written by Harry Lorayne
Work of Harry Lorayne
144 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman
Language: English
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Harry Lorayne Foreword vii
Harry Lorayne Rim Shots Feature giving away how Rim Shots is gaffed 7
Harry Lorayne The Ultra Move taught in detail see also "Ultra Move" (1977) 11
Harry Lorayne The Ultra Move for the Ambitious Card 17
Harry Lorayne The Ultra Move and the Fast Pass 19
Harry Lorayne The Ultra Sandwich Routine 21
Harry Lorayne Ultra Aces two methods, with deck in hand 24
Harry Lorayne Ultra Aces to Kings on deck, aces change to kings as kicker, 2 variations 27
Harry Lorayne Ultra General Card (and Impossible Location) three spectator choose the same card, used as effect and also as method 29
Harry Lorayne Ultra Potpourri applications for the Ultra Move, also with both hands inspired by "The Ultra Move" (Harry Lorayne, 1975) 31
Harry Lorayne Lorayne's New Fan Steal top half with selection on bottom is fanned with right hand 33
Harry Lorayne The Peek Lap directly after spectator's peek 37
Harry Lorayne Goin' Fishin' pop-out production using HaLo Cut varied by "Goin' Fishin' - With Friends" (Michael Louis, 1985) 40
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut 40
Harry Lorayne & Frank Thompson Snappy Flush Royal Flush production inspired by "Any Ace Spell" (Frank Thompson, 1973),
varied by "Miracle Of Thirteen" (Harry Lorayne, 1990)
Unknown Air Pressure Turnover brief 45
Harry Lorayne The HaLo Cut Cop action cop 47
Harry Lorayne The Spread Cop card touched and displayed is copped inspired by "Stripper Spin Reverse" (Dennis Marks, 1972) 49
Harry Lorayne One From Three 51
Harry Lorayne Double-Cut Series - Cut 1 top stock, in the hands 55
Harry Lorayne Double-Cut Series - Cut 2 56
Harry Lorayne Double-Cut Series - Cut 3 56
Harry Lorayne Double-Cut Series - Cut 4 57
Harry Lorayne Easy Indicator procedure to set up a four of a kind for spelling from a shuffled deck, simplified method inspired by "The Indicator" (Harry Lorayne, 1967) 59
Harry Lorayne A Flourish Deal 65
Derek Dingle The Regal Royal Flush "duplicates" are produced and changed to Royal Flush varied by "Easy Royal" (Paul Harris, 1977) 66
Edward Marlo Reverse Drop Sleight 67
Charles T. Jordan Jordan Count 68
Larry Jennings All Alike Display via multiple lifts 69
Unknown Card from Card Case plamed card produced from case 70
Tony Binarelli Fource four of a kind kicker 72
Darwin Ortiz & Frank Thompson Any Ace Spell Variation climax inspired by "Any Ace Spell" (Frank Thompson, 1973) 74
Neal Elias A Cutting Discovery 74
Darwin Ortiz Combination Aces free cut principle, faros 77
Gene Finnell Free Cut Principle 77
Darwin Ortiz Pinky Count Divider handling for forming packets of twelve cards each 77
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne Force Open Prediction 80
Unknown Overhand Shuffle Reverse 80
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne Force 82
Lenny Greenfader Think of Any Card spectator removes five cards, one of which is selection 84
Richard Kaufman An Instant Three-Card Location 87
Richard Kaufman & Jerry K. Hartman Two-Card Popover Production 87
Ken Krenzel Two-Gether Again two selections at same position in two piles, duplicate 93
Ed Balducci Cut Deeper Force 93
Ken Krenzel The Square Reverse in center see also "The Krenzel Square Reverse" (Ken Krenzel, 2004) 95
Ken Krenzel & Harry Lorayne Square Reverse Routine three cards peeked at, 2 reverse themselves and sandwich selection see also "Mutual Aid Sandwich" (Jon Racherbaumer, 1982) 97
Harry Lorayne The Fascinating Travelers two thought-of cards in 2 packets transpose 99
Harry Lorayne Flash Reverse single card instantly turns over 103
Gene Maze Bust-Out! aces dealt to table, other hand changes to aces and aces to straight flush 105
Gene Maze Second Deal Lap 106
Gene Maze Lap Packet Switch 107
Harry Lorayne Match Up two chosen cards match 109
Patrick Cook & Ross Bertram A Riffle Shuffle Cop bottom cards in right hand angle palm type 110
Tim Wenk The Ribbon Spread Grab 114
Tim Wenk The Great Stick-of-Gum-Restoration Mystery borrowed and signed gum stick is torn and restored 117
Harry Lorayne TCAA #5, The Second packet switch, also as lapping inspired by "To Catch an Ace #5" (Harry Lorayne, 1971) 124
Harry Lorayne The 29th Card faro see also "Penelope's Principle" (Alex Elmsley, 1994) 129
Unknown Center Glimpse faro check 129
Harry Lorayne Tally-Ho Detector spelling using words on card case 134
Harry Lorayne Tally-Ho Ace Locator spelling using words on card case to find aces 139
Harry Lorayne Last Word on ego, "back-stabbers" and Karl Fulves, a real tirade 142