The Marenzel Reverse
The Marenzel Reverse
written by Jerry Sadowitz
Work of Jerry Sadowitz
11 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Jerry Sadowitz & Ken Krenzel & Edward Marlo The Marenzel Reverse to transfer a card from one position to another position towards the top and reverse it in the process inspired by "Reverse Sleight - Future Reverse" (Edward Marlo, 1945),
"The Invisible Reverse Transfer" (Ken Krenzel, 1978)
Jerry Sadowitz Impossible Prediction reversed card turns out to be selection made later 5
Jerry Sadowitz One Another two selections one by one turn over 7
Jerry Sadowitz & Ken Krenzel Here Today top card into selection see also "The "One-Card" Double Lift" (Ken Krenzel, 1978) 8
Jerry Sadowitz Ambitious Ending 9
Jerry Sadowitz & Ken Krenzel Card At Any Number inspired by "At Any Number" (Ken Krenzel, 1978) 10
Jerry Sadowitz Combination Plus control sequence to get into it inspired by "The Slap Trick" (Dai Vernon & Laurie Ireland, 1988) 11