Apocalypse Vol. 1-5
Apocalypse Vol. 1-5
January 1978 through December 1982
written by Harry Lorayne
published by L&L Publishing
2000 (Hardcover), 740 pages, work of Various
(554 entries)
Data entered by Denis Behr.
Creators Title Comment Issue Page Categories
Paul Harris Interlaced Vanish 1/1 1
Frederick Braue Braue Add-On 1/1 1
Elmer Biddle Biddle Count 1/1 2
Richard Kaufman Visual Drop Switch no cover 1/1 3
Harry Lorayne & Carmen D'Amico & Ed Marlo Instant Sandwich Catch 1/1 4
David Roth Chink A Chink see Danny Korem's Putting The Move On Roth 1/1 6
Jerry K. Hartman Goody Two Choose two selections, divided deck, see also Tom Craven's Goody Goody and variation by Orville Meyer 1/1 8
Henry Christ Christ Force 1/1 8
Geoffrey Latta Okito Opener in an empty Boston Box 4 coins appear, duplicate box 1/1 9
Harry Lorayne Poker Challenge one card is controlled during the dealing of five poker-hand and appears in a Royal Flush, see also Subconcsious Poker, Poker Challenge Revisited, Impromptu Psychic Poker 1/2 13
David Roth Sokito Box ending for a routine in which box becomes a solid block 1/2 15
Derek Dingle Card in Balloon 1/2 16
Ken Krenzel Four Coin Vanishes: 1. Rear Exit using pencil that is pushed through fist 1/2 20
Ken Krenzel 2. Hookles Hook Coin impromptu servante behind trouser with other hand 1/2 21
Ken Krenzel 3. Kicked Thru! 1/2 21
Unknown Ramsay Subtlety 1/2 22
Ken Krenzel 4. Persistence Placement unusual 1/2 22
Slydini Slydini Kills Time! borrowed watch transforms into keys as it is smashed on table 1/3 25
Jon Racherbaumer Decking-Hofzinser Deluxe 1/3 27
Ed Marlo & Alex Elmsley ATFUS 1/3 27
Dai Vernon Through-the-fist Flourish 1/3 27
Frank Garcia Grand Slam gilbreath, duplicate spade cards 1/3 29
Sol Stone The Strung Coin hole coin penetrates string, see also Brunelle's Strung Too 1/3 30
Brother John Hamman The Two Card Trick see also Tom Mullica's Two-Card Trick, Revisited 1/3 32
Eric Meredith Invisible Salt Extraction salt pours from hands, shaker under napkin is then empty 1/3 33
Philip T. Goldstein The Armchair Bowler multiple out 1/4 37
Bob Hyans Quarters coins are produced as a card is torn from its pieces 1/4 39
Looy Simonoff Kenomental fair selection is marked on face. two possible effects: card is found by spectator from back or vanishes from deck 1/4 41
Looy Simonoff Crayon Vanish using card signed with crayon as sticky card 1/4 41
Ken Krenzel Marionette Multiple Coin Vanish see also Jay Sankey's The Two-Way Toss 1/4 42
Trevor Lewis Hole Card coin fits through hole in card even though it is too small 1/4 43
Gene Maze Gene Maze Predicts random pairs from two decks are formed, selected pair matches 1/4 45
Gene Maze Unit Grip 1/4 45
Gene Maze Kick-Back Switch lapping 1/4 45
Gene Castillon Noah's Mix Up! spelling trick with card packet with pictures of animals, see also page 59 1/5 49
Ken Krenzel & Paul Harris Hi-Ho Silveroon! variation of Paul Harris' Hi Ho Silver 1/5 51
Herb Zarrow Zigs & Zags based on George Kaplan's "Zig-Zag" (Hugard's Magic Monthly) 1/5 53
Sol Stone A Bird In Hand dollar changes to two half dollars and back 1/5 54
Richard Kaufman Dream Deck Switch two half decks with different back transpose, deck switch presentation, see also his later version A Dream Deck Switch, too 1/5 56
Dennis Marks Marksmanship Bill(et) Switch 1/5 57
Gerald Kosky To Tell The Truth? performer finds out who has an object by asking one question, see thoughts by Sam Rosenfeld, Joshua Jay's To Tell The Truth II 1/6 61
Vic Sendax Interlocked Card Production corrected description of The Cottone-Sendax Method 1/6 62
Scott Weiser Four by Four lapping, sound effect 1/6 66
Trevor Lewis Monte Plus (or Hallucination) see also Krenzel's Monte Plus Plus 1/6 67
David Roth Hanging Coins 1/6 68
Unknown Edge Grip 1/6 69
Robert Walker & Jon Racherbaumer Contingency Aces thought-of ace turns over, with repeat 1/7 73
Unknown Flexible Jordan Count 1/7 74
Geoffrey Latta Slippery Silver shell 1/7 76
Geoffrey Latta & Derek Dingle from-the-shell Han Ping Chien Variation 1/7 76
Paul Harris & Looy Simonoff Staple and Stab two cards stapled together, one of them becomes selection, see two variations following this and Hartman's In Staple Condition 1/7 78
J. C. Holt Rocking Chair Force 1/7 78
Francis Carlyle Paddle Move with a Card 1/7 79
Stanley Collins Stab Force Variation 1/7 79
Richard Kaufman Stapled Stunner variation of Stapled and Stab 1/7 80
Ken Krenzel Ken Krenzel's Version variation of Stapled and Stab, business card is at once stapled to selection 1/7 80
Jonathan Townsend Circular Spell continuous transformation possible 1/7 81
Ken Krenzel Monte Plus Plus outjogged handling of Trevor Lewis' Monte Plus 1/7 81
Brother John Hamman 2 Shuffles Harry red black kicker, see also Grenewetzki's extension "TSHocker" 1/8 85
Bob Elliott Flipswitch as coin is turned over on fingers 1/8 87
Martin Gardner & Stewart James Fibonacci Fantasy using Stewart James' AAG Principle 1/8 88
Frank Paglia Shovel Coin Shuffle 2 coins and 2 cards, see also Bilis' "Close-Up French Style" (1976) according to page 136 1/8 89
Frank Paglia Pivot Change with cards 1/8 90
David Roth Torn & Restored Coin 1/8 92
Jon Racherbaumer Psychic Poker 2 phases, see also Lorayne's Impromptu Psychic Poker 1/8 93
Sol Stone The Jarred Coin magnet, coin into closed glass container 1/8 94
Derek Dingle Silver-Quick shell 1/9 97
