picture)
- Notes (signed selection appears in picture)
see also "3 Vues" (Karl Fulves, 1988) 20 1979 1259
Karl Fulves Notes teaching human language to chimps and primates, trained animals 20 1979 1261
Karl Fulves Cat Locates Card 20 1979 1263
Karl Fulves Scorpio Switch fan switch of sandwiched card see also "Cricket" (Karl Fulves, 1979),
"Quik Ending" (Karl Fulves, 1980)
20 1979 1264
Karl Fulves Approaches to Misdirection 20 1979 1264
Slydini Self-Cutting Deck tabled deck covered with handkerchief, when removed it has cut into two halves at selection 21 1979 1265
Karl Fulves Push Push 3&3, based on 6-as-6 false count see also "Oil & Water" (Karl Fulves, 1976) 21 1979 1267
Al Cohn Sponge Balls traveling into spectator's hand claimed by Cohn, see p. 1328 for further comment on the history (quote from Expert Manipulation Finale, Ganson) 21 1979 1268
Al Cohn False Transfer 21 1979 1268
John Rule Premium position of selection is predicted on another card 21 1979 1271
Karl Fulves Notes on coin magic with unusual coins 21 1979 1272
Karl Fulves Darknot rope tied around table leg, people distributed around and on top of table, lights out and on, now rope suddenly around another table leg 21 1979 1273
Nigel Jacks And twisting sequence with Jacks, they change to Aces 21 1979 1274
Roy Walton Magic 10 twenty-card packet separated by color with a Ten spot card 21 1979 1274
Karl Fulves Hoax Coin complete coin vanish, then reproduction, sleeving into spectator's sleeve, see p. 1328 for credit claim by Howard Schwarzman 22 1979 1275
C. H. Barry Left? Right? which one of two questions the spectators thinks about is divined by direction of his gaze 22 1979 1276
Karl Fulves Black Out 2&2, two reds and two blacks mixed, they all change to black, repeated with another set of red and black cards, see p. 1301 for comment see also "Snapblack" (Karl Fulves, 1976),
varied by "All Red" (Sam Schwartz, 1980),
"Red Limit" (R. K. Miller, 1988)
22 1979 1277
Karl Fulves The Half-Index Gaff Ten of Hearts with only the digit "1" blackened 22 1979 1278
Bob Paul Memory "Curiosities"
ten cards with words, spectator is able to memorize their order
varied by "Memorease" (Jerry K. Hartman, 1980) 22 1979 1279
George Draper & James Frasier & John MacKay & Ed Hammond Letters see also "Aces & Jacks" (Stewart Judah, 1974),
"Oil & Water" (Stewart Judah, 1979)
22 1979 1281
Karl Fulves Notes Sarles story about driving a match into wood, linking rings with alternative objects (phone wire, tires), psychics and spirit raps story by Jay Weiler 22 1979 1282
Jerry K. Hartman Brainwave Dectet ten-card brainwave, "embellished Hamman Count" see also "Sixtet" (Jerry K. Hartman, 1980) 22 1979 1284
T. Nelson Downs & Dai Vernon Coin Clip Vernon story from Buffum tapes reprinted
- The Gimmick
- Vanish of the Fake
- One at a Time Vanish
- Producing the Coins
- Flash Method
- Karl Fulves Notes (combination with shells)
23 1979 1285
Karl Fulves Krazy Kut "Two Tricks" 23 1979 1290
Karl Fulves Krazy Poker "Two Tricks"
poker hand with five Aces, two of them change to selections
23 1979 1290
Karl Fulves Omega Count five as five, hiding two 23 1979 1291
Karl Fulves One-Hand Tenkai card distributed on table, yet performer finds a specific card, featuring one-handed Tenkai palm 23 1979 1291
Walter Cunningham & Karl Fulves Letters coincidence story from performance 23 1979 1292
J. B. Bobo Pop-Over Card "Retrospective" also published as The Sphinx, ca. 1950 23 1979 1293
Francis Haxton Open Selection five cards removed from deck, of those the spectator choses two, they're the selections, two methods see also "5-Card Hofzinser" (Francis Haxton, 1973),
