The Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S. M.
The Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S. M.
New and Different Effects With Playing Cards
written by Paul LePaul
Work of Brother John Hamman
47 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Paul LePaul
Language: English
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Paul LePaul Foreword 3
Brother John Hamman The Million-to-One Chance 10 cards by performer and spectator are put down in pairs, 10 value matches 7
Brother John Hamman The Hand is Quicker than the Eye transposition as surprise 10
Brother John Hamman Thoughts on the Transposition of Two Cards 10
Brother John Hamman The Blushing Bride with transformation of one of the cards 14
Unknown Gambler's Cop of double card 14
Brother John Hamman The Classical Transposition 15
Brother John Hamman The Magician's Reprieve 2 card transposition in which one of the cards (10H) splits into two (6H, 4H) 16
Brother John Hamman Kings Through the Table one by one, change to aces, kings in pocket varied by "Kings Through the Table" (Brother John Hamman, 1989) 18
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition 19
Unknown Buckle Count 20
Brother John Hamman Drop Lapping 21
Brother John Hamman The Perfect Bridge Hand spades stacked in preliminary dealing round 24
Brother John Hamman The Elusive Burglar homing card sequence with card to wallet climax 27
Paul LePaul The Snap-Over Double-Lift 28
Unknown Glide False Count 29
Brother John Hamman Face Up - Face Down Surprise cards separated in reds and blacks, triumph with reds, black selection found in red pile, red and black piles change place see also "Red-Black Surprise" (Kevin Davie, 1977) 32
Brother John Hamman The Chameleon Colors reds and blacks separated, some red cards change to black and back, then halves transpose varied by "Chameleon Colors Revisited" (Wesley James, 2004) 37
Brother John Hamman Open Switch of Halves 39
Brother John Hamman The Mystic Nine 9 b + 1 r become 9 r + 1 b 40
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count 41
Brother John Hamman Thought of Card under the Table Cloth 44
Jean Hugard Hugard Top Palm 45