Unknown Purse Palm 1/9 98
André Robert Sirius using faro 1/9 99
Les Shore Break-Up! 1/9 101
Looy Simonoff Flippant 1/9 103
John Cornelius The Winter Change 1/9 105
Slydini The Mystery of the Gold Pins see page 192 for credit corrections (Jerry Andrus & Vosburgh Lyons) and page 180 for additional ideas 1/10 109
Russell T. Barnhart The Summer Change 1/10 114
Russell T. Barnhart Side Steal to Master Palm 1/10 114
Harry Lorayne Utility 4 Insta-Change 1/10 116
Louis Tannen & Frank Thompson One-Hand Okito Box Sequence coin vanishes and reappears, credit correction on page 192 1/10 117
John Bentz No-Sleeve Sleeve switch on open palm 1/10 119
Dai Vernon Force-Able force card starts injogged below center 1/11 121
Looy Simonoff Mental Symmetry people read each other's mind, impromptu stooge 1/11 123
Pavel The Absolute Touch feeling date of some coins 1/11 124
Buddy Anckner Ultimate Ace Assembly 1/11 125
Bob Veeser Veeser Concept brief 1/11 125
Unknown Half Elmsley 1/11 126
Unknown Red Black Zarrow Shuffle see very bottom of page 1/11 127
Ed Marlo Olram Move 1/11 127
Philip T. Goldstein Remembrance of Cards Past short ambitious card sequence, back of card changes 1/11 128
Philip T. Goldstein Ambitious Appearance card (or double) rises up 1/11 128
Bob King Marked Transpo 1/11 129
Bob King Pinch Switch pinch vanish as switch 1/11 129
Ken Krenzel One-Hand Flourish False Cut onto table 1/11 130
Karrell Fox The Foxy Flip 1/12 133
Harry Lorayne & Karrell Fox Foxy Flip Variation 1/12 134
Russell T. Barnhart The Cirkulus Switch as a blackjack switch 1/12 134
Mark Levy 3 Coins At The Fountain 3 coins vanish and reappear in paper cup on table 1/12 136
Bernard Bilis Pair-A-Noic spectator cuts off cards, two cards turn over in rest sandwiching selection and values total number of cut-off packet, set-up 1/12 136
Bernard Bilis Spread Sandwich Load from Classic Palm 1/12 137
Jon Brunelle Strung Too hole coin penetrates string, variation on Sol Stone's The Strung Coin 1/12 138
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal 1/12 138
Geoffrey Latta Twist Till It Hurts one card changes as climax 1/12 139
Paul Draylin One-Hand Triple Cut 1/12 141
Richard Kaufman Touch Change One 1/12 142
Dai Vernon Dai-verse Color Change turning deck over above bottom card 2/1 145
Harry Lorayne Black and Red Aces black aces on top and bottom change to red 2/1 146
Jon Racherbaumer Zippy Zig-zag 2/1 147
Jon Racherbaumer Partial Faro Glimpse 2/1 147
Ed Marlo Switchless Switch 2/1 147
John Cornelius The Sliding Knot idea of doing it with different colored silks on page 192, see also Blair Bowling's Sliding Knot, Plus, another handling by Michael Sondermeyer on page 444 2/1 149
Harry Lorayne Alpa-Beta-Cent Alpha-Beta-Cent, alphabet cards show name of selection when spread out, 2 methods 2/1 151
Patrick Page Spellbound Switchcraft featuring transfer as hands pass each other 2/1 153
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm spectator moves selection from pile to pile, you tell him from where to which 2/1 154
Jerry K. Hartman Mentalias II using interesting force 2/1 155
Jerry K. Hartman & Henry Christ Christ Force Variation behind the back, interesting 2/1 155
Larry Becker "Duck-Too" mate production with presenation as a strange card game 2/2 157
Unknown Friction Production top and bottom card as deck is thrown out 2/2 158
David Lederman Spell-a-name Force any name is spelled 2/2 158
Marcello Truzzi A Cut Above strip of paper with symbols is cut, cut position predicted, see page 312 for tip by Nick Varga 2/2 159
Lenny Greenfader Obersvation Test group of coins stuck together, lapped 2/2 161
Willie Brodersen Deuces are Wild 2/2 162
Unknown Bottom Placement Steal 2/2 162
Harry Lorayne Poker Challenge Revisited variation of Poker Challenge 2/2 164
Scott Weiser & John Cornelius Wave Change Metamorphosis Change variation, also as transformation to Jumbo Coin 2/2 166
Mike Bornstein Triangle Angle matrix type effect with coins and a dollar bill 2/3 169
Larry West Acrobatic Card Extension bluff rising sequence, then card jumps out between two cards, see also Jon Racherbaumer's Another Royal Miracle 2/3 171
Tom Gagnon The Forgetful Gambler riffle stack demo with 2nd Marlo/Gardner phase and optional color changing back kicker 2/3 172
Barry Govan & Ian Baxter One Shuffle Stack 2/3 173
Ed Marlo Visual Retention Change 2/3 174
Jim Ryan Bill Tear bill is folded and torn up 2/3 175
Ron Frost Follow Along 2 effects: instant twisting of four cards, color change front and back of four cards 2/3 176
Kirk Stiles Coin Box S&I "streamlined and improved", transpo with one coin in box 2/3 178
Kirk Stiles Bounce Change coin changes as it is bounced off a coin box 2/3 179
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm rantings about the slip-cut force 2/3 179
Ted Biet & Alex Elmsley Pres"sure" Location inferior handling of Alex Elmsley's Brainweave 2/4 181
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan 2/4 182
Les Scheyer A Dice Interlude front and back of die is shown and transforms 2/4 183
Harry Lorayne & Kirk Stiles Double Surface a value is shown on three sides 2/4 185
Allan Slaight Unkindest Cut Of All rummy and blackjack deal featuring a winning blackjack stack, see Variation by Melvin Anderson, Continued by Allan Slaight 2/4 186
