Close-up Impact!
Close-up Impact!
written by Stephen Minch
Work of Ken Krenzel
189 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Gagnon
Language: English
(120 entries)
Data entered by Denis Behr.
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Ross Bertram Introduction i
Stephen Minch Foreword iii
Ken Krenzel Credo v
Ken Krenzel Soft Cards two cards that are face to face are suddenly back to back, gaffed inspired by "The Optical Trap" (Karl Fulves, 1980) 3
Dr. Ford Rogers & Eric F. Impey Double-Card Gimmick two cards glued together on one end 3
Ken Krenzel Bust-Out Aces cards appear perpendicular face up in deck one by one, deck is spread on table in between, gaffed and ungaffed method 6
Ken Krenzel Invisible Reverse Transfer center card reversed to anywhere 8
Ken Krenzel Perpendicular Jog moving card in center into perpendicular position 9
Ken Krenzel Thrust and Parry 10
Ken Krenzel Double S'Entendre two spectators choose cards in their hands and find the card of the other spectator, out of hands varied by "Synchronus" (Ken Krenzel & Alexander de Cova, 1991) 12
Ed Balducci Cut Deeper Force 13
Ken Krenzel The Haunted Jacket peeked-at card turns over twice in pocket, then deck vanishes in pocket inspired by "Half-Passed Histed" (Ken Krenzel & Louis Histed, 1985) 15
Louis Histed The Pocket Pass pass done as deck is pocketed 15
Cliff Green & Louis Histed Histed Pocket Pass Handling pass done as deck is pocketed to control peeked at card 16
Ken Krenzel & Louis Histed Half-Passed Histed half pass in pocket 16
Dai Vernon Alignment Move 17
Ken Krenzel The Shifting Sands of Tutankhamen mathematical counting trick with pyramid layout 20
Ken Krenzel The Matchbook Dervish matchbook moves on hand, impromptu 25
Ken Krenzel Turn-Tail Match match turns over when pushed through fist inspired by "The Reversing Match" (T. Nelson Downs, 1975) 28
Ken Krenzel An Estranged Exchange coin and card change place, nothing more used inspired by "A Very Strange Exchange" (Paul Harris, 1981) 33
Ken Krenzel Kicked Thru! 33
John Ramsay Ramsey Subtlety 34
Ken Krenzel & Horace Goldin Card-Coin Goldin Change visual 34
Ken Krenzel Kicked Thru Production 35
Ken Krenzel The Hollow Card using Double-Card Gimmick to hide coins inspired by "Double-Card Gimmick" (Dr. Ford Rogers & Eric F. Impey, 1990) 36
Ken Krenzel The Coin of Mycroft marked coin vanishes and reappears in deck in card case next to selection 38
Stephen Minch Coin Cut History history of the plot 38
Edward Marlo Dribble Control full deck crimp see also "Dribble Control" (Edward Marlo, 1984) 38
Ken Krenzel & Paul Harris Hi-Ho Silver Vanish Variation fake pick-up from deck 39
Ken Krenzel The Condensed Aces Four spot is produced and splits in Twos, then in Aces, two methods, one with two double facers varied by "Binary Fission" (Steve Bedwell, 1998 ca.) 43
Jerry K. Hartman Popover Flourish 43
Edward Marlo Visual Retention Change 45
Bill Simon Necktie Add-On 45
Ken Krenzel Subterranean Shelf card shelf design 47
Ken Krenzel Impromptu Knee Shelf 48
Ken Krenzel The Subterranean Shelf and Related Ideas 49
Ken Krenzel & Edward Marlo Packet or poker-hand switch card shelf, adaption of Ed Marlo's "No Palm Switch" (New Tops Vol. 7 No. 6) 49
Ken Krenzel Paul Curry's Open Prediction outline of method with card shelf 50
Ken Krenzel Joint Futures double prediction with addition from card shelf 50
Ken Krenzel Krenzel on the Cavorting Aces 52
