Handcrafted Card Magic
Handcrafted Card Magic
written by Denis Behr
Work of Denis Behr
94 pages (Hardcover), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Denis Behr
Language: English
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Data entered by Denis Behr.
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Denis Behr Acknowledgments 5
Pit Hartling Foreword 9
Denis Behr Introduction 12
Denis Behr Brute Force Opening card changes into selection and back, selection from case 14
Denis Behr Double Lift Management 15
Edward Marlo Card from Case Technique 18
Denis Behr Plop named four-of-a-kind penetrates card case see also "The Plop Replacement" (Denis Behr, 2011),
"Quartets" (Pit Hartling & Denis Behr, 2016)
Denis Behr & Pit Hartling The Culling Procedure bringing any named four-of-a-kind to bottom in face-down deck, memorized deck 20
Denis Behr A Trick for Allen Kennedy clean two-phase center deal demo, double facers, see also page 46 27
Charles Nyquist Ribbon-Spread Hide-out 30
Denis Behr Magic Monthly named four-of-a-kind is produced and transforms into second named quartet 33
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse brief 36
Jean-Jacques-Maurice Talazac The Talazac Switch 38
Denis Behr Finding the Way Home essay on stacked deck strategies and management
- Possible strategies for rearranging cards systematically
Denis Behr "The Tantalizer" to Stack using "The Tantalizer" in conjunction with a stack, see also page 47:
- Way into "The Tantalizer"
see also "The Tantalizer" (1948) 43
Denis Behr Faro and Anti-Faro Combination 50
Denis Behr Packet Trick looks like it messes up the order, memorized deck 51
Denis Behr Red-Black Division into Stack going from red/black separated stack into Tamariz Stack, faros 53
Pit Hartling Drop Stack stacking cards while throwing heaps on table 54
Denis Behr & Erhard Liebenow Liebenow's Card Peeling location effect with faro flourish, applying stack
- In-the-Hands Way
- Home Match
Denis Behr A Gambling Demonstration aces produced, named royal flush dealt, new pack order, stacked 62
Unknown Two-Card Throw 64
Denis Behr Oil & Water 3&3, deck separation as climax 66
Denis Behr & Angelo Carbone Oil & Water Finale cards separate even though they are pinned together with brass fastener, gaffed inspired by "Out of Order" (Angelo Carbone, 1995) 76
Denis Behr Gray Matters three selections, fair conditions, gray code see also "The Abacus Card Trick" (Roy Walton, 1970) 84
Denis Behr No-Question Fishing getting red-black information 87
Denis Behr Epilogue on educated audiences 90
Denis Behr Bibliography 92