Bob Fitch Double Transfer Coin Production two transfers, then coin is produced 2/4 187
Tom Ransom New Charlier Pass lift instead of drop, some historical information 2/4 189
Sam Rosenfeld Apocalypse Variaions or Additions of Kosky's To Tell the Truth 2/4 190
Paul Harris Four Finger Finale coin appears under forefinger as finale to coins across or similar 2/4 191
Father Cyprian "Cloning" no key cards 2/5 193
Terry LaGerould "No Memory" Magic Square 2/5 195
Dai Vernon Straighten Out rightening reversed card from bottom to top 2/5 196
Bob Gabrielle Something Happened coins travel from box to different spot on table 2/5 197
Bob Gabrielle Turnover Move on table 2/5 197
Hiram Strait Color Concept two decks, signed cards transpose one from each deck 2/5 198
Jeff McBride The Jumping Card card is pressed on table and jumps up 2/5 199
Sol Stone One to Five vanish or change 2/5 200
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm simple number force idea 2/5 201
Don England Close-up Zigzag Card gaffed, middle is removed 2/5 202
Amazing Randi & Shigeo Futagawa Numeral-oh-gee using number cards 2/6 205
Jean-Jaques Sanvert Triple Triumph red black kicker and four king production, see also Stephen Minch's variation San-Sub 2/6 207
Gene Castillon Coinswoggled coin production climax 2/6 209
Albert Charra "I'm Lucky" a bit of pile making and dealing required, see also variation by Charles Hudson 2/6 211
Allan Hayden Jumbo Coin Jumbo coin to jumbo coin 2/6 212
Bernard Bilis The Growing Coin coin changes to jumbo coin on top of deck of cards 2/6 214
Paul Gertner Black Jack patter routine in with four ace kicker, see also Ed Marlo's Black Jack Versus Poker 2/6 214
Tom Mullica It's Match-ic see also variation by Dennis Marks 2/7 217
Tony Noice For Ambitious Experts using passes 2/7 219
Unknown Turnover Pass briefly 2/7 219
Michael Ammar Kick Key glimpsing peeked-at card 2/7 220
Gordon Bruce & Juan Tamariz A Double-Lift Finesse outjog finesse, uncredited here 2/7 222
Looy Simonoff Sleevebone Connected to the Chestbone knife vanishes (standard lapping) and is recovered from chest 2/7 222
Sid Lorraine Two-Faced spectator turns over card behind back, is predicted, deck of double facers, see also Jon Racherbaumer's Double Trouble 2/7 224
Norman Houghton Thirty-Two using automatic placement principle 2/7 225
Nick Pudar Ultimate Transposed Cards double facer, one card in deck 2/7 226
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm handling for "card to pocket" using a side steal 2/7 227
Frank Garcia Friction Toss with Four Cards at Once 2/7 228
Eddie Fechter Choice Aces aces are lost and reproduced, spectator makes some decisions how 2/8 229
Dai Vernon Multiple Shift 2/8 229
Unknown Riffle Shuffle Reverse kissing of the halfes 2/8 230
Bill Voss Relentless 4 silver and 4 copper coins transpose one by one, using c/s coin, see also variation by Bonnie Hammond 2/8 231
Bill Voss & J. B. Bobo Bobo Switch Variation 2/8 231
Bill Voss Partial Switch one of a group of coins is switched 2/8 232
Bruce Ikefugi Lightning Stab Change indifferent card is stabbed in deck face up and at that moment changes into selection, lapping 2/8 234
Ken Krenzel Perfection Transposition double HPC 2/8 235
Eric Mason "Misery" random cards selected by spectator are switched 2/8 236
Eric Mason Multiple Top Change 2/8 237
Jon Brunelle Untouched c/s coin, visual 2/8 238
Jon Brunelle Visual Spin Change spinning c/s coin on table, hands-off 2/8 238
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm card to pocket without palming 2/8 239
Jean-Jaques Sanvert Color Sandwich color changing back of sandwiched card, using Trevor Lewis' Twist Switch several times 2/9 241
William Morales Myriad Cut 2/9 243
Mike Bornstein Clip-Joint two-pronged paper clip penetrated bill 2/9 244
Ron Ferris Ribbon Candy spectator finds red cards in black pile and black cards in red pile, alternating set up, see variation by Hartman/Brum-Antonioli 2/9 246
Unknown "I've Got Twenty" two cards are displayed, one is shown twice 2/9 247
Bob Fitch "Circles" 4 coins are produced one by one using one playing card 2/9 248
Gene Cosnoski Beer Bottle Polka bottle vanishes underneath napkin 2/9 251
Harry Lorayne Editorial rants 2/9 252
Richard Kaufman Quick Hofzinser Quick small packet stuff 2/10 253
Richard Kaufman K.M. Move Handling 2/10 254
Bill Wisch Chain(R)ing using chain instead of rope 2/10 257
Charlie Randall Evening The Odds prediction reads: "there will be an even number of packets containing and odd number of cards" 2/10 259
Harry Lorayne One-Way Tally-Ho one-way feature on Tally-Ho Circle backs, see also page 598 for information by Charles Hudson 2/10 261
Woody Landers One To Go backfire handling for a coins-across routine 2/10 261
Tom Craven Goody Goody variation of Hartman's Goody Two Choose without set-up 2/10 262
Bernard Bilis All Around The Town two coins on table are dragged to two different spots with both hands and travel to one hand 2/10 263
Paul Gertner Reverse Assembly 2/11 265
Patrick Cook Double Deal (& Lost Aces) variation of Merlin's Lost Aces Routine 2/11 267
Unknown Double Deal straddle grip 2/11 267
Dennis Marks Toss Change bottom card of deck changes 2/11 268
Jim Steranko & Henry Bihari & Jerry Andrus Lateral Palm Side Steal 2/11 268
Scott Weiser Half-Shot coin visually appears under shot glass 2/11 270
