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Revised and Enlarged
Work of Dai Vernon
41 pages (Stapled), published by Max Holden
Language: English
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Creators Title Comments & References Page CARC Categories
Dai Vernon "Topping The Deck" see also "The Vernon Top Palm" (Dai Vernon & Roberto Giobbi, 2016) 7
Dai Vernon The Royal Marriages varied by "Royal Marriages" (Dave Ossip, 1974) 11
Dai Vernon "Follow The Leader" 14
Dai Vernon Wedge Cull for a displacement 14
Dai Vernon The Optical Monte 17
Dai Vernon Vernon's Automatic Gambler same set-up dealt over and over for two players see also "Repeat Poker Deal" (Dai Vernon, 1968),
varied by "The Automatic Gambler is Back" (Ian Baxter, 1996)
Dai Vernon Addition and Subtraction one of fifteen cards and its position remembered, via calculation the card is found 21
Dai Vernon The Little Dictators spectator notes card and its position up to 10, 3 dice are thrown, the total gives position of card 25
Dai Vernon Winged Silver three silver coins in one hand, three gold coins in other hand, silver travels across see also "Backfire Eagles" (John Riggs, 1995) 27
T. Nelson Downs Fallacy of Vision "Two Impromptus By T. Nelson Downs", gaff on coin to clip coin to finger 29
T. Nelson Downs Matchless Digits three matches disappear and reappear in bare hands 30
Dai Vernon A Cigarette Switch 34
Dai Vernon Heads or Tails routine for "glass through table" 35
Dai Vernon Twentieth-Century Handkerchief Trick 37
Dai Vernon Snow Storm in China 38