Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table
Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table
written by Darwin Ortiz
Work of Darwin Ortiz
168 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Richard Kaufman
Language: English
(101 entries)
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Richard Kaufman Publisher's Note 4
Roger Klause Foreword 9
Darwin Ortiz Introduction 10
Darwin Ortiz The Pinky Count 11
Darwin Ortiz One-Handed Tilt Setup 14
Darwin Ortiz Introductory Comments chapter intro for "Card Table Artifice" 17
Darwin Ortiz Jacks Open mock 3rds 19
Darwin Ortiz Braue Secret Addition Handling 20
Darwin Ortiz Jackpot 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, bottom, paritially mock 21
Larry Jennings Stud Bottom Deal 24
Darwin Ortiz Jacks or Better up to fifth (mock) 25
Darwin Ortiz In One Deal Aces are found at specified numbers 27
Edward Marlo Unit Control (for Dealing Thirds) 28
Darwin Ortiz Mexican Poker 29
Darwin Ortiz Waving mark at the corners 30
Darwin Ortiz Darwin's Three-Card Monte real work, including bent corner 36
Darwin Ortiz The Monte Throw 37
Bob Kohler Torn-Corner Encore 42
Darwin Ortiz The Estimation Routine number of Cards determined by feel 45
Darwin Ortiz Hindu Shuffle Glimpse 48
Darwin Ortiz Grand Slam dealing all Spades 50
Darwin Ortiz The Vegas Shuffle Red/Black Shuffle Demonstration 52
Herb Zarrow The Zarrow Shuffle also as red-black shuffle 53
Laurie Ireland & Darwin Ortiz Red/Black Shuffle with break see also "On the Red-black Overhand Shuffle" (Roberto Giobbi & Laurie Ireland & Charles T. Jordan, 2003) 53
Edward Marlo Key Move "switching" one packet for another 56
Darwin Ortiz Fast Shuffle four Aces are stacked in 4, 2 and 1 shuffle(s) 58
Darwin Ortiz Four-Shuffle Riffle Stacking 59
Darwin Ortiz Two-Shuffle Riffle Stacking 60
Darwin Ortiz Gambler's Double Deal 61
Darwin Ortiz The Twofer Shuffle stacking to hands with one shuffle 63
Darwin Ortiz Cold Deck Cut Variation Variation on Vernon's Cut 65
Darwin Ortiz Greek Poker poker stacking triumph, color changing deck kicker varied by "(Pseudo) Marked Deck Routine" (Antonio Zuccaro, 2011) 66
Darwin Ortiz Strip-Out Shuffle with Block Transfer 68
Darwin Ortiz The Ultimate Card Shark ending in New Pack Order varied by "The Return of the Ultimate Cardshark" (Andrew Wimhurst, 1998) 73
John Benzais The Benzais Cut 74
Darwin Ortiz Up-The-Ladder Variation 75
Edward Marlo Zarrow Shuffle Riffle Stacking 76
Darwin Ortiz Introductory Comments chapter intro for "Legerdemain" 80
Darwin Ortiz The Dream Card odd-backed "signed card" type effect, card to wallet see also "Commercial Method" (Edward Marlo, 1991),
"Day-Dream Card" (Edward Marlo & Darwin Ortiz, 1991),
varied by "The Airmail Card" (James Swain, 1996),
"Die Traumfrau" (Christoph Borer, 2006)
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Top Palm 83
Darwin Ortiz Hitchcock Aces varied by "Hitchcock Aces" (James Swain & Darwin Ortiz, 1996) 86
Dai Vernon "Slow-Motion Four Aces" Add-On Move 87
Jerry K. Hartman Multiple Count Change 88
Darwin Ortiz Nine-Card Location varied by "Supercharged Nine-Card Location" (Darwin Ortiz, 2012) 89
Roger Klause Multiple Control basically forcing the same spot again and again 90
