Expert Card Conjuring
Expert Card Conjuring
written by Alton Sharpe
Work of Various
141 pages (Hardcover), Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Alton Sharpe Foreword
Robert Parrish Introduction
Alton Sharpe Part One "New and Improved Sleights by Edward Marlo"
chapter intro about Ed Marlo
Edward Marlo Cover-Up Shuffle retaining bottom 26 cards, hands cover halfs 3
Edward Marlo Perfect False Riffle Shuffle see also "Dad Stevens' Other Shuffle" (Dad Stevens, 1997),
varied by "Perfect False Riffle Shuffle - Addition" (Ken Krenzel, 1969)
Edward Marlo Quadruple Undercut varied by "Multiple Undershuffle" (Justin Higham, 2008) 4
Bob Haskell Reverse Double Undercut 5
Edward Marlo As a Disclosure face-up ace appears while cutting 5
Edward Marlo For a Lift Get-Ready 6
Edward Marlo The Marlo Slip Cuts for some credit information on some of the cuts, see page 19
I. The First Slip Cut (in the hands)
II. The Variation (block slip cut)
III. Strictly on the Table
IV. Slip Cut No. 2 (table)
V. Slip Cut No. 3 (table, see also Tyler Wilson reference)
VI. Shuffler's Slip Cut (tabled)
VII. Retaining Slip Cut (top card retained, deck cut underneath)
see also "Slip Cut Handling" (Tyler Wilson, 2010) 6
Edward Marlo Slip Cut Routine aces are cut in deck, yet come back to top multiple times 18
Edward Marlo Slip Cut No. 3 - Variation 19
Edward Marlo The True False Cut top stock 20
Edward Marlo The "T.F.C." As a Reverse "True False Cut" 21
Edward Marlo Further Handling for the Addition or Secret Card Ass - Addition Method I - From Face of Pack 22
Edward Marlo Addition Method II - From Top of Pack 23
Edward Marlo Two Card Monte routine with red and black ace, as climax both are red 24
Edward Marlo Double Laydown three cards tabled as two 25
Carmen D'Amico & Edward Marlo D'Amico Spread Laydown 27
Edward Marlo Four as Three Laydown one-handed, elevator application 27
Edward Marlo Double Lift Substitutes - First Method 28
Edward Marlo As An Addition Move 29
Edward Marlo Double Lift Substitutes - Second Method 31
Edward Marlo Marlo Top Change 33
Edward Marlo As an Addition Move 33
Russell T. Barnhart Barnhardt Card Add On card perpendicular behind fan see also "Field's Add-On" (Eddie Fields, 1976) 33
Edward Marlo & Bill Simon Double Lift Substitutes - Third Method inspired by "The Simon Secret Addition" (Bill Simon, 1952) 34
Edward Marlo Marlo Top Change No. 2 similar to Earl Nelson's "Slow Motion Top Change" (Variations) 35
Edward Marlo & Bill Simon As an Ace Addition inspired by "The Simon Secret Addition" (Bill Simon, 1952) 35
Edward Marlo Double Lift Substitutes - Fourth Method 36
Edward Marlo As a Card Addition see also "Thrown by the Switch" (Jon Racherbaumer, 2016),
varied by "Versa Switch" (John Carney, 1987)
Edward Marlo Simple Tabled Reverse 38
Edward Marlo The Simple Triumph 40
Edward Marlo Cover-Up Triumph 41
Edward Marlo Palm Switch switched-out cards remained palmed
- Drop Cover Approach
- Delayed Drop Cover
Edward Marlo Emergency Transfer selection to any position from 2 to 9 43
Edward Marlo & Carmen D'Amico Marlo on the D'Amico Change double card is stroked, bottom card is unloaded 44
Edward Marlo Marlo's Improved D'Amico Change double card is stroked, bottom card is unloaded, with 3 additional approaches 45
Alton Sharpe Part Two "New and Different Magical Effects by Internationally Known Card Experts"
chapter intro
Dai Vernon Hidden Count-Down varied by "Hidden Countdown" (Paul Swinford, 1969) 48
Edward Marlo Faro Glimpse top card glimpse during faro 48
Dai Vernon One-Handed Slip Cut 49
Charlie Miller The Dunbury Delusion Improved 49
