The Collected Almanac
The Collected Almanac
written by Richard Kaufman
published by Kaufman and Greenberg
1992 (Hardcover), 490 pages, work of Various
(327 entries)
Data entered by Denis Behr.
Creators Title Comment Issue Page Categories
Mark Lefler Reversi -44
Jon Racherbaumer Examination of a So-So Notion deck rubbed with second case, face card changes, a card travels into case, see also his The So-So Notion -43
Ed Marlo Holy P.O.D.'d Again flap gaff -41
Harry Houdini & S. W. Erdnase Houdini/Erdnase Transformation as Vanish -40
Don England & Richard Kaufman England's Vanishing Aces aces vanish on top of deck one by one -38
Howard Lyons Steal unloading cards under top cards -38
Tom Gagnon Cheating the Greek for a Second fake greeks and seconds -36
Derek Dingle Covering the Turnover Pass with bottom card cover -35
Karl Fulves DIY Double Drop Effect 2 cards from different decks match -34
James Swain Do-It-Yourself Double Drop based on Bob Nelson's The Nelson Quickie, from deck onto table -33
Jon Racherbaumer Lapping card placed between two card cases -32
Jon Racherbaumer Boxed-In card vanishes between two card cases, reappears reversed in cased deck -31
Allan Ackerman & Richard Kaufman Ackerman Varies Kelly Variation -29
Richard Kaufman Paul's Bill Comes Due improved handling of Paul Harris' Bill Collector, folded bill placed in deck finds selection -27
David Arthur Silver Aces coin jumps from beneath wrong ace to correct ace which transforms into selection -21
David Arthur Visiting Royalty selection placed between black jacks, jacks become red jacks, black jacks in center of deck, ... -19
Jerry K. Hartman & Derek Dingle Secret Subtraction Variation brief -19
David Wax & Richard Kaufman King Flight black blue-backed kings change place with red red-backed kings -17
Ken Krenzel Monte Plus Plus Switch -16
Ken Krenzel The Fabulous Jumping Card 2 handlings -14
Derek Dingle The Alpha Toss Toss Change Handling, see also page 24 for visual change idea 1/1 1
David Roth Digital Copper/Silver c/s coin 1/1 2
Peter Kane Kabbala Aces aces lost and found, ending with wallet 1/1 4
Geoffrey Latta G.P. Bottom Steal bottom coin of a pile is stolen in Goshman Pinch of other hand 1/1 5
Paul Harris The Biological Shuffle 2 phases, see also The Biological Shuffle (revised) 1/2 9
Paul Harris 2 as 4 Display 1/2 10
Michael Ammar Sonic Squeeze production of ca. 4 coins in empty hands one by one 1/2 12
Herb Zarrow & Dan Garrett Visu-Pinch coin dropped into other hand changes visually (or dollar to 2 half dollars), see credit correction on page lxix 1/2 14
Jerry K. Hartman The Flying Signature Variation from one back to another, streamlined handling of Jim Lee's The Flying Signature 1/2 15
Jerry K. Hartman Bi-Way ace travels up and down in 4-card packet, further credits see page 55 1/3 17
Jack Avis Siva Count 1/3 19
Philip T. Goldstein Star-Tell set of ESP cards with cirles and one star, star is chosen by spectator and random layout is predicted (wash off marker) 1/3 19
Michael Rubinstein Triple E.G. Spell 3 ungaffed coins, edge grip handlings 1/3 21
Bob Friedhoffer New Pinky Rise 1/3 22
Slydini Cover for the Pass 1/3 24
Lou Gallo The Gallo Pitch see page 31 for additional illustrations 1/4 25
Lou Gallo Copper/Silver Transposition with Gallo Pitch 1/4 26
Gene Maze The G.M. Shift 1/4 27
Daryl Martinez Cut to Kill kings AND aces, further credits see page 55 1/4 29
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Sessions by David Solomon (written by Simon Aronson) 1/4 31
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Tipnician by Bob Chesebro 1/4 32
Ken Krenzel & Richard Kaufman & Derek Dingle Holy P.O.D. flap gaff 1/Winter Extra 33
Ken Krenzel & Richard Kaufman & Derek Dingle Plastic Man gaffed 1/Winter Extra 36
Derek Dingle & Richard Kaufman & Ken Krenzel X-Ray Coins through glass table 1/Winter Extra 38
Jay Sankey Bandaid tear is restored using bandaid, see also Jon Racherbaumer's variation 1/5&6 41
Jay Sankey Forgery an X is transfered from card to card... 1/5&6 43
Jay Sankey Pyramid banded deck is transformed in pyramid shape, including (mediocre) applications, see also Jon Racherbaumer's application 1/5&6 46
