Control Systems
Control Systems
written by Edward Marlo
Work of Edward Marlo
109 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Language: English
(41 entries)
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Edward Marlo Technique of the Peek basic peek handling with riffling 5
Edward Marlo The Double Peek for two selections at different positions 6
Edward Marlo The Triple Peek for three selections at different positions 8
Edward Marlo A Bit of Handling flexing the deck while holding a break 8
Edward Marlo Marlo's Step Control multiple cuts to table sequences to control peeked-at cards
A. To Control One Or More Cards To The Top
B. To Control One Or More Cards To Bottom
C. Double Peek Control - Top and Bottom
D. Double Peek to Bottom
E. Double Peek To Top
F. Triple Peek to Bottom
G. Triple Peek To The Top
Unknown Double Cut from Top to Bottom 19
Unknown Double Cut from Bottom to Top 20
Unknown Swing Cut 20
Edward Marlo To Control Cards Singly To the Bottom controlling multiple peeked cards one by one 26
Edward Marlo Bottom Slip Cut in the hands see also "Bottom Slip Cut" (James G. Thompson Jr., 1988) 26
Edward Marlo To Control Two Peeked At Cards with basically one cut to table 27
Edward Marlo To Control Three Peeked Cards with basically one cut to table see also "Three Break Control" (Dai Vernon, 1967) 28
Edward Marlo To Control Six or More Cards Quickly in two sets of three cards each 29
Edward Marlo Bottom Block Slip Cut swing cut 30
Edward Marlo The Shuffle Control sequences to control peeked at cards with overhand shuffles, one by one or more at once
A. Shuffle Control for One or More Cards to the Top
B. Shuffle Control to Bottom
C. Double Peek Shuffle Control to Bottom
D. Double Peek Shuffle Control with Repeat
E. Double Peek Shuffle Control to Top and Bottom
F. Double Peek Shuffle Control to Bottom by Pull Out Method
G. Triple Peek Shuffle Control to the Bottom
Unknown Establishing a Step from a Break 32
Edward Marlo Overhand Step Shuffles with multiple steps 32
Edward Marlo Cut Control sequences to control peeked at cards with in the hands cuts
A. Cut Control to the Top
B. Bottom or Top Cut Control
C. Double Peek Cut Control to Top
D. Double Peek Cut Control to Bottom
E. Alternate Cut Control
F. Triple Peek Cut Control
G. Triple Peek Cut Control No. 2
Edward Marlo Slip Undercut 50
Edward Marlo Bottom Slip Cut in the hands, kind of kelly bottom dynamics 52
Edward Marlo Quadruple Peek Control four individual breaks, running cut to table
A. Quadruple Peek Control to the Bottom
B. Quadruple Peek Control to the Top
Edward Marlo Placing the Key Cards placing key card next to peeked at cards with cutting sequences
A. Placing Key Card by Step Control
B. Placing Key Card Using Cut Control
C. Placing of Key Card using Shuffle Control
D. Placing of Key Card by Use of Side Steal Control
Edward Marlo Placing the Selection after peek, cutting sequence
A. Placing Selection at Position from Top
B. Placing Selection at Position from Bottom
Edward Marlo The Five Card Peek Control running cut sequence, with 5 actual breaks 79
Edward Marlo Delayed Fan Control step fan, as Triple Peek Control, two methods 83
Edward Marlo Delayed Spread Control spreading deck with jogged selections, as two card peek control 87
Edward Marlo Delayed Crimp Control crimping peeked card, complete edge bent 91
Edward Marlo Cards to Pockets two cards to two different pockets, basic 92
Edward Marlo Cards to Pockets II three cards to three different pockets 93
Edward Marlo Multiple Production Sequence suggestion for five cards 94
Edward Marlo Combination Controls for two, three or four peeked cards 95
Edward Marlo Two Card Peek Control 103
Edward Marlo Two Card Stab deck wrapped in newspaper, knife 103
Edward Marlo Devilish Miracle 103
Edward Marlo Casino Count Down 105
Edward Marlo The Secret Number card counted to from reference card 105
Edward Marlo The Build Up red aces produced, turn over when pushed through deck, sandwich black aces, then previous selection 106
Edward Marlo The Magic Four multiple out location with an openly reversed Four-spot see also "The Magic Card" (Edward Marlo, 1962),
"Four Options" (Dai Vernon, 1988)
Edward Marlo Using a Short in Combination with Peeks or any type of key card 108
Edward Marlo Two Aces and a Card two aces inserted face up separated in deck, after some cutting they sandwich selection 108
Edward Marlo The Stabber stabbing into run of spades, value then is used to count to selection 109