Workers Number 1
Workers Number 1
Routines form the Professional Repertoire of Michael Close
written by Michael Close
Work of Michael Close
36 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Chris Kenner
Language: English
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Michael Close Introduction - What is a "Worker"
- Who is this Michael Close, anyway?
- A Philosophy of Magic
- About Audience Management
- How to Read this Manuscript
Michael Close The Unbelievable Useful Comedy Prop plastic hand as running gag and sight gag 5
Michael Close The Origami Bunny - Folding the Bunny
- The Opening Bit
- For Children (mini hat production)
- For Adults #1 (coin production)
- For Adults #2 (ear torn and restored)
- Glossary of Origami Terms
Michael Close Dr. Strangetrick "Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love card warp", detailed routine with card in bill 14
Michael Close The Pothole Trick hole travels from business card to business card 27