Jay Sankey & Shiv Duggal H.P.C.-C.P.H. Han Ping Chien in which unloaded hand is reloaded instantly, see credit correction on page lxix 1/5&6 47
Jay Sankey Under Wraps marked coin and folded card transpose, then coin appears inside folded card 1/5&6 49
Jay Sankey Palm-Up H.P.C.-C.P.H. 1/5&6 51
Jay Sankey C.P.H. Wild Coin c/s coin 1/5&6 52
Bob King Shrinker see page 111 for additional tip 1/7 57
Max Maven Flair Play coding with a pen, based on Mento-Pen 1/7 59
John Carney The Particle Push coin through hand, several phases 1/7 60
Norman Houghton The Palms-Up Switch Shuttle Pass Handling, credit correction on page 95 1/7 61
James Swain & Geoffrey Latta Preset 1/7 62
Albert Goshman Sponge Ball into Spectators Hand idea for this classic 1/7 64
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Cardician by Danny Korem (written by Ed Marlo) 1/7 64
John Carney & Hiroshi Sawa Hot Slot slot machine routine 1/8 65
John Carney Large Stack Transfer as glass is transfered 1/8 66
John Carney Rubber Detective rubber band visually disappears to find selection in middle 1/8 67
John Carney Okito Oddity box disappears instead of coin, reappears, with a bold turnover 1/8 69
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Marlo without Tears by Ed Marlo (written by Jon Racherbaumer) 1/8 71
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Supersonic Prediction by Jerry Somerdin (written by Stanley Jaks) 1/8 72
Jon Racherbaumer Bandaid Variation variation of Jay Sankey's Bandaid 1/8 72
Jon Racherbaumer Automatic Pyramid variation of Jay Sankey's Pyramid 1/8 72
Larry Jennings Astro-Card card visually disappears on top of card case and appears within, slit card case 1/9 73
David Gripenwaldt C.S.B. Jumper 1/9 75
Ed Marlo Pop-Up Move some credit information 1/9 75
Earl Nelson & Eric Mason "Up" Set see credit correction on page lxix 1/9 77
Philip T. Goldstein Pre-Posted based on Derek Dingle's Post It! 1/9 79
Geoffrey Latta Fisting C/S visual change on back of spectator's hand, shell 1/10 81
Geoffrey Latta Visual Change on back of spectator's hand, shell 1/10 82
Geoffrey Latta Dazzling Interchange collectors set with kings in middle of deck, aces on top change one by one to kings 1/10 82
Geoffrey Latta Clipped coin vanish using a pen, see credit correction on page lxix 1/10 83
Geoffrey Latta Heartless picking off the pip with a real little heart 1/10 84
Ed Marlo & Jon Racherbaumer Bluff Bottom Placement as force and control 1/10 84
Geoffrey Latta Iced marked coin is dropped in glass with drink and penetrates it 1/10 86
Derek Dingle Isolated Visitor 1/11 89
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer 1/11 90
Michael Skinner & Herb Zarrow Block Push-Off Technique Herb Zarrow's? 1/11 91
Michael Weber Striking Glass ungaffed, coin not bigger than opening 1/11 92
David Williamson Striking Vanish 1/11 92
Lou Gallo Only The Lonely see page 111 for procedure correction 1/11 93
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Nemo 1500 by Joe Stevens (written by Johnny Thompson) 1/11 95
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Fred Kaps Wallet by Joe Stevens 1/11 95
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Marlo's Plus Package by Ed Marlo 1/11 96
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) 21st Century Card Magic by Ed Marlo 1/11 96
Jon Racherbaumer Audacious Sandwich 1/Summer Extra 97
Jon Racherbaumer Technicolor Reset sets have different backs 1/Summer Extra 98
Jon Racherbaumer Small Fry 1/Summer Extra 102
Jon Racherbaumer Recollectors 3 selections between kings disappear and reappear between queens, away from deck 1/Summer Extra 103
Jay Sankey Royal Rivet brass paper fastener "appears" on signed selection 1/12 105
Jay Sankey Time Is Money pocket watch into coins 1/12 106
Jay Sankey Temporal Elasticity signed rubberband disappears from deck and reappears around wrist watch 1/12 107
Jay Sankey & Gary Kurtz Cartesian Coins tabled, offbeat use of shell 1/12 108
Jay Sankey & Geoffrey Latta One-Hand Turnover Switch Variation variation Geoffrey Latta's One-Hand Turnover Switch 1/12 109
