Above the Fold
Above the Fold
written by Rich Aviles
Work of
75 pages (Stapled), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
(39 entries)
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Daniel Garcia Foreward
Rich Aviles Rich Who?!
Rich Aviles Fax Machine card moves through deck and transforms 2
Rich Aviles Comic Change card is pushed through deck and transforms 5
Rich Aviles Riffle Revolve during in-the-hands riffle shuffle 6
Rich Aviles Ballerina Change 8
Jack Parker Ballerina Double 8
Rich Aviles Replica Control 11
Unknown Wiggle Gag card moves out of fan and wiggles 11
Rich Aviles Vanilla Extract palmed card from box 14
Rich Aviles Razor Burn Switch 16
Rich Aviles & Alex Elmsley Pocket Protectors free selection is predicted with two cards (value and suit) inspired by "The Mexican Prediction" (Alex Elmsley, 1994),
see also "Pocket Protectors" (Rich Aviles, 2015),
"Pocketless" (Lewis Jones, 2015)
Rich Aviles Oops, I Did It Again transpo with backfire close to deck 25
Ben Harris Tilt Switch card sticking out at back is exchanged 28
Rich Aviles Middle Man card sticking out from deck turns out to be later selection by 2 spectators 30
Stewart Judah Judah's Displacement see also "A Card Force" (Stewart Judah, 1938) 31
Tyler Wilson Freudian Slip switching outjogged card 32
Rich Aviles Bystander out-of-hand sandwich 36
Ed Balducci & Sam Mayer Cut Deeper Force 36
Rich Aviles Subwich card travels from packet to sandwich, sandwich card transform into mates 39
August Roterberg & Frederick Braue Push-In Change 42
Wesley James & J. Stewart Smith Coming Up in the World 43
Rich Aviles Speedo selection appears between jokers, jokers change into second selection 44
Edward Marlo & Alex Elmsley ATFUS Variation 44
Jason Alford The Yoo-Hoo Unload 46
Rich Aviles 2 Legit jokers transform into selections and back 48
John Guastaferro Double Card Control 48
Stanley Collins & Dai Vernon Paintbrush Change credit information 50
Rich Aviles & Jason Alford & Richard Kaufman Radical Angled After-Burner combining with Alford's Angled After-Burner into a 2 card switch see also "A Radical Change" (Richard Kaufman, 1979) 51
Rich Aviles Big Black Arrow black arrow on smartphone display jumps onto back of card, kind of updated "Chicago Opener" inspired by "Chicago Opener" (Frank Everhardt, 1972) 54
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Underspread Force brief 55
David Regal Hindu Force Finesse 56
Rich Aviles Two Wrongs two wrong cards change into selections see also "Dual Discovery" (Frank Garcia, 1972) 59
Rich Aviles Asher Twitch 62
Rich Aviles The Upscanio Spread 64
Edward Marlo & Baltazar Fuentes Flexible Visual Change sandwiched card transforms 66
Rich Aviles The Forgotten Card card identity is on ribbon tied around spectator's finger 70
Rich Aviles An Ending for Torn & Restored Card see also "The Ultimate Rip-Off" (Paul Harris, 1996) 72
Rich Aviles DIY Firewallet 75