Lessons in Card Mastery
Lessons in Card Mastery
written by Darwin Ortiz
Work of Darwin Ortiz
281 pages (Hardcover), published by Ortiz Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn
Language: English
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Michael Vincent Foreword i
Darwin Ortiz Introduction v
Darwin Ortiz Hole-Card Play four selections are lost and dealt in five-card Stud, performer gets two Aces 3
Darwin Ortiz Tabled Control Sequence using crimp 4
Darwin Ortiz Positively Fifth Street hold'em demo, three selections in flop, aces for performer 9
Martin A. Nash Nash Tabled Multiple Shift 11
Darwin Ortiz Positively Fifth Street Redux variation for poker players 16
Darwin Ortiz Grifter's Game predicted card lies next to named card, proposition bet presentation 19
Darwin Ortiz Near-Top Glimpse near top of face-up deck, left-hand and right-hand version 20
Darwin Ortiz Best of the Best position of thought-of-card named, center dealing any named card, memorized deck 23
Allen Kennedy Kennedy Center Deal 26
Darwin Ortiz Best of the Best 2 memory demonstration, memorized deck, faro, inspired by Tamariz' "Triple Threat Memorization" (Mnemonica) 31
Unknown Calculating Positions after 1 Faro memorized deck 32
Darwin Ortiz The Spectator's False Shuffle spectator shuffles, performer squares 39
Edward Marlo Strip-Out False Shuffle 41
Darwin Ortiz Spectator Shuffles Twice application inspired by "The Spectator's False Shuffle" (Darwin Ortiz, 2012) 44
Darwin Ortiz Passing Through with four-of-a-kind 47
Darwin Ortiz Stripper Switch 48
Darwin Ortiz Hard Target two selections found by red jacks 55
Simon Aronson & Alex Elmsley Undo Influence Principle 56
Darwin Ortiz Sudden Impact deck is flicked at peeked card inspired by "Finger Flicker" (Pit Hartling, 2003) 61
Howard Albright Inner-End Crimp bridge 62
Darwin Ortiz Supercharged Nine-Card Location updated handling inspired by "Nine-Card Location" (Darwin Ortiz, 1988),
see also "Malone's Control" (Bill Malone, 2014)
Jean-Jacques-Maurice Talazac Packet Top Change 71
Jerry Andrus Fan Flip Over 75
Neal Elias A Cutting Discovery 76
Edward Marlo & Tony Kardyro K.M. Move 77
Father Cyprian Cyprian Revelation 78
Darwin Ortiz Pop-Out Cut one-handed Forton 79
Eddie Fechter Hindu Shuffle Revelation 81
Edward Marlo & Carmen D'Amico Throw Stab see also "D'Amico's Latest Method" (Carmen D'Amico, 1962) 83
John Benzais Benzais Cut 84
John Scarne Scarne Card Fold 85
Darwin Ortiz One Shot, One Kill performer cuts off certain number of cards and directly at selection, three phases see also "Snappy Number" (Al Baker, 2003) 91
Unknown Breather Crimp 92
Unknown Riffle Shuffle Transfer card from top to bottom 94
Darwin Ortiz Twelve the Hard Way twelve cards from one suit produced to match selection, mistake, transformation in different suit, inspired by Benjamin Earl's "Full Suit Production" 99
Darwin Ortiz & Benjamin Earl 12 Card Production 100
Karl Fulves & Allan Ackerman Double Control producing doubles 101
Darwin Ortiz 52 Pick-up triumph ending in new pack order, 8 faro shuffles inspired by "Master of the Mess" (Pit Hartling, 2003) 109
Jerry Andrus Fake Slop Shuffle 113
Darwin Ortiz Fast Company Triumph, second phase effect like "Play It Straight" inspired by "Play It Straight (Triumph)" (John Bannon, 1990) 121
Darwin Ortiz Break to Jog Technique as deck is set on table 122
Simon Aronson Underspread Force 127
Unknown Double-Cover Zarrow Shuffle brief 128