Jay Sankey Stick It In You Ear! signed miniature card travels folded into performer's ear 1/12 110
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Powerful Magic by Mike Powers 1/12 112
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Carney Knowledge by John Carney 1/12 112
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Card Puzzle by Various (written by Jon Racherbaumer) 1/12 112
Bob McAllister Greenwarp bill around card 2/13 113
Mike Gallo 8 Coin Matrix 2 coins under each card 2/13 116
Tony Miller Billtration folded card through bill 2/13 117
Bill Kalush Rubber Ringer finger ring on rubber band 2/13 120
Richard Kaufman Card in Crystal Ball crystal ball printed on card 2/13 123
Brother John Hamman The Signed Card 2/14 125
Brother John Hamman Signed Card Switch 2/14 127
Brother John Hamman Gemini Count 2/14 128
Brother John Hamman The Pinochle Trick ungaffed, Gemini Count, see also Martin Nash's Pinochle To Blackjack, Jon Racherbaumer's A Purist Plays With Pinocle, Conrad C. Bush's Pinochle Plus 2/14 130
Brother John Hamman Flustration Count 2/14 130
Brother John Hamman Wild All The Way 4 cards, 4 phases, gaffed 2/14 131
Unknown Window Court Card queen with window cut-outs 2/14 131
Jon Racherbaumer & Philip T. Goldstein Never on Thunday 3 selections, divided deck, based on Phil Goldstein's Cumulative 2/14 136
Jay Sankey Airtight deck into balloon, selection penetrates balloon 2/15 137
Roger Klause Soft Muscle using 2 coins, plus extra 2/15 139
Roger Klause Muscle Pass with Double soft coins 2/15 140
Mike Gallo i.e., Ball and Vase 2/15 141
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Mendoza Portfolio No.1 by John Mendoza 2/15 143
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Intimate Magic by Michael Skinner (written by Jeff Busby) 2/15 144
Michael Skinner Slowly Folding slow motion coin vanish using a folding coin 2/16 145
Michael Skinner Up The Ladder Aces aces shoot out during tabled cutting sequence one by one 2/16 147
Michael Skinner SentiMental Aces 2/16 148
Ed Marlo Book Break 2/16 148
Unknown Multiple Bottom Palm to Right Hand with small packet 2/16 148
Michael Skinner Tabled Replacement unto small packet 2/16 149
Charlie Miller Alignment Move Palm small packet 2/16 151
Ken Beale The Ken Beale Display showing apparently all 4 sides of 2 blank cards while hiding one surface 2/16 153
Roger Klause Soleil et Lune gaffed 2/Winter Extra 155
Steve Draun The Graveyard Shift Midnight Shift, see also Jack Carpenter's The "Graveyard Shift" with Top-Card Cover 2/Winter Extra 157
Michael Weber & Gaetan Bloom Flash Link really linked, see credit correction on page lxix 2/Winter Extra 158
Michael Weber Linking Stanley really linked 2/Winter Extra 159
Jerry K. Hartman Fasten-ation small card appears stapled on selection 2/Winter Extra 160
Unknown The Foldover Switch 2/Winter Extra 160
Sol Stone & Unknown Spongeball Sequence 2/Winter Extra 162
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Stars of Magic: Paul Harris by Paul Harris 2/Winter Extra 162
Larry Jennings The Purloined Thought thought-of card from one half to other half, see also packet handling by J.K. Hartman: Thought Through 2/17&18 163
Henry Christ Christ Twist 2/17&18 163
Larry Jennings Rub a Dub Handling 2/17&18 164
Larry Jennings & Rolland Hamblen Meta-ssembly aces change to kings in an apparent repeat 2/17&18 165
Larry Jennings The Take and Leave Switch 2/17&18 165
Larry Jennings Cut As I Cut gaffed method of his Always Cut The Cards 2/17&18 167
Ed Marlo Unit Upjog Addition 2/17&18 167
Larry Jennings Silver Ascending 3 coins penetrate the table from bottom to top one by one underneath handkerchief 2/17&18 169
Unknown The Flick 2/17&18 170
Larry Jennings Circle Shift all-around cover 2/17&18 171
Larry Jennings The Searchers 2/17&18 172
Cliff Green Imperceptible Get-Ready brief 2/17&18 172
Unknown Block Center Pass 2/17&18 173
Larry Jennings Wedge Cull 2/17&18 173
Larry Jennings Just Think... one-way deck 2/17&18 174
Ed Marlo Simple Shift 2/17&18 174
