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Eight Cardscapes form the mind of Jack Carpenter
written by Jack Carpenter
Work of Jack Carpenter
51 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Language: English
(12 entries)
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Creators Title Comments & References Page CARC Categories
Jack Carpenter Blackjack Lesson multiple phases, ace transformation kicker see also "Fast and Loose" (Darwin Ortiz & Jack Carpenter, 2012) 4
Jack Carpenter Bent Corner Method for the 3-Card Monte 10
Jack Carpenter Aces in Action red aces produced, change to black aces, reds reproduced 17
Cliff Green Cliff Green Double 20
Jack Carpenter The Impulse Change brief 20
Jack Carpenter There it is! ace vanishes from table and appears protruding from fan with other 3 aces 27
Jack Carpenter Techno-Pop fan popout production 30
Jack Carpenter Blind Lemon Aces aces lost in deck and produced from right hand ("not this hand, the other hand") see also "Blinded by The Hand" (Benjamin Earl, 2014) 33
Jack Carpenter Escalator Aces 35
Jack Carpenter My Favorite O. Henry 40
Unknown Pseudo Ace Duplicate 43
Jack Carpenter & Stephen Hobbs Grandma's School of Card Table Artifice 49