Expert Card Chicanery
Expert Card Chicanery
written by Alton Sharpe
Work of Various
67 pages (Paperback), published by Louis Tannen
Illustrated with drawings by Alton Sharpe
Language: English
(44 entries)
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Alton Sharpe Preface
Mona Jean Keith Introduction
Bruce Cervon All Shook Up color changing Triumph, red-blue double backer, including "Non-Gimmicked Method" 3
Bruce Cervon 18-31-35 Farrow selection replaced reversed, 2 more face-up cards show up and are used to count to selection, faro 5
Bruce Cervon 18-35 Farrow selection found reversed at original position after "mistake", faro 6
Bruce Cervon Face Up Stacks overhand stack demo, then Triumph Stack 7
Unknown Simple Overhand Stack from Vernon Poker Demonstration 8
Bruce Cervon Turn Me Over! funny messages on card 9
Gene Nielsen & Bruce Cervon Sandwich Surprise card sandwiched, sandwich in middle of deck, sandwiched card changes into selection selection, two methods inspired by "Sandwich Surprise" (Bruce Cervon, 1968) 11
Gene Nielsen Ultravellers 12
Gene Nielsen Reverse Add-On 13
Gene Nielsen Emanon 17
Gene Nielsen Emanon Vanish A/K/A Meltaway 18
Ron Ferris Kavorting Kings red and blue backed kings, named kings transpose 21
Ron Ferris Girl Happy two cards chosen from 2 halves each - four Queens 22
Ron Ferris Dynamite with red black separation climax 23
Ron Ferris Misbehaving Queens four cards put in odd-backed deck, they are Queens 25
Dr. Jacob Daley Dr. Daley's Switch of Four Cards 26
Edward Marlo Marlo's Super Ace Cutting eight extra aces 29
Edward Marlo Flash Spelling varied by "Simon's Flash Speller" (Simon Aronson, 2001) 30
Edward Marlo Jump-Jump Aces Three of Diamonds as pseudo Ace see also "Jump-Jump Aces" (Edward Marlo, 1975),
varied by "Twist and Transpo" (Robert Walker, 1977),
"The 4's Card Trick" (Don England, 2001)
Edward Marlo Repeat Challenge Poker Deals 33
Edward Marlo Simple Mental Five card thought from 5-card packet is divined 36
Edward Marlo Sleightless Drop Switch 37
Edward Marlo Faro's Simple Dream counting procedure after thought of card, 13-card set-up, simplified "Faro's Dream" (Linking Ring) 38
Edward Marlo Delayed Double Climax four Kings instead of selection see also "King's Triumph" (Larry Jennings, 1975) 41
Edward Marlo Another Reflection blank card into three selections inspired by "Reflection" (Edward Marlo, 1953),
varied by "Everywhere and Goodness Knows Where" (Walt Lees, 1981)
Alan Keith Pre-lude 1-phase effect 47
Alan Keith Clean-Up card on table is any named card see also "The Three of Clubs" (Ralph W. Hull & Unknown, 1938) 47
Paul LePaul Baffling-Impossibility memorized deck and stooge 48
Eddie Fechter You Brain Me glimpse of reversed selection in deck 49
Eddie Fechter Fechter's Fooler 50
Mel Brown Brain-Stack free selection, duplicate reversed in other deck 51
Lou Gallo & Ron O'Brian Shuffle Off to Buffalo Miracle 51
Lou Gallo Osrever S'Ollag performer and spectator select cards from halves, the reverse 55
Steve Spillman Addition to Open Travellers 57
Carl Sten Stenquist's Mexican Money Gimmick 60
Carl Sten & Arnold Furst Once in a Knife Time knife stabbed into pack from back, penetrates cards until selection 62
Unknown To Switch for Gimmick or Feke value of card is matched in pocket 63
Chris Gosselin On Mother Kelly's Doorstep on the Kelly Bottom Placement 64
Chris Gosselin Palming from Pre-Kelly Placement 64
Chris Gosselin Knocking the Pack 65
Chris Gosselin Mother Kelly's Card Change 65
Chris Gosselin & Al Baker Untouched by Yooman 'ands see also "The Magician at Home" (Al Baker, 1941) 65