"Lottery" (Karl Fulves, 1977)
23 1979 1294
Derek Dingle Gambler's Dream poker hand changes and twists, two double facers 24 1979 1295
Jules Hirsch Ivory Tower stunt with stack of checkers or dice, chip is rolled towards it and one is thrown out 24 1979 1297
Karl Fulves Textbook Aces spectator cuts to Aces, then performer, at bottom of piles is Royal Flush
- Immediate Aces
- Knockout Poker
24 1979 1298
Karl Fulves Drift 4&4, way to displace color so spectator can mix cards 24 1979 1299
Neal Thomas* Elastic Solution rubber band configuration between fingers see also "A Puzzle" (Neal Thomas*, 1978) 24 1979 1301
Karl Fulves Chronologue comments on the finish of the second volume 24 1979 1302
Martin Gardner Aces doing MacDonald Aces with four double facers, three ideas
- Note By Karl Fulves
inspired by "Gardner's Aces" (Martin Gardner, 1979) 24 1979 1304
Jim Snapp Coin Slide routine with coin slide prop (slide with circular recess is put in and out of drawer) see also "Chronologue" (Karl Fulves, 1980),
"Letters" (Per Thiman & Mike O'Dowd, 1988)
25 1980 1305
Frank Ross The Truth three objects take by spectators, two spectators lie and one tells the truth, performer knows which one, credit information 25 1980 1307
Sam Schwartz All Red 2&2, two reds and two blacks mixed, they all change to black, repeated with another set of red and black cards, then all eight cards change to red inspired by "Black Out" (Karl Fulves, 1979) 25 1980 1308
Karl Fulves The Pop-Switch "Push-Off Packet Switch", Hamman Count from normal grip see also "The Pop-Switch" (Karl Fulves, 1976) 25 1980 1309
Karl Fulves Chronologue on different coin slides see also "Coin Slide" (Jim Snapp, 1980) 25 1980 1309
Roy Walton Lucky Seven reversed Seven spot used to locate selection 25 1980 1310
Max Williams Subway Move thumb flick, credit claim 25 1980 1311
Karl Fulves Notes By Karl Fulves flick applications
(A) flick to under card
(B) other ideas
25 1980 1312
Karl Fulves Murder, Inc. a red card in a packet is designated as killer and its position remembered, then black card with same value cut at same position, performer divines it all inspired by "It's Murder" (Bob Hummer),
see also "The 12ยข Solution" (Karl Fulves, 1975)
25 1980 1314
Jerry K. Hartman Band in Boston card jumps from one rubber banded packet to another inspired by "Banded Deck Problems" (Karl Fulves, 1975),
varied by "Other Applications" (Karl Fulves, 1980),
"Boston Notes" (Karl Fulves, 1980)
26 1980 1315
Karl Fulves Boston Notes more ideas for the rubber band ideas inspired by "Band in Boston" (Jerry K. Hartman, 1980) 26 1980 1318
Karl Fulves Other Applications inspired by "Band in Boston" (Jerry K. Hartman, 1980),
see also "Cyprian's Passage" (Father Cyprian, 1979)
26 1980 1318
Karl Fulves Back Bay Blues two rubber banded sandwiches, the sandwich cards themselves transpose 26 1980 1319
Bob Evans Tap II coins jump around in box and make clink sounds by themselves inspired by "Taps" (L. Vosburgh Lyons, Linking Ring & New Phoenix),
see also "No Box" (Karl Fulves, 1979)
26 1980 1320
Karl Fulves & Bertram Forer The Forer Personality Sketch "Curiosities"
personality profile that applies to anyone
26 1980 1321
Karl Fulves Chronologue Magick, Mexican Monte reinventions 26 1980 1322
Karl Fulves Impromptu Haunted Deck Presentation inspired by "Impromptu Haunted Deck" (Bert Fenn & Karl Fulves & Joseph K. Schmidt, 1974) 26 1980 1322
Nick van Setten Swindle Box four coins penetrate box and table, secret extra box
- Notes By Karl Fulves
26 1980 1324
Tom Gagnon Educated Dollar Bill bill crawls underneath wallet in tent configuration, then under ashtray and back
- The Bill and Wallet
