The Ultimate Card Book No. 1
The Ultimate Card Book No. 1
written by Roger Smith
Work of Roger Smith
14 pages (Stapled), published by American Institute of Magic
Illustrated with drawings by Roger Smith
Language: English
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Roger Smith Introductory Remarks 1
Roger Smith The Ultimate Flight tabled card transposes with card in hand, duplicate see also "The Ultimate Flight" (Roger Smith, 1976) 2
Unknown Ultra Move with credit information see also "The Ultra Move" (Harry Lorayne, 1975) 2
Roger Smith The Ultimate Flight Again duplicate 4
Roger Smith Another Ultimate Flight with deck out of play, duplicate 4
Roger Smith Some Ultimate Pass Ideas pseudo pass for magicians, duplicate inspired by "Ultimate Pass" (Roger Smith, Necromancer) 5
Roger Smith Ultimate Outjog Systems "A Synthesis of Development"
Roger Smith Rear Jogging Cards getting card to injogged position
- Method #1 (inspired by Marlo)
- Method #2
- Method #3 (with overhand shuffle)
- Notes on Methods
inspired by "The Insertion Steals" (Edward Marlo, 1957) 7
Roger Smith Outjog Force force card starts injogged 10
Roger Smith Outjog Switch I 11
Roger Smith Outjog Switch II three procedures 12
Roger Smith Outjog Sidesteal to top 13