Las Vegas Kardma
Las Vegas Kardma
written by Allan Ackerman
Work of Allan Ackerman
176 pages (Hardcover), published by A-1 MultiMedia
Language: English
(72 entries)
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Michael Skinner Foreward 3
Allan Ackerman Author's Note - some thoughts from the lecture notes
- where have I been?
- credit and thanks
- apologies and mistakes
- some closing remarks
Allan Ackerman My Favorite Gemini varied by "The Royal Marriage Trilogy" (Allan Ackerman & David Solomon & Peter Duffie, 2012) 12
Joel Brash & Allan Ackerman The Tell-All Gemini for finding mates 15
Dean Dill & Allan Ackerman The Gem-Money Cards Bills are put next to Aces 18
Simon Aronson & Allan Ackerman Aronson's Gemini 20
Allan Ackerman Finally Unassembled 23
Allan Ackerman Finally Unassembled - Gaffed 2 double facers 29
Allan Ackerman A Bag of O'Henrys 4 four-of-a-kinds finish see also "A Bag of O'Henrys - Re-bagged" (Allan Ackerman, 1996) 34
Allan Ackerman Some More Blues 39
Allan Ackerman The Swing Cut Bottom Palm 46
Allan Ackerman The AB Bottom Palm Overhand Shuffle Cover (Ackerman - Barnhart) see also "The One-Handed AB Bottom Palm" (Allan Ackerman, 1997) 48
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly to a Full Palm Convincing Control Features 50
Allan Ackerman Some Thoughts on the Zarrow Shuffle 52
Allan Ackerman The Movie Control 55
Allan Ackerman Spooky Altman Trap double to quadruple "floats" off the deck 57
Allan Ackerman Master Move Action Palm Dovetail Shuffle 59
Kosy Phibulphanuvat A Kosy Cut based on Hooser/Kenner/Kalush 61
Allan Ackerman A Tabled Reverse 64
Dick Koester Consistent Reverse Double Undercut using Injog 66
Edward Marlo A Double Color Change 69
Dai Vernon Multiple Push-Off brief 69
Edward Marlo Clip Palm 70
Allan Ackerman & Edward Marlo Marlo's Double Brainwave Update ungaffed 71
Edward Marlo & Allan Ackerman La Carte Generale 73
Allan Ackerman & Edward Marlo Stacked Topsy Turvy Aces maintaining Stack 76
Allan Ackerman Revisiting the Card Case Collectors from between cased Aces to Kings & back 80
Dai Vernon Card Case Load 83
Allan Ackerman & Debbie Ackerman The Spectator Cuts Double Aces on bottom, Kings on Top 85
Unknown Bottom Card Crimp with packet 87
John Bannon Kiss Placement 88
Allan Ackerman & Daryl Martinez The Spectator Cuts Triple Aces on bottom, Kings and Queens on top 89
Allan Ackerman Impromptu Paul Fox 92
Allan Ackerman The Vanishing Aces one at a time and reappearance 96
Ron Wilson Highland Hop Move transfer from packet to tabled spread 97
Paul Harris P.H. Snap Count audible, 2 as 3 98
Unknown Three as Ace Display 99
Allan Ackerman Ackerman's Opener stack, combination 100
Alex Elmsley Brainweave Ackerman's Opener 100
Tenkai Ishida & Martin Gardner Gardner-Tenkai Reverse 102
Allan Ackerman Mixed Up Blues 3&3 varied by "More Mixed Up Blues" (Allan Ackerman, 1996) 105
Allan Ackerman In Place of a Setup 3&3 109
Allan Ackerman & Roger Klause The 76 Sandwich 112
Allan Ackerman Another Reverse Matrix no extra coin 116
Allan Ackerman 25 Year Old Brainwave ungaffed 120
Allan Ackerman The Small Packet All Backs featuring Ackerman's "Quick Four Way" 122
Dai Vernon Tilt 123
Dai Vernon Side Glide 124
Allan Ackerman A Self-Working Quick Coincidence 127
Looy Simonoff Card Replacement card apparently placed in center of fan, really on face 128
Bill Simon Prophecy Move 128
Allan Ackerman & Debbie Ackerman A New Game 130
Allan Ackerman TwoGetherness two named cards lie next to each other, memorized deck 133
Ron Ferris & Allan Ackerman The Almost Perfect Transposition 2 for 2 135
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Spread 136
Allan Ackerman For Magicians Only garden path, stacked, memorized deck 139
Allan Ackerman Return of the Black Widow 141
Allan Ackerman Impromptu Sidewalk Shuffle 144
Allan Ackerman Another Impromptu Sidewalk Shuffle featuring Ackerman's "Another Quick Four Way" 149
Allan Ackerman & Roger Klause A No-Throw Monte 153
Allan Ackerman Out of This World #2000 2 piles 156
Laurie Ireland Red-Black Shuffle brief 156
Jay Wright The Quad Transposition 158
Allan Ackerman Wright On three card transposition, odd backed 160
Allan Ackerman Almost Consistent Cries and Whispers no mental presentation see also "Consistent Cries and Whispers" (Allan Ackerman & Debbie Ackerman, 1997) 163
Edward Marlo Switchless Switch 164
Dai Vernon All-Backs Paddle Move 166
Allan Ackerman The Slip Shod for setting up a Zarrow 169
Alex Elmsley The Elmsley Count 171
Allan Ackerman Up The Ladder 172
Steve Ehlers The Three-Card Location stack, memorized deck see also "Groupease" (Thomas Alan Waters, 1984),
varied by "The Four Card Location" (Erik Nordvall, 2006),
"Far Out" (Friedrich Roitzsch & Steve Ehlers, 2015)
Allan Ackerman The Faro Shuffle 175