- Gaining Slack In The Thread
- Himber Plus Cardini
- The Bill and the Ashtray
- Notes by Karl Fulves
inspired by "Crawling Bill" ( Cardini, 1978) 27 1980 1325
Stephen Clark Mira-kil face-up/face-down inspired by "Impromptu Miraskil" (Joseph K. Schmidt, 1973) 27 1980 1329
Karl Fulves Chronologue Bob Read, J. C. Doty 27 1980 1330
John Cornelius Meta-More eidetic type, dated to 1973 inspired by "Metamorphosis" (John Cornelius, 1973),
varied by "Meta Metal" (Karl Fulves, 1980),
"Metal Version" (Karl Fulves, 1980)
27 1980 1331
Karl Fulves Metal Version coin covered with face-down card, card changes instead of coin as promised inspired by "Meta-More" (John Cornelius, 1980) 27 1980 1331
Karl Fulves Meta Metal tabled card with coin on top changes, tosheroon, two handlings inspired by "Meta-More" (John Cornelius, 1980) 27 1980 1332
Unknown Quik Control method to backjog card above selection, sliding blocks 27 1980 1332
Jerry K. Hartman Sixtet with packet and false count, card is not reversed, only odd-backed see also "Brainwave Dectet" (Jerry K. Hartman, 1979) 27 1980 1333
Karl Fulves There Was a Crooked House card house built from three folded cards, selection ends up folded inside
- Unreal Estate
27 1980 1334
Roy Walton Border Crossing two cards in two decks transpose inspired by "The U.C.L.A. Move" (Karl Fulves, 1979) 28 1980 1335
Bill Robbins Bluff Ring small ring vanished from rope and reappears in sleeve or hooked over ear see also "From Phil Goldstein" (Philip T. Goldstein, 1988) 28 1980 1337
Karl Fulves Quarter Finals coin snatching stunt in which spectator cannot trap coin balanced on performer's finger, in the end the coin ends up underneath coin in spectator's hand inspired by "The Coin Game" (Max Malini, 1962) 28 1980 1340
Jerry K. Hartman Memorease "Curiosities"
ten cards with letters, spectator is able to memorize their order
inspired by "Memory" (Bob Paul, 1979) 28 1980 1341
Karl Fulves Blackgammon "Believed to be the simplest approach in the published literature to the effect where the spectator guesses the colors." 28 1980 1342
Karl Fulves Chronologue on Dover's "Self-Working Card Tricks" and how it came to be 28 1980 1343
Karl Fulves Notes By Karl Fulves camera card presentation, blank card or joker "develops" into selection inspired by "Pop Up" (Gene Finnell, 1980) 28 1980 1343
Gene Finnell Pop Up deck stands on edge, card pops up varied by "Notes By Karl Fulves" (Karl Fulves, 1980) 28 1980 1344
Jeff Busby Phantom of the Dice Table color changing die routine with cup, die behind ear holdout
- Phase One: "It's Right Ear"
- Phase Two: A Handy Switch
- Phase Three: Into the Darkness
- Notes
- Further Notes
29 1981 1345
Larry Jennings LJ's Prophet spectator cuts off pile, remembers card at same position in rest of deck, deals pile into four piles and top values are added to find selection 29 1981 1351
Karl Fulves Twogether two eleven-card packets with Ace through Jack from two decks are dealt, predicted value matches in position and backs transpose 29 1981 1352
Karl Fulves Switch Out Braue Reversal as switch 29 1981 1352
Max Williams Max Switch behind fan 29 1981 1354
Martin Gardner Five Sided Business Card multi-pip card routine 30 1981 1355
Martin Gardner The Move false snap-turnover 30 1981 1355
Karl Fulves Synchro red-blue double backer 30 1981 1357
Amazing Randi The Hydrick Effect "Curiosities"
phone book page flips over by itself
30 1981 1359
Jack Avis Optical Notes variations inspired by "The Optical Force" (Karl Fulves, 1975) 30 1981 1360
Karl Fulves Card Popper "Two Tricks" inspired by "A New Top Card Production" (M. Jules Dhotel, 1939) 30 1981 1362
