The Real Secrets of the Three-Ball Routines
The Real Secrets of the Three-Ball Routines
written by Frank Garcia
Work of Various
90 pages (Paperback), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman
Language: English
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Father Cyprian Performer Second to None 6
Lou Lancaster "Balls and Net" 7
Frank Garcia Introduction 8
Frank Garcia Requirements basic props and moves for Thee Balls & Net Routines 10
Sam Leo Horowitz The Big Secret intro 18
Sam Leo Horowitz Horowitz' Secret Move move for routine 19
Frank Garcia Practice makes Perfect on the pop-up move 21
Frank Garcia The "Frank Garcia" Routine 22
Frank Garcia Romaine intro 41
Romaine Additional Notes routine intro 44
Romaine The Perplexing Persian Pearls - The Production
- The 'Split' To Two
- The Table Transposition
- The Pocket Transposition
- The Split To Three
- First Three Ball Transposition
- Second Three Ball Transposition
- Hiding Them In The Sand
- Finding Them In The Sand
- The Fourth Dimension
- Plucking From The Air, The Stroke
- Eyes And Ears
- The Gambling Game
Frank Garcia Introduction to "Doc" Daley 75
Dr. Jacob Daley Chromo-Spheres different colored balls, including variation by Frank Garcia varied by "Chromo Balls" (John Luka, 1997),
"Kortospheres" (Milton Kort, 1999),
"Nomads in the Dunes" (Milton Kort, 1999),
"The Nomad Coins" (Milton Kort, 1999)
Frank Garcia Epilogue 88
Frank Garcia Frank Garcia's Secret Recipe for Better Magic 89