Roger Klause Miko Revisited in course of divination a half dollar is produced under card ("3 and a half") 51
Unknown Mexican Turnover While Hiding Coin coin underneath tabled card remains hidden 51
Tony Kardyro The Fifty-Fifty Mental Selection one of two, three methods see also "Even Break" (Walt Lees, 1980) 53
Robert Parrish Quadruple Sympathy 55
Ernie Bryan A Lesson in Bridge 57
Fred Lowe Second Deal Sam story presentation 58
Alton Sharpe Expert Poker Demonstration 23 card set-up 60
Alan Keith Open Challenge stack by Val Evans 61
Terry Guyatt & Edward Marlo Guyatt's Drunken Cut Improved deck shuffled face up face down, still good hands dealt see also "Poker Dream" (Frank Garcia & John Scarne, 1972),
"Swift Poker Deal" (Allen Swift, 1972),
"Irish Poker" (Walt Lees, 1979)
Frank Thompson & Alton Sharpe Undercover Surprise deck changes into lemon underneath silk, card is in it varied by "Card in Lemon" (Roberto Giobbi, 2016) 64
Jimmy Kater Deck to Pocket Ditch 65
Harry Riser Supreme Ultra Mental ungaffed, stacked 65
Charles Aste Jr. First Finger Fountain card rises and then jumps up 67
Charles Aste Jr. Singler 68
Dr. James Nuzzo The Magic Split single card splits into two selections when turned face up 68
Unknown Table Edge Holdout with sticky substance 69
Bruce Cervon Suprise Reverse wrong card reversed in deck changes into right one 70
Edward Marlo Cover Up Cut 71
Bruce Cervon Gesture Reverse as bottom card is openly removed from deck 71
Bruce Cervon Sandwich Surprise card sandwiched, sandwich in middle of deck, sandwiched card changes into selection selection see also "One-Eyed Jack Sandwich" (Harry Lorayne & Al Leech, 1965),
varied by "Sandwich Surprise" (Gene Nielsen & Bruce Cervon, 1971)
Unknown Bottom Slip Cut 72
Alton Sharpe Merely a Coincidence number arrived at with dice is counted down, heart flush and 2s show up which fits prediction see also "Jack the Bartender's Deal" (1976) 72
Alton Sharpe Double Prediction Chest freely thought of and chosen card predicted, one ahead 73
Alan Keith Your Card Sir! two methods, memorized deck and new pack order 74
Edward G. Brown & Paul Rosini A Futile Lesson in Open Spelling 1-10 are spelt out from packet one by one see also "The Spelling Trick" (Edward G. Brown, 1973),
"He Who Spelt It, Dealt It" (David Williamson, 1989)
"Senator" Clark Crandall Open Force card placed on top and double lift, apparent mistake varied by "The Crandall/James Force" (Wesley James & "Senator" Clark Crandall, 1990),
"The Crandall/James Force" (Wesley James & "Senator" Clark Crandall, 2004)
Unknown Stroke Unload 77
Carmen D'Amico Face Up Aces four times card changes into ace which then comes back to top 78
Jim Ryan Vice-Versa two spectators get the wrong card, then they transpose, duplicate varied by "Transpojuxtaposition" (John C. Wagner & Jim Ryan, 1987),
"Vice Versa" (Jim Ryan & Roberto Giobbi, 2016),
also published as "Vice-Versa" (Jim Ryan, 1981)
Alton Sharpe Part Three "An Array of Choice and Select Card Miracles by Edward Marlo"
intro about Ed Marlo
Edward Marlo Two Card Passe Passe 82
Edward Marlo Marlo's Two Card Throw double/triple thrown onto table 82
Edward Marlo Push-Off 82
Edward Marlo Marlo Change 82
Edward Marlo Marlo's Pellet Index any card thought out of ten cards is predicted on pellet, featuring an index made from a playing card 84
Edward Marlo Speller Presentation thought-of spelling with progressive set-up and optional prediction (billet index) 86
Edward Marlo Unexpected Prediction see also "The Trick that cannot be explained" (Dai Vernon, 1960),
varied by "Tip - On the Unexpected Prediction" (Edward Marlo, 1988),