Scott Weiser Under Glass Change coin transforms under shot glass, see variation by Michael Gerhardt 2/11 272
Looy Simonoff & Norman Ashworth Rub Out! gag prediction is erased, name of card remains, using Eraser-Mate Pen 2/11 273
John Cornelius Apocalypse Variaions Or Additions applications of Simonoff's Flippant 2/11 274
Jonathan Townsend & Ken Krenzel "Now!" duplicate, quite interesting 2/11 274
Jonathan Townsend Lap Change 2/11 275
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm pseudo 2/11 275
A. Berkeley Davis & Francis Carlyle Five-One Transposition 2/12 277
Gene Finnell & Harry Lorayne & Murray Bonfeld FABULOUS using faro, see page 372 for handling variation by Charles Hudson 2/12 280
Terry LaGerould Pseudometry 2/12 282
Roland Hurley Ring Opening two rings link, not with borrowed rings, see also Scotty York's The Ring's the Thing 2/12 283
Bernard Bilis Flipped visible transformation with c/s coin 2/12 284
Tommy Ellison A Case Of Black Jack sandwich/transposition/traveling thing with some cards in the case 2/12 285
Harry Lorayne Subtraction Move stealing a card from packet to deck 2/12 286
Joel Siegel "Capping" The Deck transfer from hand to deck during game 2/12 287
Scotty York Modernized Cap and Pence 3/1 289
Philip T. Goldstein Matswitch under cover of close up mat in context of routine in which card travels to under mat 3/1 292
Jerry K. Hartman In Staple Condition variation of Krenzel's Staple and Stab-Variation, business card becomes stapled to selection 3/1 293
Unknown Tip Over Switch 3/1 294
Blair Bowling Sliding Knot, Plus magnet gaffed version of John Cornelius' The Sliding Knot 3/1 294
Jon Racherbaumer Another Royal Miracle aces change to Royal Flush, see also Acrobatic Card Extension 3/1 296
Max Londono Change-Over switch for crumpled piece of paper 3/1 297
Harry Lorayne A Card Hop to bring a card from bottom to top, double cut alternative from hand to table 3/1 298
Jackie Flosso Three-Card Monte Exposé 3/1 299
Sol Stone Soft Sleeve sleeving technique, with change/switch as example 3/2 301
John Murray Trip From Center top card cover side steal using clip palm 3/2 303
Melvin Anderson Apocalypse Variaions Or Additions variation of Allan Sleight's The Unkindest Cut of All, blackjack stack, Gin Rummy 3/2 304
David Garrard Shell-Shocked! cups and balls routine with plastic egg shells and coins 3/2 305
Unknown An Instant Flip-Over Change card is flicked onto some cards on table and changes visually, see also Herb Zarrow's Flicker Again 3/2 307
John Cornelius Flicker as card is flicked to table 3/2 308
Geoffrey Latta Copper-Silver Transpo shell 3/2 308
William P. Miesel All-Fair Moving Collectors odd backed mates find 2 cards and then transform 3/2 310
George Eisler Four-Coin Production coins are held together with rubber bands 3/2 311
Ken Krenzel Transcendental Transpo using two divided cards along different axis, see page 372 for handling detail by Charles Hudson 3/3 313
Meir Yedid Sponge Balls: 1) Color Transposition 3/3 316
Meir Yedid Sponge Balls: 2) Production stand-up, similar to billiard ball routine 3/3 316
Jim Lee The Flying Signature from one back to another, see also Doty's Flying Signature Explored and J.K. Hartman's streamlined handling 3/3 317
Ross Bertram Insertion Tenkai Steal no credit, but credited here 3/3 318
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm idea for color changing peas 3/3 318
Russ Burns Instant Coin Change 3/3 319
Joey Gallo Swing Low bottom slip cut during swing cut 3/3 320
Philippe Fialho Four-Coins-In-Glass Routine 3/3 321
Mark Levy Time Out! time on drawn clock changes as time passes 3/3 322
Michael Ammar Frozen Deckery card with torn off corner reappears frozen in block of ice in card case 3/4 325
Michael Ammar Ice-O-Teric card in ice cube which appears in hand 3/4 327
Michael Ammar Card Fold in sixth below the deck, packet handling see here 3/4 327
Charles Hudson Apocalypse Variaions Or Additions on Albert Charra's I'm Lucky 3/4 328
Nick Pudar Recalled quote: "the patter is that the two black kings represent big car companies, and that the red kings represent cars they've manufactured", in effect a card travels from table to sandwich 3/4 329
Nick Pudar Snap-Turn Lapping as two cards are snapped over, one is lapped 3/4 330
Michael McGivern (Ring) Knot Really 3/4 330
Marv Long Sticky Cards cards apparently stick together and cling to hand 3/4 333
William Goldman Pennies From Heaven switch of several coins with sound 3/4 334
André Robert Tele "Vision" using estimation 3/4 335
Woody Landers Out-Boxed silver coin in box changes to copper coin 3/5 337
Paul L. Smith Chased Aces all vanish, are reproduced from deck with various methods 3/5 339
Harry Lorayne Double Saltless crimps/bridges, two selections, see also Salt-less 3/5 340
Mario Gonzales Knife Catch 3/5 342
Richard Kaufman Sharp Turn 3/5 342
Sol Stone Knife Interlude 3/5 342
Gerald Deutsch Added Attraction inspired by Dai Vernon's Royal Monte 3/5 343
Gerald Deutsch Lapping simply lapping top cards 3/5 344
Tom Mullica Numbers Up card appears reversed at named number 3/5 345
Tom Mullica Top to Center Reverse placing top card reversed to special position, one-handed 3/5 345
Bill Voss Casual Display showing hand empty and hiding coin 3/5 347
Bonnie Hammond Apocalypse Variaions Or Additions on Bill Voss' Relentless 3/5 347
