Be Deceived
Be Deceived
Card Magic that is Different
written by Louis Lam
Work of Louis Lam
27 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
No illustrations
Language: English
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Louis Lam Dedication 2
Louis Lam Introduction 3
Louis Lam The El-El Telephone Test 5
Unknown The Fadeaway Cards brief, plunger-pushing back forth a packet through deck until 1 remains 7
Louis Lam Lady Be Good 7
Louis Lam The El-El Bluff Force weird force in which card next to previous selection is forced 9
Louis Lam The El-El Four Ace Production 10
Louis Lam Sensational Card Discovery 10
Louis Lam The "Enormous" Four Ace Presentation chosen ace transforms into previous selection, ace from spectator's pocket 12
Louis Lam "Mysterioso" ... A Most Sensational Four Ace Trick inspired by "Francis Carlyle Aces" (Francis Carlyle, 1936) 14
Unknown Addition and Switch 14
Louis Lam Miraculous selection travels from handkerchief-wrapped deck between rubber banded four aces 16
Louis Lam Dual Sympathy 18
Louis Lam Coincidence update, combined with bank night and prediction inspired by "Coincidence" (Louis Lam, 1937) 19
Louis Lam Impossible deck distributed in thirteen envelopes, cards in chosen envelope divined 21
Louis Lam Pusho packet pushed (poke) from center as selection procedure 23
Louis Lam Square Magic square with words is cut, various words spelled to find selection 25