Exclusive Card Miracles
Exclusive Card Miracles
written by Frank Garcia
Work of Various
76 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman
Language: English
(29 entries)
Data entered by Denis Behr.
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Creators Title Comments & References Page CARC Categories
Frank Garcia Acknowledgements 1
Frank Garcia Introduction 5
Frank Garcia Crazy Deck 7
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve 8
Michael Skinner The Miracle Speller 11
Unknown Corner Crimp bottom card 11
Frank Garcia Surprise Reversal bottom cards with spread cover 14
Larry Jennings Bonus aces cut in the deck turn over together 16
Larry Jennings Exchange Cut top and bottom card exchanged during double cut 17
Unknown Unusual Piece of Business side faro shuffle to maintain selection on top 21
Frank Garcia & Paul LePaul Super Secret Control 23
Unknown Jog Toss tossing top half on lower half with jog 24
Frank Garcia Jog Spring apparently springing cards with injog 24
Charlie Miller & Frank Garcia Surprise Revelation biddle trick 27
Unknown Biddle Steal 28
Unknown Four as Five Count end grip 29
Unknown Impossible Two Ace Location gemini twins with overhand shuffle instead of dealing to find 2 cards 31
Frank Garcia Three to One spectator thinks of an ace, either it is found or the other aces change to other cards 33
Unknown Le Temps Switch 34
Karl Fulves That's Impossible! card appears at chosen number (chosen by cut-off packet), using a variation of Fulves' 37
Frank Garcia Ubiquitous Aces aces found by fake riffle cull, aces vanish one by one on deck, produced again 41
Camilo Vasquez Camilo's Deceptive Four Ace Reveal hindu force handling varied by "Lucky Day" (David Acer, 2004) 47
Frank Garcia The Elevator Card Classic 51
Henry Christ & Frank Garcia The Henry Christ's Pinnacle 4 Ace Trick 59
Bruce Cervon Pivot Production 65
Frank Garcia & Edward Victor Supreme Control 4 selections found via Christ Aces procedure, based on Victor's "Supreme Control" (Magic of the Hands) 68
Jerry Streicher One-Handed Bottom Deal Force 68
John Cornelius Flicker Change double onto table with several cards there 72
Frank Garcia Frank Garcia's Secret Recipe for Better Magic 74