Dennis Marks Apocalypse Variaions Or Additions on Tom Mullica's It's Match-Ic 3/5 347
Orville Wayne Meyer Apocalypse Variaions Or Additions on Hartman's Goody Two Choose 3/5 347
Michael J. Gerhardt Apocalypse Variaions Or Additions on Scott Weiser's Under Glass Change 3/5 348
Larry Jennings The General Card ungaffed 3/6 349
Unknown Hofzinser Top Change misnomer 3/6 350
David Harris French Drop Cop 3/6 351
Herb Zarrow Swivel Round-A-Bout 3/6 352
Tom Craven Propel-A-Coin coin is flipped and caught on back of hand, changes to different coin, lapping 3/6 355
Stephen Minch Falling Leaves variation of Jon Racherbaumer's "Penetrating Sandwich" 3/6 355
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm thumbtip 3/6 356
Jonathan Townsend Thanks To Ramsey 3 coins are vanished 3/6 357
Lance Rogers Snap-In Revelation during swing cuts 3/6 358
Tom Gagnon Sandwich Spread visual, using Lorayne's Spread Control 3/6 359
Harry Lorayne Spread Control table spread 3/6 359
Howard Schwarzman Star Warp bill and card 3/7 361
Bob Hyans Ring-A-Ding 3/7 365
Philip T. Goldstein Monte Plus Minus 3/7 366
Philip T. Goldstein Mexican Turnover Variation three card monte context 3/7 367
Michael Ammar Wiped Clean showing both hands empty while hiding a coin 3/7 368
Darwin Ortiz Modern Jazz Aces 3/7 369
Roger Sherman A Coin "Glassic" 2 cards are set cross-wise on top of glass, coin penetrates both cards one by one, cards change 3/7 371
Ron Ferris The Card Cocoon nest of boxes with folded cards for a coin 3/8 373
David Lederman No Knot dissolving knot 3/8 376
J. C. Doty Lickety-Split Color Change 3/8 377
Bonnie Hammond Three Opener producing 3 coins 3/8 378
T. Nelson Downs Downs Palm Production 3/8 378
Harry Lorayne Four Opener producing 4 coins 3/8 379
Greg Miller The Humble/Arrogant Card Trick stabbed indifferent card changes to selection, variation: stabbed card transposes with card above it 3/8 381
Allan Slaight Aces Loaded aces, then royal flush, 2 faros 3/8 382
Jerry K. Hartman & Dr. E. Brum-Antonioli Apocalypse Variaions Or Additions on Ron Ferris' Ribbon Candy 3/8 383
Tom Ogden Five and One penetration and changes of 1$ and 5$ bills, if you are cheap check page 468 3/9 385
Michael Farmer Port Authority Transit selection vanishes from sandwich, other transforms into first selection 3/9 387
Norman Houghton Trinity 3 cards alike 3/9 389
Milton Painted Desert 4 coins produced from 2 cards, matrix lead in 3/9 390
Milton One-Hand Matrix 3/9 391
Tom Craven Head to Head puzzle/bet, head-to-head poker game, cards are openly chosen, yet one wins 3/9 393
Tony Econ Quick Sandwich 3/9 394
Karrell Fox Come Forth! card appears at fourth position 3/9 395
Harry Lorayne & Unknown Bluff Pass Handling 3/9 395
Philip T. Goldstein Abacus cut-off number of cards and single card are predicted/divined, partial stack, see also Charles Hudson's Abacus III and Jean-Jacque Sanvert's Impromptu Abacus 3/10 397
Robert L. Brooks & Earl Nelson Ring Through Rope credit correction on page 564 3/10 399
Greg Wissmueller High Spread spread between the hands floats in the air 3/10 401
Paul Cummins Oiled and Watered 3&3 3/10 402
Bob Farmer Rate Of Exchange routine for 2 copper 1 silver set, starting clean 3/10 404
Obie O'Brien & Hideo Kato & Ed Marlo Proof Of The Pudding small packet is face up and down, selection reverses, credit correction on page 468 3/10 406
Carl Mellish Three O'Clock Nip eccentric grip 3/10 407
Harry Lorayne Canfield Connivery solitaire demo 3/11 409
Tim Wright The Invisible Coin coin becomes invisible and reappears, using deck of cards, see also Marlo's version Covert Coin 3/11 411
Francois Ziegler Layla queens are removed, card chosen, queen of same suit vanishes, reappears when counted down the value of selection 3/11 413
Larry Jennings Stabbed Coincidence Move 3/11 413
Mike Bornstein Bill-Vedere gaffed 3/11 415
Allan Hayden One-Cup Routine ungaffed cup 3/11 417
Salomon Cohn Mysterious Traveler from hand to hand, clean, lapping 3/11 419
Salomon Cohn Rear Thumb Palm Load bringing rear thumb palmed coin in fist one-handed 3/11 419
Don England Silver Streak producing coins under cards, gimmick to hold coins, see handling variation by Michael Gerhardt 3/12 421
Barry Govan J-A-W-S "Joker And Wallet Solution", 4 aces transpose with joker in wallet one by one 3/12 423
Scotty York The Ring's the Thing variation of Roland Hurley's Ring Opening 3/12 424
Russell T. Barnhart Do As I Do Prediction 3/12 425
Shigeo Takagi Coins and Coasters 4 coins travel from hand to between 2 coasters, 4 more coins appear 3/12 426
Jeff Busby Squeeze-Out card rises out between two other cards, credit correction on page 492 (Busby's "Squeeze Play"), see also Bob Nelson's Squared-Squeeze 3/12 428
Jim Laconte Escape! large ring and rope 3/12 429
John Fedko Exchango using 4 cards with black sticker and 4 with red sticker and poker chip to indicate colors 3/12 430
Jerry K. Hartman One Of A Mind 4/1 433
David Roth "And They Both Go Across" 2 coins from hand to hand, interesting click pass 4/1 435
David Roth Retention Vanish Handling 4/1 435
David Roth Extra Coin Click Pass 4/1 436
Peter Marshall Bicycle! handling of Christ's Tally-Ho! with Bicycle cards, words on case are spelled to and royal flush comes out, see also Charles Hudson's variation 4/1 437
Blair Bowling Soc III version of Marlo's S.O.C., Schneider's SOC II, silver coin vanishes from between 2 copper coins and reappears in box, repeat 4/1 438