Frederick Braue & Martin Gardner Braue Reversal with Gardner credit 30 1981 1362
Karl Fulves Checkers "Two Tricks"
three reds and three blacks alternated, dealing procedure to separate colors or turn every other card over
30 1981 1363
Karl Fulves Chronologue last issue, Doug Henning special 30 1981 1363
Dr. Jacob Daley & Dai Vernon False Cut top stock, or set-up for red-black shuffle 30 1981 1364
Herb Zarrow Unlinking Bands 31 1988 1365
Slydini Slydini On The Okito Box four coins in box penetrate table 31 1988 1367
Arthur Setterington Getaway also published as "Getaway" (Arthur Setterington, New Pentagram, May 1970) 31 1988 1368
Karl Fulves Inch By Inch "diminishing force", card from end is eliminated every time an item is placed on tabled spread inspired by "Synonymental" (Ed Mellon, first phase),
varied by "Clocking The Deck" (Karl Fulves, 1988)
31 1988 1369
Karl Fulves Clocking The Deck clock layout on table, made smaller and smaller via elimination, Blackjack remains inspired by "Inch By Inch" (Karl Fulves, 1988) 31 1988 1369
Karl Fulves Dealdown four perfect blackjacks produced see also "Outnumbered" (Karl Fulves, 1989) 31 1988 1370
Karl Fulves Speedo spectator choses a player by removing a small number of cards, this player gets the four Aces 31 1988 1371
Roy Walton Remember "Riffle Aces"
one spectator with two cards
31 1988 1372
Roy Walton Thrice Removed "Riffle Aces"
three selections, also as Ace production
31 1988 1373
Roy Walton Because It Was There "Riffle Aces" see also "Meta-4" (Karl Fulves, 1978) 31 1988 1373
Karl Fulves Noops! two spoons, one bent, condition reverses and other spoon is bent now 31 1988 1374
Dave Ossip Airborn Aces Aces cut in deck one at a time, then reproduced in flashy way see also "Double Cut as Stacking" (Dave Ossip, 1992) 32 1988 1375
Herb Zarrow Linking Bands 32 1988 1377
Bill Wisch Bill's Monte rubber band around finger, spectator must trap it by grabbing correct finger inspired by Fred Furman (Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic, p. 510, The Magic Book, p. 45) 32 1988 1378
Stewart James 3 Little Words - Two Pile Lie Speller: The Roots
- Two Pile Lie Speller: The Trick
32 1988 1379
Karl Fulves Over Easy without shuffle, with four Royal Flushes 32 1988 1381
Gene Maze Tri Double removing apparently two cards from deck, one is a double, also splitting three cards into a double and a single, brief transposition application 32 1988 1384
Steve Roth Link Illusion - Bluff Off
- Drop Link
- Swindle On
- Up and Off
- Notes and Credits
33 1988 1385
Dai Vernon Two Tricks four coins dropped in handkerchief vanish, Brian MacCarthy hank fold 33 1988 1389
Dai Vernon Another Vernon Coin Trick four coins covered with handkerchief, they vanish and are reproduced one at a time 33 1988 1391
Jack Chanin Jack Chanin's Favorite coin production with handkerchief also published as "Handle With Gloves" (1941) 33 1988 1393
Karl Fulves & Charles R. Brush Curiosities two cannon balls materialize in fish tank also published as "Baffles Appearing Cannon Ball" (The Sphinx, May 1925) 33 1988 1394
John E. Mintz Cigarette Go 34 1988 1395
Sid Lorraine An American Expression "Two Tricks"
blank card with credit card print
34 1988 1398
Sid Lorraine Prince Charming "Two Tricks"
Jack of Hearts and Queen of Diamonds, Jack turns over, Queen is blushing, Jack is now blank card with frog folded from dollar bill
inspired by "Once Upon A Time...." (Roy Walton, 1974) 34 1988 1399
Frank Cleaver Block Off block with hole slid in box, fixed with wand, it slides free 34 1988 1400
Karl Fulves Rope Work knot effects
- Overtime Ending
34 1988 1401
Karl Fulves Cloverleaf Bet "On the Barrelhead", three loops formed from rope 34 1988 1402
