Vanni Bossi NEW Lecture Notes
Vanni Bossi NEW Lecture Notes
written by Vanni Bossi
Work of Vanni Bossi
22 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Vanni Bossi Folded Card to Wallet signed 1
Vanni Bossi Secret Fold of the Top Card in Sixth 4
Vanni Bossi The U.T.N. Folding "Under Their Nose", folding a palmed card in sixth while displaying top card of deck 5
Vanni Bossi The Folded Color Change folded card is unfolded and displayed, folded up and unfolded again and is transformed 10
Vanni Bossi An Inexpensive Daub Dispenser tip 12
Vanni Bossi A Bold Coin Switch using silk 13
Vanni Bossi The Scooping Glass chosen card appears in glass, which is moved along tabled spread also published as "Suction Cup" (Vanni Bossi, 1995),
"La Belle Captive" (Vanni Bossi, 2016)
Vanni Bossi Loading a Card into a Glass 14
Vanni Bossi & Bob Driebeek & Fred Kaps My Flaming Color Change Tosheroon, face card of the deck changes into chosen card under a candle see also "The Impossible Color Change" (1940) 15
Vanni Bossi Hanging Coins: A Subtlety for Roth's routine 16
Vanni Bossi A Different Thumb Tip Handling using soft thumb tip 16
Vanni Bossi The Perfect Key Card 19
Vanni Bossi The Ring into the Light Bulb 20