Ed Marlo & Al Schneider Pop-Up Move credit? 4/1 439
Karrell Fox Card Production cards from silk 4/1 440
Warren Stephens Bangle Dangle cut and restored ribbon, Clippo 4/1 441
Paul Gertner Case In Point card is loaded in case from Ovette Master Move, see also Bengel's Point In Case 4/1 442
Ted Biet Flash Prediction writing slowly appears, using white carbon paper 4/1 443
Wesley James Japanese Monte unorthodox handling 4/2 445
Tom Mullica Have a Smoke production routine, see page 515 for handling correction 4/2 448
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm standard observation 4/2 448
Fernando Roman Complex-A-Cut false 4/2 449
Fred Baumann In-Hands Chink A Chink using spectators' hands as table 4/2 450
Unknown Purse Palm 4/2 450
Meir Yedid Color-Changing Cardcase 4/2 451
Jon Brunelle Okinesis coin to box, arrives there visually and audibly without touching 4/2 452
Jean-Jaques Sanvert & Derek Dingle Colorful Ace Control ace production with color changing back kicker 4/2 453
James Swain Center Swivel Palm while deck is swivel cut 4/2 454
David Roth The Purse & Glass 4 silver coins transpose with 4 copper coins in purse 4/3 457
Bernard Bilis & Ed Marlo Thought-Fool from deck to sandwich on top of case, credit correction on page 564 4/3 461
Dai Vernon Transfer Move here credited to Ed Marlo 4/3 462
Allan Hayden Half and Hole coin locates card and damages it (hole) 4/3 463
Mitchell Dyszel Easy Ring Off Rope 4/3 464
Eric Mason Switch using deck 4/3 465
Tim Wenk Mat Flip flourish with the close-up mat 4/3 466
Terry LaGerould Minus Mustache featuring the mustaches of the king pictures 4/3 466
Mark Lefler "Throughly" Amazing box penetrates table, first partially then fully 4/3 467
Russ Burns Liquid Silver 4 coins through handkerchief 4/4 469
Richard Vollmer Poor Man's Monte see also variation by Peter Marshall 4/4 472
Philip T. Goldstein Ahoy There! book test featuring a matrix number force 4/4 474
Harry Lorayne All Aboard book test featuring a matrix number force 4/4 475
Irshaad Hussain & Paul Harris Quicksilver Flight variation of Paul Harris' Free Flight 4/4 476
Larry Becker The Bag Man stop trick with fair conditions, cards are dealt out of a paper box 4/4 478
John Henderson Ribbon Spread With Coin handling touch of spreading the deck with a coin between the cards 4/4 479
Greg Otto Muffled 1 of 9 cards is though of, it vanishes and reappears face up in packet 4/4 479
Slydini Slide-Out transfer of card to top as fan is closed 4/5 481
Sixten Beme Crazy Rope sliding knot, then ropes restore to one 4/5 483
Trevor Lewis Four-Coin Assembly 4/5 485
Keith Breen Deck Through Handkerchief whole deck penetrates 4/5 486
Jerry Fulton Key Ring Cover 3 handling finesses: The Turn Key, Good All Around, Armed 4/5 488
Tom Craven Tally-Ho One-Way one-way feature on Tally-Ho Circle backs 4/5 489
Danny Korem & John Cornelius The Impossible Catch coins vanish during arm/elbow catch stunt, credit correction on page 600 4/5 490
Bobby Bernard Tabled Bluff Pass picking up selection from table 4/5 491
Karrell Fox Ballast balancing card on back of hand, thumbtip 4/6 493
Ken Krenzel Flip-Over-View 2 methods 4/6 495
Vincent Sabatino Flip-Over-View 4/6 496
Aleix Badet Flip-Over-View 4/6 496
Oscar Weigle Flip-Over-View 4/6 497
Harry Lorayne Flip-Over-View 4/6 497
Sol Stone Flip-Over-View 4/6 498
Hans van Senus Glimpse-Crimp Location method to crimp and glimpse a card at the same time 4/6 498
Mark Levy Around She Goes! bottle spinning presentation 4/6 499
Chris Michaels & Jerry K. Hartman & Al Smith San-Tran credit correction on page 600 and 647 4/6 501
Christopher Sallek Colorevelation using "color tricks" pens 4/6 502
Paul Friedman Biddle Bemused biddle steal handling, see application by Peter Marshall 4/6 503
Jean-Jaques Sanvert & Ed Marlo Snap Aces Out tabled, inspired by Marlo's "Shuffle And Cut Discoveries" 4/7 505
Bruce Cervon & Karl Fulves Pivot Production 4/7 506
Looy Simonoff Puzzlement 1 & 2 puzzles with rope, not really effects 4/7 507
Mel Brown The "Magic" Card card tossed next to selection, sticky duplicate, see also Marlo's version A Little More Nerve 4/7 510
Salomon Cohn Coy Nintoop En shirt pocket, using pencil, complete 4/7 510
Eddie Taytelbaum Super Flustration flushtration, hindu shuffle alternative 4/7 512
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm rants 4/7 512
Fred Baumann Knife Through Coin 4/7 513
Ron Frost "That's Small" miniature card gag 4/7 514
Bob Nelson Squared-Squeeze variation of Jeff Busby's Squeeze-Out using corner short and 2-card-version 4/7 514
Meir Yedid The Almost Perfect Coin Vanish screened lapping, concept credited to Imam 4/8 517
Darwin Ortiz Back Off! small packet handling, see also Michael Louis' variation 4/8 519
Lenny Greenfader Easy Matrix 4/8 522
Bill Voss Instant Rapport easy to teach/learn code, code words on back of long-short-pairs 4/8 524
Eric DeCamps Impossible Visual Link 4/8 525
El Duco Slow Motion Penetration die through table, covered by card, visual 4/8 526
Steve Skomp The Shrinking Deck credit correction on page 612, additional credit and sources to Sheldon Waldman and Walt Rollins 4/9 529
Nick Pudar The Incredible "Bulk" with two coins that have tape around them, kicker: stuck together 4/9 531
Jeff Altman Short and Sweet progressive set-up 4/9 532