Karl Fulves Psykick inspired by "Packet Prediction" (Warren Wiersbe, 1946),
varied by "Psykick II" (Karl Fulves, 1989)
34 1988 1404
Jack Miller King Koin king engraved on English penny is shaved 35 1988 1405
Michael Carrion Coin Bound coin transformation under card, in-the-hands 35 1988 1406
Karl Fulves R5B5 five black and five red cards, card selected from each, they end up being in the opposite packet 35 1988 1407
Rick Johnsson Nailed twisted nail puzzle, two bent nails linked, one-handed linking, apparently linked and unlinked when shaken in jar also published as "Nailed" (Rick Johnsson, MUM, Feb. 1981) 35 1988 1408
Sam Leo Horowitz The Horowitz Variation named picture card and four spot cards removed, picture card vanishes, using strip of card 35 1988 1410
Jack Birnman The Triangle aces change to kings, aces now face-up in deck 35 1988 1411
Karl Fulves Connect the Dots card layout on table, number cards are used to designate some of those cards, they're connected and the resulting line forms a letter that the spectator chose from a deck of alphabet cards 35 1988 1412
Karl Fulves Tri Thot 35 1988 1413
Bill Wisch Secret Knot knot secretly tied when rope is given from one hand to the other 35 1988 1414
Jack Avis Court Spell named court card spelled from packet of picture cards 36 1988 1415
Father Cyprian Reflection originally titled "Through the Looking Glass"
mirror-backed Queen inserted in deck, reflection of the card next to it noted, it vanishes, the Queen is now in wallet and the mirror-card is the selection
see also "Mirrors Never Lie" (Karl Fulves, 1997) 36 1988 1417
John E. Mintz L'Homlet foot put on chair, egg placed on knee and covered with handkerchief is crushed and vanishes, reproduced from bottom of trouser inspired by "Omlet on the Trousers" (L'Homme Masque, see Okito on Magic, 1952, p. 27) 36 1988 1419
Karl Fulves Chronologue final issue 36 1988 1424
Jeff Busby Dice Thru Table four at once, with cup Close-up Folio No. 11 1978 1
Karl Fulves Automatic Stack routine with cup and small tube Close-up Folio No. 11 1978 4
Bill Scott Die Penetro "Three Dice Tricks"
die penetrates cup visible
see also "Dice Cup" (Don Nielsen, 1974),
also published as "Die Penetro" (Fifty Years Later, Scottish Conjurers Association)
Close-up Folio No. 11 1978 6
Bill Scott Sound Penetration "Three Dice Tricks"
three dice under cup, fourth penetrates inside audibly
Close-up Folio No. 11 1978 9
Bill Scott Somersault "Three Dice Tricks"
four dice in dice cup, thrown into air, dice change into one large die
Close-up Folio No. 11 1978 10
Henry Christ Tele-Dice dice trick over telephone Close-up Folio No. 11 1978 11
Karl Fulves Notes dice stacking with other objects and other ideas Close-up Folio No. 11 1978 12
Karl Fulves Intro Close-up Folio No. 12 1979 1
Herb Zarrow Pendulum Knot knot shaken into rope with one hand Close-up Folio No. 12 1979 1
Slydini New Rope Methods - The Gypsy Ring (finger ring tied onto knot with three knots vanishes and reappears)
- Part One
- The Gypsy Ring Method
- The Elusive Knot
- Exploiting the Switch
- A Reference Note
Slydin Rope Switch, seated
varied by "Contest Rope" (Karl Fulves, 1979),
"Borrowed Ring/Examined Rope" (Karl Fulves, 1979)
Close-up Folio No. 12 1979 5
Slydini One-Hand Knot Close-up Folio No. 12 1979 13
Karl Fulves Borrowed Ring/Examined Rope (extra sheet) inspired by "New Rope Methods" ( Slydini, 1979) 1979 1
Karl Fulves Contest Rope (extra sheet)
two ropes tied together on both ends, contest with spectator who unties quicker, performer's knot vanishes, making one rope
inspired by "New Rope Methods" ( Slydini, 1979) 1979 2