Larry Jennings They Vanish! aces transform into indifferent cards, a moment later appear reversed separated in deck, 2 methods 2/17&18 175
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition wedge break handling 2/17&18 176
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Bertram on Sleight of Hand by Ross Bertram 2/17&18 178
Daryl Martinez & Jon Racherbaumer Two-Bit Wild Card coin stickers multiply on blank cards, real coins appear leaving holes in cards, see credit correction on page 192 and page lxix 2/19 179
Bruce Cervon AC/DC featuring Vernon's Interlock Principle 2/19 181
Roger Klause Welded! spoon bending routine 2/19 182
David Williamson Striker using a purse, see David Williamson's Copper, Silver and Purse 2/19 184
David Williamson Striking Vanish as Transformation 2/19 184
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Edward Marlo Tapes 1-5 by Pierre Mayer (written by Ed Marlo) 2/19 185
Philip T. Goldstein Alphabetween alphabet card, initials of spectator are found via Business Card Prophecy Move 2/20 187
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move 2/20 187
Philip T. Goldstein Choice Flesh 2/20 188
Philip T. Goldstein Drawing Conclusions off-beat prediction method 2/20 189
Philip T. Goldstein Sinology silver and chinese coin under paper on table, they travel around and finally disappear, gaffed 2/20 190
Philip T. Goldstein Quintemonte gaffed 2/20 191
Philip T. Goldstein Haback Count combination of Hamman Count and Flushtration Count 2/20 191
Philip T. Goldstein Midas behind the back the performer identifies coin and date on it 2/20 192
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) West Coast Quarterly - Issue 1 by Various (written by Earl Nelson) 2/20 193
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) An Evening At The Tom-Foolery by Richard Kaufman (written by Tom Mullica) 2/20 194
David Roth & John Benzais Fugitive Coins gaffed 2/21 195
Paul Harris Slider 4 cards placed on table, 4 other cards appear underneath them (doubles) 2/21 196
Jay Sankey OP Bones dice matrix with ring dummy 2/21 198
Unknown Squeeze Play Vanish of die between two cards 2/21 199
Jerry Andrus Parabox optical illusion 2/21 200
Gary Goldberg FIRP Faro Invisible Reverse Placement, places bottom card reversed in center 2/21 203
Gary Goldberg Disoriented inspired by Ed Marlo's Invisible Toss, using FIRP 2/21 204
Bill Kalush Double Find face up selection is used to count to 2nd selection, using FIRP 2/21 204
Martin Gardner & Karl Fulves Hole Second Deal handling for the fake second deal with hole card on top, also third deal demo 2/21 205
Theodore Annemann Stop Trick unorthodox method with secretly torn card 2/21 205
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Close-up Seductions by Paul Harris 2/21 206
Mike Gallo Opti-Coins using colored glass for interesting optical illusion 2/22 207
Mike Gallo Break Four dollar to 2 half dollars to 4 quarters 2/22 208
Mike Gallo Suited Up ace cutting with New Deck Order finish 2/22 209
Mike Gallo In Purson 3 copper coins in purse change place with 3 silver coins in hand 2/22 210
Mike Gallo New Wave Bounce Change non-sleeve handling of Derek Dingle's Bounce Change, with 3 coins at once 2/22 211
Mike Gallo Covering Ramsay coins and a small glass are produced from purse frame, glass is covered with paper, coins travel under glass, glass through table, inspired by John Ramsay's "Cylinder and Coins" 2/22 211
Mike Gallo The Gallo Utility Switch 2/22 213
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Contemporary Card Magic by Peter Duffie (written by Jerry Sadowitz) 2/22 216
Jon Racherbaumer Autograph Round 2 backs signed, both signatures travel on same back 2/Summer Extra 217
Jon Racherbaumer The So-So Notion deck rubbed with case, face card changes, a card travels into case, see also his Examination of a So-So Notion 2/Summer Extra 219
Jon Racherbaumer & Lee Freed Brain Waived signed card travels in second odd-backed deck, interesting method, based on Lorayne and Krenzel's Tidal Wave, see credit correction on page lxix 2/Summer Extra 221
Unknown Deck Shell 2/Summer Extra 221
