So Soon?
So Soon?
Las Vegas Dessert Seminar Lecture
written by Edward Marlo
Work of Edward Marlo
57 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Bryan Malkowski
Language: English
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Edward Marlo Foreword
Edward Marlo Extended Finger Passes see page 55 (Addendum) for correction 1
Edward Marlo Easy Pass side steal type pass see also "The Zingone Perfect Table Pass" (Louis Zingone, 1940) 2
Edward Marlo Pivot Switchout 4
Edward Marlo Applied to Open Travellers Routine Pivot Switchout 5
Edward Marlo Packet Pivot Switchout 5
Edward Marlo Simplex Card Switch from 1 to 52 cards 5
Edward Marlo Multiple K.M. Move 7
Edward Marlo Cincinnati Control deck immediately spread after peek, glimpse and control possible 8
Edward Marlo The Shifting Card card from 10th position to anything between 10 or 20 9
Edward Marlo Push-Off False Count off the to of deck, to reposition card 9
Edward Marlo The Turnover Card peeked at card appears face up on top during dribble on table 10
Edward Marlo As an Ambitious Bit 11
Edward Marlo The Ambitious Four ambitious aces 11
Edward Marlo Simple Order Triumph retaining stack 12
Edward Marlo Streamlined Jazz Aces 14
Edward Marlo Buffaloed Packet Switch partial packet switch, illogical double lift 14
Edward Marlo KM Move Switch illogical double lift 15
Edward Marlo Visual Transposition two methods 16
Edward Marlo Clip Palm Color Change 17
Edward Marlo Houdini and Bess one card in case 18
Edward Marlo Case Load from Card Clip 19
Edward Marlo Reversed Aces different parts of deck 20
Edward Marlo Pivot Reverse see also Kabbala 3/7, see step 10 for credit notes 20
Edward Marlo Nullifying the Possibilities card at any number, four methods, including commentary on the plot and Vernon's "Slap Trick" inspired by "The Slap Trick" (Dai Vernon & Laurie Ireland, 1988),
varied by ""Card at Any Number"" (Edward Marlo, 1990)
Edward Marlo Faro Shuffle Control selection to top or bottom 23
Edward Marlo Secret Incomplete Faro as Counting Aid counting cards in pairs 24
Edward Marlo On Ins and Outs 26
Edward Marlo Spectator Cuts Aces to Face 27
Edward Marlo Loading Move replacement from left hand palm to packet/deck, but only one of several palmed cards 27
Edward Marlo 4 X Cards to 4 Aces cards turned over in spread using a switch 29
Edward Marlo Copless Unbelievable Aces see also "Unbelievable Aces" (Edward Marlo, 1970) 30
Edward Marlo The Anchored Add On 32
Edward Marlo A Mental Combination - A Multiple Coincidence
- Impromptu Power of Thought
4 thought-of cards matched with another deck, power-of-thought with 2 decks, see page 55 (Addendum) for addition
Edward Marlo Invisible Thought Transfer card thought of from 10 card packet vanishes, reappears in odd-backed deck, partial roughing, three methods 36
Edward Marlo Invisible Face Transfer five double backed cards shown, one of five other cards thought of, face transfers to one of the double backers 41
Edward Marlo Breaking the Rule spelling to the four Aces, last one turns over 44
Edward Marlo Sure Simplified Shift Simple Shift variation 45
Edward Marlo Impromptu Invisible Card Routine 47
Edward Marlo Impromptu Everywhere and Nowhere 50
Dai Vernon & Edward Marlo Vernon Tenkai Switch Handling 51
Edward Marlo Marlo's Deal Switch 52
Edward Marlo Addendum some corrections and comments on the material 55
Edward Marlo Sophisticated Ambitious Bit 57