Cees De Vries (D)ice Breakers gags and puzzles with dice 4/9 533
Jack Birnman Bulls-Eye! called "Jack Birman", see also Peter Marshall's variation 4/9 534
Stan Lobenstern "Impromptu" Headline Prediction credit correction on page 612, additional credit to Donn Davidson, Sid Lorraine, Ted Annemann 4/9 535
David Lederman Holaroid packet trick 4/9 536
Bill Steinacker Platform "Snap" Double Lift double lift for the stage 4/9 539
Tim Wenk Purist Kangaroo Coins using cards on table 4/10 541
Tim Wenk Sliding Move coin is slides under card with sweeping motion cover 4/10 542
Gene Varré Shoot-Out one of two cards transforms, ends clean 4/10 543
Gene Varré Flip-Over 3 cards are flipped over as 2 4/10 543
Gene Varré Lapping Bottom of Double 4/10 544
Jack Mitzman One-Handed GH Release 4/10 545
Ray Mertz & Dai Vernon Cards & Coins Ala Cups & Balls Vernon's routine with jumbo cards and coins 4/10 546
Joe Russo Mistaken Identity same as Quartet Gimmick, to change 4 jacks to aces 4/10 548
Cliff Green 90% Perfect Change like Ed Marlo's Miracle Change #1 4/10 548
Robert L. Brooks Scissors Vanish 4/10 549
Jean-Jaques Sanvert Propel-A-Card boomerang card handling 4/10 550
Tom Mullica Mis-Made Fag filter is torn off and reappears 4/10 551
André Robert Titan some coincidences with two packets of 10 cards 4/11 553
Unknown Small Packet Faro Shuffle 4/11 555
Tom Craven Only Four shell 4/11 556
Mike Powers Four Card Monte 4/11 557
Steve Dobson "Incrediblack" odd-looking shuffle sequence separates deck in colors except selection 4/11 558
Oscar Weigle & Sol Stone On-Off Again 4/11 559
Martin A. Nash Credence peeked-at card vanishes and reappears at named number, center deal 4/11 561
Charles Nyquist Ribbon-Spread Hideout 4/11 561
Martin A. Nash Side-Jog Center Deal for single card 4/11 561
Paul Labute ...And Back Again 2 coins across and back 4/11 562
John Henderson Three Plus estimated stab and multiple out 4/11 563
Frank Zak Four (Oki)To Four 4 silver coins travel to box and transform to copper, gaffed 4/12 565
Paul Gertner Don't Get Personal spectator's name appears on throught-of-card 4/12 568
Unknown Think-a-card Force 4/12 568
Don England Four-Warned 4 coins appear at once on top of deck 4/12 569
Mike Bornstein Bet-A-Buck prediction on dollar bill changes to fit selection 4/12 570
Paul Cummins The Flutter Change 4/12 571
Stephen Minch San-Sub variation of Jean-Jacque Sanvert's Triple Triumph 4/12 572
Harry Lorayne Circle Coin Vanish seated 4/12 573
Jean-Jaques Sanvert Impromptu Abacus cut-off number of cards and single card are predicted/divined, variation of Phil Goldstein's Abacus 4/12 574
Larry Jennings Departure From A Point also in The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 5/1 577
Alex Elmsley Prayer Vanish 5/1 579
David Roth The Legendary Four-Coin Trick coin appears with funny presentation, see handling variation of William Zavis 5/1 580
l'Homme Masqué L'Homme Masque Coin Load 5/1 581
Jerry K. Hartman Hue View using 20 cards 5/1 582
Bob Fitch No-Switch Bill Go bill vanishes in flash 5/1 583
Karrell Fox Cased Aces spectator's cards change to (are) aces when put in case 5/1 584
Karrell Fox Cards in Case Switch 5/1 584
Woody Landers "Can't I" "Coins Across New Theory - Impromptu", based on Roger Klause' New Theory Coins Across 5/1 585
Michael J. Gerhardt Apocalypse Variaions Or Additions on Don England's Silver Streak 5/1 586
Hippie Torrales TH Spinning Wheel optical illusion with Tally-Ho back 5/1 587
Barry Govan Twentieth Century Cardhsharp second deal demonstration 5/1 587
Hans van Senus Un-Safety Pins ungimmicked linking pin routine, see also Dan Garrett's variation 5/2 589
Michael Farmer Eight Is Enough 8 turns up but is wrong, is used to count to selections 5/2 591
Sol Stone A Beautiful Vanish or Change sleeving technique, with change/switch as example 5/2 592
Robert Gardner A Subtle Deck Switch same as Trojan Deck Switch 5/2 593
Peter Marshall Grab A Bight dissolving knot 5/2 594
Jonathan Townsend Impromptu Wild Card 4 cards transform 5/2 595
Ed DeMello & Tom Wolf The Kenobi Reversal top card to bottom, one handed, credit correction on page 647, see also Ben Harris' variation 5/2 597
Charles Hudson Apocalypse Variaions Or Additions on Peter Marshall's Bicycle! 5/2 598
Harry Lorayne Quick Cig apparently throwing cigarette on floor, reproducing it 5/2 599
Roger Klause No-Shuttle Shuttle 5/3 601
Roger Klause The Overt Switch 5/3 602
John Cornelius Oh-Calcutta Shuffle false Hindu Shuffle 5/3 604
Milton Demosthenes' Marbles using mouth 5/3 605
Harry Levine Macho Monte with transformations 5/3 606
Gerald Kosky Funny Cut & Funny Pass strange false cut 5/3 607
Robert Bengel Roll-Down Coin Vanish 5/3 608
Louis Falanga Ace Trap aces turn over, sandwiching selection 5/3 609
Albert Charra "Fake Take" Shuffle bottom stock 5/3 611
Ed Marlo Lonely Horace "Phil", name appears on named card, other cards have no name 5/4 613
Joey Gallo Magical Ladies in a flourish cut sequence 2 mates appear and sandwich selection 5/4 614
Bob Farmer Close Quarters 5/4 615
Bob Farmer & Al Schneider Pick-Up Move Variation as a transfer steal 5/4 616
John Cornelius Coin-Card Shade showing both sides of card while hiding a coin 5/4 617
Tom Gagnon New Theory Pick-Up Move 5/4 617
J. C. Doty Flying Signature Explored inspired by Jim Lee's The Flying Signature 5/4 619
