The Expert's Portfolio No. 1
The Expert's Portfolio No. 1
written by Jack Carpenter
Work of Jack Carpenter
102 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joshua Torgerson
Language: English
(33 entries)
Data entered by Denis Behr.
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Creators Title Comments & References Page CARC Categories
Darwin Ortiz Foreward 7
Jack Carpenter Introduction 9
Jack Carpenter Preliminary Notes and Credits credits for the Freeman Display 11
Jack Carpenter A Dance for the Devious queens vanish one by one, reproduced at once together again see also "I Dance for the Devious - Two" (Jack Carpenter & Allan Ackerman, 2005) 15
Edward Marlo & Jack Merlin Drop Switch 17
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Break 20
Jack Carpenter The Flash Production 23
Jack Carpenter A Potent Presage 3 predictions, Gemini Twin type procedure, 4-of-a-kind kicker inspired by "My Favorite Gemini" (Allan Ackerman, 1994),
see also "Trait Secrets" (John Bannon & Jack Carpenter, 2004)
Jack Carpenter The Impulse Change card sticking out of deck visibly changes 34
Cliff Green Double Card Pick-up from deck 34
Jack Carpenter An Impulsive Premonition chicago opener style effect 38
Jack Carpenter Steppin' out with Molly 3 card monte routine with several effect, signed money card to card case climax see also "Revisiting Molly" (Jack Carpenter & Allan Ackerman, 2005) 41
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Block Addition 42
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count 46
Jack Carpenter & Ben Harris One-handed Change sandwiched card changes visually, based by Ben Harris' Fadango 47
Paul Harris All Alike Sequence 3 cards 48
Gordon Bean & Brother John Hamman Hamman Switch Variation tabled 49
Jack Carpenter The One-for-One Change card visibly changes when move through 2 piles of deck 53
Jack Carpenter Quick Slick performer cuts to ace of spades, he cuts to ace of spades again, tabled ace is now remaining 3 aces inspired by "Slick Aces" (Darwin Ortiz, 1988) 56
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer brief 57
Jack Carpenter Simplex Backfire 58
Larry Jennings & Jack Carpenter Three Card Rhythm Count 63
Paul Harris Tip-Over Change Load 66
Jack Carpenter The Sweep Control deck cut into 4 piles, ace on bottom of each, tabled 71
Jack Carpenter Riffle 'n' Roll 1 shuffle stack, aces for 5 hands 77
Jack Carpenter Running Load running cut to prepare and preload for riffle stacking 78
Jack Carpenter Nine Angry Men 1 shuffle 80
Jack Carpenter The D.C. Hustle kings and queens on top, 1 shuffle stack, 5 players, kings, queens, x, x, aces 85
Frederick Braue & Jack Carpenter Big Block Braue Addition 87
Jack Carpenter Nova Royale Freeman Display with 5 cards (Royal Flush) 94
Jack Carpenter Tabled Slip Cut Handling 94
Jack Carpenter The Carpenter Overhand Stack 100
Jack Carpenter A Finesse pulling off 2 (or more) cards at a time when overhand stacking 102