Secrets Draun from Underground
Secrets Draun from Underground
written by Richard Kaufman
Work of Steve Draun
151 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes
Language: English
(67 entries)
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Creators Title Comments & References Page CARC Categories
David Solomon Foreword 9
Steve Draun Introduction 10
Steve Draun Stud Two-Card Pushoff Lift 14
Steve Draun Revolve Lift 17
Steve Draun A Heavenly Turnover varied by "Hit Double Lift Handling" (Wesley James, 2004) 19
Steve Draun Tabled Breakless Double Undercuts Top to Bottom & Bottom to Top 22
Steve Draun The Tabled Multiple Shift push through 25
Steve Draun Push-Through Shuffle and Triple Cut 28
Steve Draun The Fan Glimpse excellent 31
Steve Freeman The Fan Glimpse using break instead of step inspired by "The Fan Glimpse" (Steve Draun, 1993) 32
Steve Draun The Flex Glimpse 34
Steve Draun The Midnight Shift see also "The "Graveyard Shift" with Top-Card Cover" (Jack Carpenter & Steve Draun, 1992),
varied by "The Pinch Pass" (Mark Elsdon, 1997),
"Graveyard Fan" (Bill Malone, 1997)
Steve Draun & David Solomon The Midnight Eclipse Card appears face up on Deck 40
Bill Malone The Malone Shift 42
Steve Draun The Flutter Pass 44
Steve Draun & Edward Marlo The Depth-Illusion Palm directly into gambler's cop or full palm see also "Direct Full Palm" (Edward Marlo, 1957),
"Direct Rear Palm" (Edward Marlo, 1957)
Steve Draun The Push and Take Top Palm 49
Steve Draun The Take Top Palm 51
Steve Draun Swing-Cut Action Palm 53
Steve Draun & Edward Marlo Rear Palm Misdirection Palm one card only see also "The Misdirection Rear Palm" (Alex Elmsley & Edward Marlo, 1991) 54
Steve Draun The New Thumb Slide see also "The Thumb Slide" (1940) 57
Steve Draun Spooky Revelation slow motion revelation 59
Steve Draun The Combination Bottom Deal part strike, part pushoff 61
Steve Draun The Mercurial Change Vernon Tenkai Change with pack, clean afterwards 64
Steve Draun The Starfish Change using rear palm 67
Steve Draun The W.E.B. Shuffle special crimped card, the real work otherwise 72
Steve Draun Wave/Snake Crimp can be cut to in riffle shuffle position 72
Steve Draun A Slick Trick overhand 76
Steve Draun Slick Card glue 76
Steve Draun Ten Hands Toot Sweet one shuffle, false Dealing included 81
Steve Draun & Edward Marlo Finessed Unit Control 83
Steve Draun Quintiple Duke bluff with deck switch, interesting 84
Steve Draun The Practical Deck Switch pocket see also "Selected Sources for Deck Switches" (Roberto Giobbi, 2013) 85
Steve Draun Finessed Milk Build Shuffle 86
Steve Draun Punchless One-Way Deck 89
Steve Draun Bluff Ace Assembly using bold Techniques 93
Steve Draun Moveless Bold Substitution Variation on Marlo's "Bold Substitution", partial 93
Steve Draun Finessed Clayton Rawson Fan Concealment not a count 96
Steve Draun Luck of the Draun no setup 98
Edward Marlo & Steve Draun Quick Cull 99
Edward Marlo Finessed Changing Card Card "rises" and changes 101
Noel Stanton Stanton Side Rise 101
Steve Draun The Most Convincing Topsy-Turvy Aces 103
Steve Draun Pivot Production on the table see also "The J. C. Pop-Out" (Jack Carpenter, 1992) 103
John Benzais Benzais Cut 107
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Production 108
Steve Draun Midnight Ambitious Card very few multiple lifts, to pocket climax 110
Russell T. Barnhart & Steve Draun Ascending Little Finger Second 111
August Roterberg Push-In Change 113
Dai Vernon The Two Card Push-Off 113
Henry Hatton & Adrian Plate One-Hand Bottom Palm 115
Steve Draun The Rubber-Band Card multiple trips to the pocket 117
Steve Draun Snap-Back Sleight card jumps back on the deck see also "Somersaulting Double" (Dominique Duvivier, 1996) 117
Steve Draun Gambler's Cop 119
Steve Draun Finessed Pocket Palm from Gambler's Cop 120
Jerry Sadowitz The Slip Jog deceptive 120
Steve Draun Nouveau Travelers old structure, new sleights 122
Norman Houghton & Gordon Bruce Pocket Palm from classic palm, here credited to Gordon Bruce 124
Edward Marlo & Steve Draun Delayed Action Palm 124
Steve Draun Longitudinal Tenkai Palm from top in righ hand 125
Edward Marlo Future Classic Palm 126
Steve Draun Twenty-One Again three phases 128
John S. Frazee Shuffle Force spectator shuffles top card to bottom 130
Steve Draun Worldly Things two piles varied by "Out of this World" (James Swain, 1996) 133
Steve Draun The Truly Fantastic Move pass side steal combo with center reverse inspired by "One Fantastic Move" (Edward Marlo, 1980) 137
Steve Draun Steve's Marbles manipulation Routine 140
Steve Draun Three Cups and Three Balls Routine with no extra ball 145