Darwin Ortiz Fast and Furious spectator and performer mix cards face-up/face-down and straighten them up except one, match 135
Francis Carlyle & Darwin Ortiz Mishmash Force Handling 137
Darwin Ortiz Bulletproof controlling four-of-a-kind, then ace production 149
Darwin Ortiz Corner Crimp inner left 149
Darwin Ortiz Ace-Turnover Flourish from tabled deck 151
Darwin Ortiz Tabled Double Undercut 152
Steve Freeman Freeman Revelation 153
Darwin Ortiz Thoughts on Crimp Work 156
Darwin Ortiz Rouge et Noir aces lost and found, then colors separate inspired by "Three-Piece Combo" (Eric Mead, 2006) 157
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser & Edward Marlo Underspread Cull 158
Unknown Classic Red/Black Shuffle 161
Darwin Ortiz Removing a Corner Crimp 164
Darwin Ortiz Red/Black Shuffles - with Zarrow Shuffle
- Strip-Out with real running cut
- Red/Black Double-Cover Zarrow Shuffle
- Divided Deck Up-the-ladder Cut
Darwin Ortiz Divided-Deck Up-the-Ladder Cut 166
Paul Curry Spread Shuffle for people who cannot riffle shuffle properly 169
Darwin Ortiz Limitless kind of impromptu shuffle-bored 171
Unknown Slop Shuffle 173
Darwin Ortiz Calculated Risk Tantalizer with named card inspired by "The Tantalizer" (1948) 179
Darwin Ortiz Pinky Estimation 180
Darwin Ortiz Sinister Glimpse left-handed 181
Darwin Ortiz Billion Dollar Brain number of face-down cards in mess named, then actual order 189
Darwin Ortiz Daley's Delight Variation with half deck, spectator apparently shuffles whole deck 190
Darwin Ortiz Doppelganger travelers, suits according to spectator's wishes 197
Darwin Ortiz Ortiz Bluff Multiple Shift 198
Morris Loewy Loewy Palm 199
Darwin Ortiz Sweating Bullets cutting the aces, then aces controlled (faros), then new pack order inspired by "Vernon's Aces" (Dai Vernon, 1962),
"Four Ace Location (Stacked Deck Retained)" (Edward Marlo, 1964)
Darwin Ortiz Strip-Out Shuffle with Block Transfer 209
Unknown Hindu Shuffle False Cut 213
Darwin Ortiz & Paul Griffin Ideas for "Vernon's Aces" see also "Vernon's Aces" (Dai Vernon, 1962) 216
Mark Ennis The Uninvited Guest card from one sandwich to another 221
Ken Krenzel Chopstick Double Lift 222
Darwin Ortiz & Jack Carpenter Fast and Loose three transpositions, duplicate inspired by "Blackjack Lesson" (Jack Carpenter, 2006) 227
Roger Klause One-Handed Double Lift 229
Dai Vernon Two-Card Push-Off or Marlo? 229
Darwin Ortiz Card Sense three cards from three piles divined 233
Darwin Ortiz & Larry Jennings Palm-Spread Glimpse see also "Top Card Glimpse" (Larry Jennings, 1986) 235
Darwin Ortiz Double Tap two cards pocketed by spectator while back is turned, divined instantly, memorized or Si Stebbins type stack 241
S. W. Erdnase Riffle Shuffle Glimpse 243
Unknown Bottom Buckle Glimpse 244
Darwin Ortiz Case Card any named card is left behind in case 247
Dai Vernon Topping the Deck 249
Edward Marlo & Bruce Ikefugi Card from Case 250
Darwin Ortiz Test Your Luck spectator stabs random card next to named card 255
Darwin Ortiz New Darwin's Wild Card updated handling inspired by "Darwin's Wild Card" (Darwin Ortiz, 1988) 261
Edward Marlo Glide Variation 262
Ken Krenzel Stud Double Lift 264
Unknown Push-In Change Roterberg 266
Edward Marlo Face-Up Startler 267
Unknown Side Steal Palm brief 270
Tony Kardyro & Edward Marlo K.M. Move 271
Darwin Ortiz Himber Wallet Switch switching packet of cards 272
Darwin Ortiz Sorcerer's Apprentice spectator and performer locate each other's cards see also "Double Thought" (Al Koran, 1967) 277