Jon Racherbaumer Really Here! kings and queens, little assembly, kings change to aces, based on Jerry Sadowitz' Come Together 2/Summer Extra 223
Jon Racherbaumer Sliding Triumph based on Paul Harris "Sensous Shuffle" 2/Summer Extra 224
Dai Vernon Cocktail Time coin travels under drink twice 2/23&24 225
Unknown Slide Under Vanish coin is flicked under napkin 2/23&24 225
Dai Vernon Natural Vanish 2/23&24 226
Larry Jennings L.J.'s Prophesy 2/23&24 227
Larry Jennings & Ed Marlo The Laydown Sleight similar to Ed Marlo's "Bottom Deal Exchange" move 2/23&24 227
Michael Weber Loaded small hole in die disappears (sort of) 2/23&24 229
Bruce Cervon & Larry Jennings The Stripout Insertion Addition see credit correction (claim) on page lxix 2/23&24 231
Bruce Cervon Poker Interchange Exchanged based on James Swain's Poker Interchange 2/23&24 232
Bruce Cervon N.F.P. Collectors "Not For Purists", ungaffed 2/23&24 233
Frank Simon Two-Bit Sandwich card and coin transpose in sandwich effect, based on D'Amico/Marlo's Pressed Between 2/23&24 234
Daryl Martinez Diamond Bar based on his Rising Crime, see also Larry Jennings' Make Me Small 2/23&24 236
Daryl Martinez Rising Crime Display 2/23&24 237
Max Maven Triskadekaphobia forcing the number 13 with cards 2/23&24 238
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Gambling Scams by Darwin Ortiz 2/23&24 239
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Craft of Magic and other Writings by Eugene Burger 2/23&24 239
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Success in Magic by Michael Ammar 2/23&24 239
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Epoptica Yearbook by Various (written by Jeff Busby) 2/23&24 240
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Card Ventures by Robert McDaniel 2/23&24 240
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) West Coast Quarterly - Issue 2 by Various (written by Earl Nelson) 2/23&24 240
Dai Vernon Mental Five 1 of 5, using pressure fan hideout, see also Alex Elmsley's Brainweave 3/25,26&27 243
Dai Vernon Spread Reversal similar to Larreverse, several cards 3/25,26&27 243
James Rigali George Steps Out signed 1 dollar bill changes to 5 dollar bill 3/25,26&27 245
Larry Jennings Make Me Small cards travel to pocket, based on Daryl's Diamond Bar 3/25,26&27 246
Larry Jennings & Daryl Martinez Rising Crime Display from Natural Grip 3/25,26&27 248
Daryl Martinez Universal 3/25,26&27 251
Daryl Martinez & Harvey Rosenthal Pop-Up Move 3/25,26&27 251
Michael Weber Swatch This spectator sets a watch, time is predicted, using property of swatch brand 3/25,26&27 252
Bruce Cervon The '66 Vanish 3 cards, sandwiched card disappears, see also Ed Marlo's variation 3/25,26&27 253
Bruce Cervon The Fifth Card 3/25,26&27 255
Larry Jennings Hold Tight 4 coins 3/25,26&27 256
Larry Jennings Sleeve Pull Steal 3/25,26&27 257
Bruce Cervon Queen Jump sandwiched card from half to other half 3/25,26&27 259
Unknown Pip Misshow of sandwiched card 3/25,26&27 260
Larry Jennings & Dai Vernon King Jump sandwiched card from half to other half, see credit correction on page lxix 3/25,26&27 261
Ed Marlo ATFUS 3/25,26&27 261
Dai Vernon & Bruce Cervon Matrimonial Jump sandwiched card from half to other half 3/25,26&27 262
John Carney Coin, Glass, and Napkin coin through glass, napkin-covered glass through table 3/25,26&27 264
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Mind Games by Max Maven 3/25,26&27 267
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Greater Magic Video Library Vol.1-4 by Joe Stevens (written by Various) 3/25,26&27 267
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 by Ed Marlo 3/25,26&27 268
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Inside Magic by Stan Allen 3/25,26&27 268
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Precursor by Various (written by William P. Miesel) 3/25,26&27 268
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) At the Table by Various (written by Jon Racherbaumer) 3/25,26&27 268
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 3 by Various (written by Adam Fleischer) 3/25,26&27 268
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Thequal by Philip T. Goldstein 3/25,26&27 268
