21st Century Card Magic
21st Century Card Magic
Work of Edward Marlo & Dr. James Nuzzo
14 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by unknown publisher
Language: English
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Creators Title Comments & References Page CARC Categories
Edward Marlo First Effect deck removed from case, case shrinks, miniature deck removed 1
Dr. James Nuzzo Do it for Ozzie shrinking card case, lapping, using "Open Side Card Case" 2
Edward Marlo Second Method shrinking card case 4
Edward Marlo Third Effect 2 decks removed from card case, then case shrinks and miniature deck is removed 4
Edward Marlo Fourth Effect miniature deck becomes normal deck 6
Edward Marlo Fifth Effect enlarging miniature deck which reappears in its small case 7
Edward Marlo Bonus Effect card on tabled banded deck changes, inspired by Driebeck's "Tosheroon" and Don England's "Snaparoon" inspired by "Snaparoon" (Don England, 1981) 7
Edward Marlo Surprise signed card travels to anywhere, see also page 81 of Marlo's Plus Package 11
Edward Marlo Crimp Removal 12
Edward Marlo Second Surprise aces put on 4 piles, collected, aces on top, 2 methods see also "The Follow Up Aces" (Edward Marlo, 1953) 12
John Benzais & Edward Marlo Simulated Placement Benzais Cop, see tip on page 14 13
Edward Marlo & John Benzais Longitudinal Cop different grip for Benzais Cop 14
Edward Marlo Stop Trick brief 14
Edward Marlo Turnover Cop handling for Benzais Cop 14