More Inner Secrets of Card Magic
More Inner Secrets of Card Magic
written by Lewis Ganson
Work of Dai Vernon
88 pages (Hardcover), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Creators Title Comments & References Page CARC Categories
Dai Vernon Twisting the Aces original version see also "Precursor to Twisting the Aces" (Edward Marlo, 1992),
"Roger's Lovely Idea" (Roger Klause, 1996)
Alex Elmsley & Dai Vernon Fingertip Elmsley Count 6
Dai Vernon Simple Arithmetic one of thirteen, using the two of clubs see also "All-Outs Think-Of-A-Card" (Milton Kort, 2005),
varied by "Simple Arithmetic II" (John Luka, 1997)
Dai Vernon Riffled Thought break 12
Dai Vernon Think of an Ace varied by "The Thinking Cardman" (Philip T. Goldstein, 2000) 13
Dai Vernon Out of sight - out of mind original handling see also "Out of Touch - Out of Date" (Benjamin Earl, 2010),
varied by "Out of Outs" (Erik Nordvall, 2006),
"Riffled OOSOOM" (Jared Kopf, 2016)
Dai Vernon Thought Transposed two sets of four Aces with different backs, thought of transposes 16
Dai Vernon Oil and Water 4&4, extra cards 20
Dai Vernon McDonald's $100 Routine three double facers varied by "April Fools' Aces" (Wesley James, 2004) 26
Senor Notis The Notis Cascade One handed Riffle Shuffle with Cascade Finale 31
Allan Shaw Allen Shaw's Card Production Full Palm 34
Cardini Cardini's Card Production modified Tenkai Palm 36
Dai Vernon Mosquito's Parade 38
Dai Vernon Basic Formation of a step 41
Dai Vernon The Pull Through Shuffle 43
Dai Vernon The Pull out Shuffle 47
Dai Vernon Retaining the Top Stock up to 20 cards 49
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Full Deck Control 49
Dai Vernon Side Riffle Shuffle bottom stock 51
Dai Vernon Transferring a bottom stock to the top varied by "Vernon Shuffle Transfer, variant 2" (Dai Vernon & Ernest Earick, 1993),
"Vernon Shuffle Transfer, variant 1" (Dai Vernon & Ernest Earick, 1993),
"Transfer Cut" (Karl Fulves, 1996)
Dai Vernon Reversal of Bottom Cards using riffle shuffle see also "Riffle Shuffle Reverse" (Edward Marlo, 1974) 53
Dai Vernon & Fred Black To Keep the colours separated 54
Dad Stevens To bring cards to the top Steven's Control 55
Dai Vernon Corner Crimp Corner Crimp with forefinger in Dealing position 57
Dai Vernon Top Card Crimp Corner Crimp while Overhand Shuffling 57
Dai Vernon Cut Crimp "roof crimp" 58
Dai Vernon Whole Pack Crimp Squeeze crimp in Dealing position 58
Dai Vernon Spring Crimp waterfall crimp 59
Mexican Joe Mexican Joe's Crimp making a one way pack see also "The "Double Crimp"" (1933) 60
Dai Vernon Snap Crimp 60
Dai Vernon Cards to pocket ten cards 63
Dai Vernon Loewy Palm Cover 66
Dai Vernon The Classic Force 70
Johnny Paul Toss Force brief 70
Max Malini The Malini Force 71
Dai Vernon Riffle Force Break 72
Dai Vernon Fan Force bottom card slid to other side, fan broken at any point see also "Butler Fan Force" (Frank Butler, 1956),
"Pressure Fan Force" (Harvey Rosenthal & James G. Thompson Jr. & Dai Vernon, 1976),
"One Hand Fan Force" (Judson S. Brown, 1985),
"The Greek Force" (Bruce Cervon, 1998),
"Pressure Fan Force" (Bruce Cervon, 1998),
"The Fanned Bottom Deal" (Ken Krenzel, 2009),
varied by "Fan Force" (Harvey Rosenthal, 1990)
Dai Vernon Back to Back Force 74
Dai Vernon The Trick that cannot be explained see also "Uncontrolled Prediction" (Edward Marlo, 1996) 76
Dai Vernon The Vernon Glide 82
Dai Vernon The Push-off Count 84
Dai Vernon The Buckle Count - To count cards onto the table.
- To count cards into the other hand.