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Betram Cups by Ross Bertram 3/25,26&27 271
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Welcome Mat by Ross Bertram 3/25,26&27 271
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Palming Coins by Ross Bertram 3/25,26&27 271
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Bertram Coin Pail by Ross Bertram 3/25,26&27 271
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Sterling & Malini Egg Bag by Lynn Busby (written by Ross Bertram) 3/25,26&27 272
Allen Okawa Wishing Shells copper/silver routine with sea shells 3/28,29&30 275
Roy Walton Duck Soup spectator chooses some card via some process, resutling pokerhand is predicted 3/28,29&30 276
David Roth The Strabismus Switch as coin is placed in spectator's hand 3/28,29&30 280
Bob Stencel The Stencel Aces see also John Bannon's handling Interrobang Aces (?!) 3/28,29&30 281
Walter Rollins Penny Times Two in essence two english pennies become small american pennies 3/28,29&30 287
Brother John Hamman The Magic Cards 4 cards change to 3 selections one after another, gemini counts (general cards with packet), see also Daryl's Kissing to be Clever, see also later handling 3/28,29&30 289
Brother John Hamman Gemini Count Variant 3/28,29&30 289
Brother John Hamman Cut Force 3/28,29&30 289
Brother John Hamman Flash Poker pair of deuces changes into two jacks, then three deuces, then full house, then royal flush, ungaffed 3/28,29&30 290
Brother John Hamman The Flash Change 2 cards on the deck 3/28,29&30 291
Brother John Hamman Signed Transversal Triplet 2 sandwiched cards transpose, then 2 selection in one, 4 kings in other pile, see also later version Triple Cross 3/28,29&30 293
Brother John Hamman The Poker Palm Shift poker hand changed 4 times on deck, ungaffed 3/28,29&30 296
Brother John Hamman Small Packet Double Lift see also Karl Fulves' No Get-Ready Double Lift 3/28,29&30 298
Larry Jennings The Toss of a Coin controlling heads or tails 3/28,29&30 299
Lynn Searles The Haunted Card 3/28,29&30 301
Eugene Burger A Conversation Along a Thickly Wooded Path philosophical thoughts... 3/28,29&30 302
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Stars of Magic: David Roth by David Roth 3/28,29&30 303
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Stars of Magic: Derek Dingle by Derek Dingle 3/28,29&30 303
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Greater Magic Video Library Vol.5-8 by Joe Stevens (written by Various) 3/28,29&30 304
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Fred Braue Notebooks - Volume 1 by Frederick Braue (written by Jeff Busby) 3/28,29&30 305
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Karten zum Zaubern by Various (written by F. W. Conradi-Horster) 3/28,29&30 305
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Earl Nelson Video Workshop 1 & 2 by Earl Nelson 3/28,29&30 305
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Ultimate Floating Deck by Ben Harris 3/28,29&30 306
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Royal Divide by Ben Harris 3/28,29&30 306
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Hypercard Experiments by Ben Harris 3/28,29&30 306
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Lake Tahoe Card Magic by Louis Falanga 3/28,29&30 306
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 4 by Various (written by Stephen Minch) 3/28,29&30 306
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Revelations by Dai Vernon 3/28,29&30 306
John Cornelius The Incredible Crawling Pocket pocket is pulled inside-out and crawl back in on itself 3/28,29&30 307
Bob Farmer Credit Card Stretch idea 3/28,29&30 307
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) New Directions by Ben Harris 3/28,29&30 307
Ed Marlo The '66 Vanish - Alternative Method 3 cards, sandwiched card disappears, variation of Bruce Cervon's The '66 Vanish 3/28,29&30 308
Michael Skinner Satan Deals Again false deal demo with small packet, based on Dai Vernon and Bruce Cervon's Devil's Elevator 3/31,32&33 311