Richard Osterlind Predic-Tac-Toe ending of tic tac toe game is predicted 5/4 620
Edgar Peters The Paddle Wheel Add-On/Change 5/4 621
Salomon Cohn X-sellent spectator thinks of an item in list, performer marks it with an x 5/5 625
J. Gordon O'Genski "Wind Tunnel" card flys out of the deck in IF Condition, see also Ken Krenzel's Get-Ready 5/5 627
Ken Krenzel Get-Ready For "Wind Tunnel" for J. Gordon O'Genski's "Wind Tunnel", using Incomplete Faro Peek 5/5 628
Barry Govan Las Vegas Dice one cup routine using dice instead of balls 5/5 629
Michael J. Gerhardt Absorbing Penetration one side of card case becomes blank 5/5 630
James Conger Magic Moola coins across with glass and giant coin kicker 5/5 631
Allan Slaight Continued variation of Slaight's Unkindest Cut Of All, combined with Stud Poker and Lie-Speller 5/5 633
Jim Sutton & Tom Craven Poor Man's Pencil Thru' Quarter paper napkin cover 5/5 635
Hiram Strait Stamp Collector stamp assembly on four corners of a cardboard 5/6 637
Shigeo Takagi Acrobatic Monte using divided card 5/6 639
Bob Hyans Coin From Bill 5/6 641
Bob Elliott The Wicked (S)witch 5/6 643
Hippie Torrales Side-End Illusion lapping multiple cards from center 5/6 644
John Mueller Double Girth False Knot 5/6 645
Norman Houghton Lazy Man's Invisible Pass handling of the classic pass, also as cover pass 5/6 646
Jon Brunelle Quick Rubik rightening routine with small cubes 5/6 647
Jonathan Townsend Easy Ramsay 5/7 649
Tonny Van Rhee Devil's 3-Card Monte using short and narrow cards, see also Ken Krenzel's The Slow Show 5/7 652
Fernando Roman Sponge Chop appearance of a ball 5/7 654
Philip T. Goldstein Dunbury Sandwich To Go wrong card is found, sandwich cards change, right card is now sandwiched 5/7 654
Sol Stone One-Coin Tenkai one coin 5/7 656
Jon Racherbaumer & Ed Marlo Double Trouble variation of Sid Lorraine's Two-Faced, predicting card the spectator reverses behind back 5/7 656
Reinhard "Stutt Stuttman Chinese Numbers party stunt with matched, see also Sid Lorraine's variation 5/7 658
Fred Baumann Think Big normal coin becomes jumbo coin beneath silk 5/7 659
Unknown Pumpkin Seed Sleeving 5/7 659
Joe Safuto Thimble-E-Na routine with a thimble and a rubber fingertip 5/8 661
Francis Pelkey Universal Twist all aces change to selection, double facer 5/8 663
Mike Bornstein Throw-Out Cardcase gag in which case is thrown out on Chinese Yo Yo 5/8 665
Ted Biet Overhand Shuffle Crimp 5/8 665
William Zavis View-Flip-Over 2 methods 5/8 666
El Duco View-Flip-Over 2 methods 5/8 667
Peter Jones View-Flip-Over 5/8 668
Terry LaGerould "Cigarette Cards" down under deal with packets 5/8 669
Craig Keller SPCA sponge ball finds card 5/8 670
Peter Marshall Apocalypse Variaions Or Additions on Paul Friedman's Biddle Bemused for a peeling stop trick, similarities to Stephen Minch's Force Feed 5/8 671
Richard Vollmer Very Nice Oil+Water 4&4, all red kicker 5/9 673
Russ Burns Hotshot additional coins are produced as kicker 5/9 675
Jeff Poncher Color Reset using blank cards with color dots 5/9 677
Peter Marshall Apocalypse Variaions Or Additions on Richard Vollmer's Poor Man's Monte 5/9 678
Robert L. Brooks Ring Strip 5/9 679
Don England The Tilt Bluff Pass control to second from top 5/9 680
Jack Chanin Finger-Bandage Gag "finger comes off" gag 5/9 681
Zalman Puchoff Unit of Travel coin vanishes and reappears 5/9 682
Richard Himber Coin Vanish 5/9 682
Tom Craven Double-Crosser sucker situation with obvious second deal 5/9 683
Paul Cummins Up The Ladder Convincer 5/9 684
Dick Christian New Life for Squash vanishing whisky glass, pull 5/10 685
Jean-Jaques Sanvert Another Hofzinser Twist twisting/transformation combo 5/10 687
Jack Mitzman "I Believe" dissolving knot around rolled piece of paper 5/10 689
David R. Fernandes Red and Blew forcing a color, colored dots on paddle, chosen colored dot vanishes 5/10 690
Al Cohen Away & Back vanish and reproduction for stand-up 5/10 691
Michael Buzzell Fan-See Card Control as a control or switch 5/10 692
Paul Cummins Penetrating Thoughts box through hand 5/10 694
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm multiple out 5/10 695
Ray Goulet Drop Kick Aces flashy production one by one 5/10 695
Tom Craven Open Coins Across shell 5/11 697
Bill Nord "Pick" A Card dressed up revelation of a transformation with toothpicks 5/11 699
Peter Marshall Flying Reds 4 blacks, 4 reds, one by one 5/11 700
Peter Marshall Veeser Switch Handling 5/11 700
Earl Nelson Pinch Change 5/11 702
Bernard Bilis Four-Ace Foregone two aces are made invisible, they reappear 5/11 703
William Zavis Apocalypse Variaions Or Additions on David Roth's The Legendary Four-Coin Trick 5/11 704
John M. Bauman Display-Flip Steal a steal out of the fist 5/11 705
Keith Breen Successive Reversals one ace at a time appears face up in deck, see also Charles Hudson's routine Smart Deck 5/11 706
Bob Farmer The Twirl Spread spreading a small packet while hiding cards 5/12 709
Joe Safuto "On The Lap" coin changes on knee 5/12 712
Don England Two Impromptu "Stretches" see also J.K. Hartman's variation 5/12 713
David Roth Imp-ossible using thread 5/12 715
Fantomas Three After One free choice, full deck set up in four of a kinds 5/12 716
Paul Cummins Cross Changed coins across, 4 silver coins change to copper 5/12 716
Herb Zarrow Flicker Again version of An Instant Flip-Over Change 5/12 719