Close-Up & Personal
Close-Up & Personal
written by David Regal
Work of David Regal
264 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Ken Krenzel Preface vii
Max Maven* Introduction viii
David Regal Foreword x
David Regal All's Fair Spectator fairly deals and stops on two cards - one gives the value, one gives the suit. Card in magician's pocket/card case predicts it correctly varied by "No Mercy All's Fair" (David Regal, 1999) 3
David Regal No Mercy All's Fair Same as All's Fair, but with kicker of producing 52 of the prediction card in the pocket inspired by "All's Fair" (David Regal, 1999) 5
David Regal Leap of Faith Signed card teleports from between two red Kings to between two black Kings 6
David Regal Commercial Travel Open Travellers routine ending with Ace, Two, Three, Four of Hearts (Includes Palm and No-Palm Method) 10
David Regal Clandestine Collectors Classic Collectors effect with clean procedure for losing selections 18
David Regal Inclination Four Sevens on the table are placed back in the deck and replaced with random cards, but then the Sevens are shown to be back on the table 22
David Regal The Luck Test Bad poker hand placed face up in the middle of the deck, transforms into a royal flush 24
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut 24
David Regal Romeo & Juliet Packet trick where Romeo and Juliet escaped from their parents 26
David Regal Over & Out Four Kings penetrate through the deck to fall on table, with selection between them 30
Tan Hock Chuan Tan Hock Chuan Cover Pass 31
Frank Simon Convincing Control variation 31
David Regal Isolated Force Spectator touch card in spread, card is reversed in deck, in the process it is forced see also "A Favorite Effect with the Isolated Force" (David Regal, 1999) 33
David Regal A Favorite Effect with the Isolated Force Prediction card from blue deck matches card selected in red deck see also "Isolated Force" (David Regal, 1999) 34
David Regal Ten-Second Poker Spectator shuffles deck, deals himself a royal flush in Spades 35
David Regal The Wrong Ones Produce four Aces, then deck changes color (includes variation where deck goes back to new deck order as well) 37
Piet Forton Piet Forton Production Swivel top card, flip face up and trap between two packets 38
John Benzais Benzais Spinout 39
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) & Piet Forton Ravelli Pop-out 39
Jerry K. Hartman Popover Move 40
David Regal Sending It Through Card goes through a series of changes when pushed sideways through the deck inspired by "Through-The-Deck Change" (David Regal, 1987) 43
David Regal Clean Cut Spectator cut to the Aces 47
David Regal For Marlo Selection placed with four of a kind travels to another four of a kind inspired by "Underground Transposition" (Brother John Hamman, 1972),
see also "Swindle Trap" (Karl Fulves, 1975)
David Regal Primate Spectator places two Kings on the deck, selection instantly appears between them inspired by "Monkey in the Middle" (Michael Close & William Goldman, 1996) 52
David Regal Swindle Transpo Signed card from red group of cards (sealed in envelope) travels to group of blue cards sealed in another envelope 54