Michael Ammar False Count With Coins overcount 3/31,32&33 312
Max Maven Psychic Twins based on Steranko's "Voodoo Card" and Fulves' "Computer Cards" 3/31,32&33 314
Jerry K. Hartman Number Numb-er using numbers on cardboards 3/31,32&33 319
Jerry K. Hartman Coin Con thought-of coin is devined, coins glued on cardboard cards 3/31,32&33 320
Jerry K. Hartman Thought Through packet handling of Larry Jennings' The Purloined Thought 3/31,32&33 322
Jerry K. Hartman & Karl Fulves Stack Knack plot by Fulves, tabled switch 3/31,32&33 324
Jerry K. Hartman & Jack Merlin Hop Off The Bottom - Variation on table, discrepancy 3/31,32&33 324
Slydini & Jack Chanin Rip-It Redux 3/31,32&33 326
Bob Stencel Once Torn, Twice Restored 1st selection reverses itself again and again, is torn and changes to 2nd selection, double facer, see also Clayton Rawson's The Cockeyed Cards, Tommy Wonder's Déjà ReVurse, see David Williamson's Torn & Restored Transposition, see Bob Stencel & Archie Mcintyre & Bill Nagler's Rip It Up 3/31,32&33 328
Bob Stencel The No-Reverse Reverse reversed card in deck is apparently turned over but stays reversed, see also Wonder's Wondereverse, Lorayne's Non-Reverse Reverse and Another Non-Reverse Reverse 3/31,32&33 330
Michael Rubinstein Elastically Yours torn rubber band is tied together, knot visibly vanishes 3/31,32&33 332
Lou Gallo Incredible Cards and Coins 8 coins appear under 4 aces 3/31,32&33 335
Russell T. Barnhart The Smoke-Filled Room Satire 3/31,32&33 340
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Michael Ammar by Michael Ammar 3/31,32&33 343
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Magic of John Ramsay by Andrew Galloway (written by John Ramsay) 3/31,32&33 343
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Close-up Classics of Paul Harris by Paul Harris 3/31,32&33 343
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Greater Magic Video Library Vol.11-12 by Joe Stevens (written by Roger Klause) 3/31,32&33 344
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) A Session With Ben Harris by Ben Harris 3/31,32&33 344
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) S-C by Various (written by Karl Fulves) 3/31,32&33 345
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Self-Working Paper Magic by Various (written by Karl Fulves) 3/31,32&33 345
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Magic By Gosh by Albert Goshman (written by Patrick Page) 3/31,32&33 345
Larry Jennings About-Face Gymnastic Aces aces jump out face-up 3/34,35&36 351
Roger Klause Bill, Book, and Candle bill is accidentaly set on fire, prelude to bill traveling effect, 2 handlings 3/34,35&36 352
Jay Sankey Slick Splits 3 coin production 3/34,35&36 356
Gene Maze Duo-Mental 2 selections in 2 piles end up at same position, using one-handed bottom deal 3/34,35&36 357
David Roth Chinese Challenge shell coins across, coins change to chinese as kicker 3/34,35&36 359
Brother John Hamman New Shuffles Harry starting with shuffled deck 3/34,35&36 362
Karl Fulves Riffle Control 3/34,35&36 363
Gary Kurtz Penny Lane David Roth's Purse and Glass without glass 3/34,35&36 364
Dai Vernon Spellbound 3/34,35&36 367
Jonny Hirose Rip-It Revolutionized 3/34,35&36 370
Daryl Martinez Kissing to be Clever general cards with packet, variant of Brother Hamman's Magic Cards 3/34,35&36 373
Daryl Martinez Two-as-Four Count / DM Count 3/34,35&36 374
David Gripenwaldt The Ultimate Pop-Up Move 3/34,35&36 376
Jon Racherbaumer Convincing Technicolor Oil & Water 4&4 3/34,35&36 377
James Swain Card Factory several transformations 3/34,35&36 381
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Break 3/34,35&36 382
James Swain O. Henry Selections related to Derek Dingle's Illusion Aces 3/34,35&36 384
James Swain Up The Sleeve sugar up the spectator's sleeve, thumbtip, see James Swain's Up the Sleeve 3/34,35&36 386
James Swain Yours, Mine, and Ours featuring alternative to Alignment Move in Quick-3-Way 3/34,35&36 387
Derek Dingle New Wave Cigarette Through Quarter 3/34,35&36 392
Unknown Palm Change 3/34,35&36 392
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