Stephen Minch History of the Cavorting Aces 52
Dr. Jacob Daley & Ken Krenzel Daley's Turnover Pass Variation 53
Ken Krenzel Passe-Deux Aces production with transformation/transposition element, streamlined handling inspired by "Passe-Passe Aces" (1940) 57
Jerry Andrus Drop Change variation of Jack Merlin's Tip Over Change 58
Ken Krenzel There and Back Again progressive aces with backfire ending, nine double facers 59
Stephen Minch History of the Progressive Aces Plot 59
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse here with small packet 61
Ken Krenzel Penthouse Progression (with a Foreclosure) progressive aces with backfire ending, ungaffed 64
John Benzais & Ken Krenzel JB Kop with some finesses 64
Ken Krenzel Open and Shut Case using case that permits to cut the cards when taking them out, memorized deck 71
Ken Krenzel Camouflaged Card-Index open index principle, see also "Up She Rises" for non-case applications see also "Sans Index" (Dai Vernon, 1988),
"Up She Rises" (Ken Krenzel, 1990)
Ken Krenzel The Case of the Missing Link ungaffed memorized deck, Open and Shut Case 74
Ken Krenzel Ruse et Noir eight cards OOTW inspired by "Rouge et Noir" (Dr. Jacob Daley, 1953) 76
Karl Fulves Vector Switch see also "Vector Switch" (Karl Fulves, 1975) 76
Ken Krenzel & Karl Fulves Partial Vector Switch inspired by "Vector Switch" (Karl Fulves, 1975) 78
Ken Krenzel Milk Run psychological with out 80
Max Katz Max Katz Switch kind of bottop change bottom deal 81
Ken Krenzel Reversed Decision performer turns over card thought of by spectator 82
Ken Krenzel & Jack Avis Flexible Christ Spread Switch actually Avis, not Christ see also "Avis Spread Switch" (Jack Avis, 1959) 83
Ken Krenzel & Jerry Andrus Naturalized Brainwave ungaffed, method inspired by Jerry Andrus' "Surprise Reverse" (Andrus Deals You In) 85
Ken Krenzel Thought Bridge banded deck is tossed out, one spectator peeks a card which is divined and might travel to pocket from banded deck, ungaffed see also "Fingertip Controls" (Edward Marlo, 1988) 88
Dai Vernon Enlarging a Break 89
Ken Krenzel Going Up 95
Ken Krenzel Flourish Insertion one-handed insertion of top card in center 96
Ken Krenzel Front Double Deal 96
Ken Krenzel Front Center Deal 97
Ken Krenzel Bouncer ungaffed version with banded deck inspired by "The Ultimate Ambition" (Daryl Martinez, 1985/87) 98
Ken Krenzel Hand Swing Turnover 99
Ken Krenzel Rebound card comes to bottom in banded deck 100
Ken Krenzel Turnover Pass with Banded Deck crosswise bondage 100
Ken Krenzel & Edward Marlo The Doppelgänger Deck applying the JB Kard Kop inspired by "The Opening Gambit" (Edward Marlo, 1959) 102
Ken Krenzel Up She Rises approaches to the named rising card, ungaffed memorized deck see also "Open and Shut Case" (Ken Krenzel, 1990) 107
Ken Krenzel & Fred Robinson On-the-up-and-up Move 108
Joseph K. Schmidt "Command Performance" Rise 109
Ken Krenzel One-Card Middle Pass brief 109
Jack McMillen & Ken Krenzel Plunger Rise with method for getting into it 110
Stephen Minch Plunger Principle credit information 112
Ken Krenzel Protean Rise ungaffed stacked deck 113
Ken Krenzel Cardapult card shoots out of in-the-hands spread 114
Ken Krenzel Royal Headache card on top of deck moves inspired by "The Eerie Spin-Out" (Ken Krenzel & Joe Fisher, 1978) 115
Ken Krenzel The Eerie Spin-Out 116