"The Magician, The Fool, and The Wheel of Fortune" (Justin Higham, 2008)
Edward Marlo Magician's Choice for Three Objects 88
Edward Marlo Emergency Transfer application to change position of card by scooping up packet with certain number of cards 89
Edward Marlo Unexpected Prediction - Index Method twelve card index and feed-in for breast pocket 91
Edward Marlo Prognostication Pack Improved one of 5, matrix principle for one spectator, prediction on billet (index) 92
G. W. Hunter & Frank Lane Hunter-Lane Shuffle brief 92
Edward Marlo Marlo's Princess Trick four phases, using duplicates varied by "The Princess" (Aaron Fisher, 1997) 93
Edward Marlo Saliva Card Vanish 95
Edward Marlo Position Prediction spectators name 3 numbers, cards at those positions are predicted 95
Edward Marlo Repeat Reverse Routine selection keeps reversing itself 98
Edward Marlo Cover Up Cut 99
Alex Elmsley & Edward Marlo Thumb-Fan Hide-Out jogged card, as switch 100
Unknown Variation of a Flexible Move reversing whole pack under top card, side of body, also in The Gen, February 1959 101
Edward Marlo Jog Control in Fan 102
Edward Marlo Repeat Reverse with Gaffs double backer or facer 103
Edward Marlo The Called for Vanish any named card is missing from deck 103
Edward Marlo Method and Ideas for Card to Wallet different approaches including lapping, magnetic wallet and shimmed card, ... 103
Edward Marlo Misdirection Lap as joker is set aside during count down 105
Unknown Steel Shim Card also impromptu with stick razor blade 106
Edward Marlo Five Card Mental or "I Have It" one of five 107
Edward Marlo Direct Aces 108
Edward Marlo Vernon Transfer as Packet Switch 109
Unknown Book Break 109
Edward Marlo Card Vanish Supreme two methods inspired by "Point of Departure" (Alex Elmsley, 1994) 111
Edward Marlo Stik-Tack Trilogy three ideas with adhesive substance 114
Edward Marlo & Burling Hull Variation on Hull's Prediction tabled card turns out to be any named card, sticky substance 114
Edward Marlo Improved Named Vanish any named card is missing from deck, sticky substance, four methods 116
Edward Marlo Ultra Open Prediction prediction from different deck, sticky substance, double facer 118
Edward Marlo Marlo's Two Card Throw without Wrist Turn 119
Edward Marlo Another Dribble force card starts on top 119
Edward Marlo Transfer Palm 120
Edward Marlo Transfer Palm Sequence 120
Edward Marlo Marlo's Wild Card one red-backed AS, blue-backed blank cards, condition reverses (red-backed blank card and blue aces), two methods varied by "Those Wild, Wild Aces" (Edward Marlo, 1971) 120
Edward Marlo ATFUS brief 122
Edward Marlo Quick 3-Way Version extra card 123
Edward Marlo Wild Selections three blank cards change to three selections one by one 125
Edward Marlo The Wild Purist red backed 3S, blue backed blank cards, condition reverses 126
Edward Marlo An Approach to the "Stop" Trick four methods using different table transfers 128
Edward Marlo Transfer Palm 128
Edward Marlo Transfer Palm from Center 129
Edward Marlo Bottom Card Transfer to tabled packet 130
Edward Marlo Drop Transfer card secretly dropped on tabled packet 131
Edward Marlo & Harry Riser A Logical Procedure aces cut to, change to kings, aces from pocket, inspired by "Riser's Aces" (Expert Hocus Pocus), two methods 132
Edward Marlo Transmutation double blank card becomes selection, selection becomes double blank, 7 methods 134
Theodore Annemann Peek Force Card two cards glued together 135
Edward Marlo Borrowed Transmutation double blank card becomes selection, selection becomes double blank 139