Darwin Ortiz Riffle Force break 90
Michael Skinner & Eddie Fechter Spring Card Revelation pop over on Fan 91
Neal Elias Cutting Discovery 92
Tony Kardyro & Edward Marlo The K.M. Move 93
Father Cyprian & Darwin Ortiz Revelation 93
Darwin Ortiz Pop-Out Cut One-Handed Forton 95
Eddie Fechter Hindu Revelation thumb flips card out of deck 96
Darwin Ortiz Regal Aces four "Duplicates" are produced and changed to Aces 99
Darwin Ortiz Slip Cut in the Hands 99
Fred Robinson The Cover Pass 101
Jerry K. Hartman Catch Switch Tip-over Sleight Variation 103
Ken Krenzel Pressure Hide-Out 103
Larry Jennings Multiple Lift Sequence 103
Darwin Ortiz Ortiz Packet Palm from a small Packet 104
Gordon Bruce Pocket Load 105
Darwin Ortiz Slick Aces with Transpo follow up see also "Quick Slick" (Jack Carpenter, 1997) 106
Derek Dingle Bluff Shift 106
Ken Beale Double Cut Substitute 108
Bernard Bilis Palmed Card Addition 109
Darwin Ortiz Deja Vu Jokers 111
Art Altman The Altman Trap 111
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Move 111
Derek Dingle Vernon's Add-On Move Variation 112
Darwin Ortiz Variation of Larry Jennings' Multiple Lift Sequence inspired by "All Alike Sequence" (Larry Jennings, 1975) 115
Darwin Ortiz Modern Jazz Aces 117
Darwin Ortiz Olram Subtlety Improved Variation on Marlo's Move 117
Darwin Ortiz The Lucky Deck blank Deck gets Faces 120
Darwin Ortiz Darwin's Wild Card varied by "New Darwin's Wild Card" (Darwin Ortiz, 2012) 123
Darwin Ortiz Side Steal Color Change 123
Edward Marlo Glide Variation 123
Ken Krenzel Drag Double Lift Stud Double Lift 123
Darwin Ortiz Himber Wallet Switch 129
Darwin Ortiz Darwin's Aces Aces vanish and reappear "around" Selections 131
Jerry K. Hartman ATFUS Variation 131
Larry Jennings Ace Steal actually by Howard Lyons 131
Darwin Ortiz The Card Warp Deck idea for getting into the trick 134
Darwin Ortiz & Edward Marlo & Russell "Rusduck" Duck The Si Stebbins Secret from New Pack Order to Si Stebbins see also "Si Stebbins Stack" (Russell "Rusduck" Duck, 1957),
"Marlo on Stebbins/Stay-Stack" (Edward Marlo & Russell "Rusduck" Duck, 1969),
varied by "Something for Nothing" (James Swain, 1996)
Darwin Ortiz Do as I Did two packs see also "Copy Cat!" (Verne Chesbro & James G. Thompson Jr., 1940),
"Ultra-Mental Deck Routine Handling" (Ken Simmons, 1990)
Darwin Ortiz Jumping Gemini using only four cards 141
Brother John Hamman Gemini Count 141
Darwin Ortiz Elmsley Variation different Grip 142
Darwin Ortiz Back Off four Cards 145
Dai Vernon Alignment Move (First Handling) 145
Dai Vernon Through the Fist Flourish 145
Bernard Bilis Unloading Move on the pack 150
John Clark Mindbender two Cards, stacked 151
Darwin Ortiz Ultimate Interchange 153
Darwin Ortiz Tabled Slip Cut 153
Dai Vernon Alignment Move (Second Handling) 153
Jim Steranko The Steranko Move bringing a double from dealing position at the fingertips 153
Dai Vernon Two-Card Pushoff 153
Darwin Ortiz New Tens Routine two Tens keep changing color inspired by "Routine Royal" (Al Leech, 1959),
see also "In Ten City" (Chris Kenner, 1992)
John Cornelius Flicker Change almost off the pack 158
Bruce Elliott Elliott Change as deck is turned over 158
Darwin Ortiz Newest Tens Routine two Tens keep changing color 162
Darwin Ortiz Press quotes 164