Ken Krenzel Witch's Spit one of five cards selected, it moves forward by itself inspired by "The Eerie Spin-Out" (Ken Krenzel & Joe Fisher, 1978) 118
Unknown Fan Crimp card in small fan 118
Ken Krenzel & James Lewis Inversion Revision 120
Jack Miller Jack Miller Color Change herrmann pass with arm swing 121
John Henry Anderson & John Mulholland The J.H. Anderson Slip as a Reverse see also "The J.H. Anderson Slip as a Reverse" (John Mulholland & John Henry Anderson, 1933) 122
Ken Krenzel The Profoundly Flippant Reverse one-handed effect in which peeked-at card appears on deck, vanishes, reappears face up in center 124
Looy Simonoff Flippant Change in detail 124
Ken Krenzel The Hammock Change one-handed color change 127
Ken Krenzel Two in a Hammock two selections appear on deck one by one one-handed, then vanish and travel into pocket, 2 double facers 130
Gary Ouellet Touch Force 130
Unknown Bottom Reverse deck turned over above cards, credit information 132
Ken Krenzel The Organic Tunnel Change card pushed through fist changes, ungaffed 133
Ken Krenzel Tunnel Visions multiple phase routine with several transformations 139
Stephen Minch Card Tunnel Effects credit information 140
Jerry K. Hartman Tunnel Disappearance card vanishes when pushed through deck perpendicular 144
Ken Krenzel Tubemogrification four queens pushed through deck ala tunnel effect, named one turned over, changed back color, rest changes to aces 148
Arthur H. Buckley Burglar Load loading cards between outjogged cards 149
Ken Krenzel The Thought Stealers named card appears between 2 jokers that are pushed through deck ala tunnel 152
Ken Krenzel Cul-de-Sac card vanishes and reappears when pushed perpendicular through two cards, visual varied by "The Egress Vanish" (Wesley James & Ken Krenzel, 2004) 154
Ken Krenzel The Relativity Two Step 161
Ken Krenzel The Finger Servante impromptu holdout/profonde pocket for stand-up 163
Ken Krenzel Vanish of Small Object with impromptu finger servante 164
Ken Krenzel Finger Servante Card Change 165
Ken Krenzel Chopper - An Overhand False Shuffle 167
Ken Krenzel False Dovetail Shuffle 169
Ken Krenzel & Dai Vernon The Fan Lift Addition as an addition inspired by "Double Lift from Fan" (Dai Vernon, 1961) 171
Ken Krenzel & Larry Jennings The Non-Contact Optical Toss inspired by "The Optical Toss" (Larry Jennings, 1986) 173
Ken Krenzel & Edward Marlo The Dorsal Cull variation of Ed Marlo's Movable Card Pass (New Tops) 175
Ken Krenzel Free-Form Peek Control refinements to standard peek control 177
Ken Krenzel Step on Palm deck laying on hand with fine step 177
Ken Krenzel All-Around Square Up 178
Ken Krenzel Slide Steal inspired by Crosthwaite's "LTP Peek", fingertip side steal after peek 180
Ken Krenzel The Top-Card Middle Pass moving top card to any position 183
Ken Krenzel A Spelling Trick card visibly vanishes from top and reappears at spelling position 184
Ken Krenzel Swain's "Passing Along the Vanishing Aces" or Latta's "The Vanishing Collectors" inspired by "Collecting the Vanishing Aces" (Geoffrey Latta & James Swain, 1981),
"Passing Along the Vanishing Aces" (James Swain, 1981)
Richard Kaufman The Dissipated Aces aces vanish from top one by one 185
Ken Krenzel The Flexi-Deal see also Ed Marlo's Push-Pull Bottom Deal (New Tops) 186
Ken Krenzel & Edward Marlo Marlo's Miracle Prediction Handling inspired by "Marlo's Miracle Prediction" (Edward Marlo, 1947) 187
Ken Krenzel The Gravity Bottom Deal 188