Special Effects
Special Effects
written by John Mendoza
Work of Edward Marlo & Randy Wakeman
117 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Bob Nelson
Language: English
(76 entries)
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Creators Title Comments & References Page CARC Categories
Randy Wakeman Slick Card Preparation silicone spray, in foreword see also "Slick Sorcery" (Edward Marlo, 1984)
Randy Wakeman The Natural transformation, vanish, repeat to pocket inspired by "Rub Away" (Edward Marlo, 1945),
"Repeater Selected Card to Pocket" (Edward Marlo, 1953)
Unknown Rubaway Vanish 1
Edward Marlo Misdirection Palm 2
Randy Wakeman Covered Half Pass used as force here (Stewart James' "Nullifactor") 4
Randy Wakeman & Edward Marlo Flexible Hittop Change inspired by "The Hittop Change" (Edward Marlo, 1983) 5
Randy Wakeman Cardician Makes Better back and forth transformation, inspired by Marlo's "Cardician Maked Good" (TOPS) 6
Edward Marlo Visual Retention Change 7
Randy Wakeman The Mystic Card with sucker gag kicker inspired by "Marlo's Unforgetable Wild Card" (Edward Marlo, 1982) 8
Randy Wakeman In Lieu of the Double Cut triple cut 11
Randy Wakeman I Like Nice Things quartet changes into royal flush as kicker, 3 methods 12
Randy Wakeman Throwing it in Reverse top card reversed into center, wrist pass type action 15
Randy Wakeman Generally Speaking 16
Randy Wakeman & Edward Marlo Shuffle them Twice... They Rollover Nice 2-shuffle handling, crimps instead of incomplete shuffle inspired by "Rollover Aces" (Derek Dingle, 1982) 17
Randy Wakeman & Scotty York Mini Surprise Stab miniature deck, 2 methods, deck shredded, based on York's "Surprise Stab" 18
Randy Wakeman The Odds Against Me inspired by Scarne performance on Tom Snyder's "Tomorrow Show" 20
Randy Wakeman Teflon Card Stab paper wrapped deck, slick card 21
Randy Wakeman Forefiguration inspired by "Prefiguration" (Larry Jennings, 1986) 23
Randy Wakeman Wakeman's Way inspired by "The Jennings Revelation" (Larry Jennings, 1986) 24
Randy Wakeman Needed a Jump 10 red and black cards, single card jumps from packet to packet, then packets transpose 26
Edward Marlo & Randy Wakeman Cannibal Vanish 2 double facer 28
Edward Marlo Flipover Count 2 double facers as 4 different cards 28
Edward Marlo Double Olram 29
Randy Wakeman R.W. Ambitious Card Routine 30
John Cornelius Spring Set 30
Frederick Braue Pop-Up Card 33
Edward Marlo Double Pop-Up Ending immediately repeating the pop-up phase 34
Randy Wakeman Direct Delusion 35
Edward Marlo Convincing K.M. Move 35
Randy Wakeman A Real Devilish Miracle 38
Randy Wakeman & Roger Smith Let's Twist Again (Like We Did Last Summer) Maxi-Twist, 2 handlings 39
Randy Wakeman The Last Traveller 2 handlings for the final card 41
Randy Wakeman R.W. Four Coins Through the Table 43
Unknown Pop Up Move with Coins 43
Randy Wakeman Randy's Cups & Balls Routine based on Vernon's routine, no wand, no fake explanation phase 46
Unknown Elevator Move brief 47
Randy Wakeman The Force Is With You selection predicted, other 3 mates found elsewhere 50
Randy Wakeman Not Finished with Randy-Mar new finish inspired by "Randymar Aces" (Randy Wakeman, 1985) 52
Randy Wakeman Taking a Pass 2 covers for spread pass:
- The End Tap Cover
- The Finger Square Cover
Randy Wakeman & Jim Ryan Bill Tear Clarified better description inspired by "Ryan Bill Tear Re-Visited" (Randy Wakeman & Jim Ryan, 1985) 55
Randy Wakeman Follow-Up on Follow-Up new approach inspired by "Three Phase Follow-Up" (Randy Wakeman, 1985) 57
Edward Marlo Six Card Trick six card repeat for close-up 59
Edward Marlo The Ace Problem that Hofzinser Never Had 60
Unknown Step Glimpse 60
Edward Marlo Direct Palm card placed underneath packet, directly into palm 61
Edward Marlo Covered Pick-up Replacement on tabled deck 61
Edward Marlo Marlo Ambitious Card Routine 63
Edward Marlo Overhand Shuffle Crimp of block of cards, long side 63
Tony Kardyro Kardyro Drop Sleight 64
Edward Marlo Nick's Trick handling of Eddie Fields' Nail Nick location 65
Eddie Fields Nail Nick Method 65
Edward Marlo The Marlo Revelation inspired by "The Jennings Revelation" (Larry Jennings, 1986) 67
Unknown Palm to Palm Transfer flat-palm to flat-palm 67
Edward Marlo Banded Revelation 4 piles are rubber banded inspired by "The Jennings Revelation" (Larry Jennings, 1986) 69
Edward Marlo Holee Revelation coin is placed on each the 4 piles (Tosheroon) inspired by "The Jennings Revelation" (Larry Jennings, 1986) 72
Edward Marlo Another Revelation no cards start reversed inspired by "The Jennings Revelation" (Larry Jennings, 1986) 75
Edward Marlo Repeat Signed Cards Across 76
Edward Marlo One-Handed Bottom Replacement for packet 76
Edward Marlo An Oil and Water Story 4&4, 4 phases, surprise kicker 80
Edward Marlo Down-Jog Displacement oil water context 82
Edward Marlo Bluff Ace Assembly originally from Ireland Yearbook 88
Frederick Braue & Edward Marlo Braue Addition Handling 88
Edward Marlo Marlo Flourish single card turned over in hand 89
Edward Marlo Marlo's Startling Observation Test 12 double facers 91
Edward Marlo Tabled Half Pass 92
Edward Marlo Fingertip Reversal Count double facers 93
Edward Marlo Deal Off Reversal double facers secretly turned over while dealt onto table 94
Art Altman The Double Undercut Palm 96
Edward Marlo OPEC Count 99
Larry Jennings & Edward Marlo The Mechanical Change snap second deal 100
Edward Marlo Wrist Turn Pass 102
Edward Marlo Marlo Deck Switch lapping 105
Edward Marlo "As An Addition" Switch 107
Edward Marlo The Razor's Edge covering thick edge 109
Edward Marlo The Sail Count from deck to table 112
Randy Wakeman The Randy Revelation inspired by "The Jennings Revelation" (Larry Jennings, 1986) 116