Al Schneider On Coins
Al Schneider On Coins
written by Al Schneider
Work of Al Schneider
95 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Al Schneider Six Properties Of Deception 1. Mechanical Deception
2. Sleight-of-Hand
3. Misdirection
4. Body Language
5. Intention of Reality
6. Intention of Magic
Al Schneider Basic Vanish very clear instructions, also possible with other small objects 6
Al Schneider Classic Vanish 9
Al Schneider Snap Back Vanish 12
Al Schneider Finger Clip Vanish clipped between second and third finger 12
Al Schneider Pop-Up Coin Move mentions Edward Marlo in the "Linking Ring" June 1957 17
Al Schneider Twirl Load load coin under card, while twisting the card one-handed 20
Al Schneider & Milton Kort Hand Load from classic palm see also "Loading Move" (Milton Kort, 1952) 22
Al Schneider Quick Silver three silver coins travel to a copper coin one by one 27
Unknown Coin Steal in classic palm 28
Al Schneider & Han Ping Chien Han Ping Chien 29
Al Schneider Quick Centavos
Al Schneider Crossed Cards I 3 coins under two crossed cards one by one 33
Al Schneider & Carroll Hovland Crossed Cards II with three different coins, gaffed 36
Al Schneider Three Halves Through 53
Al Schneider Slide-off Lapping Sequence 53
Al Schneider & Milton Kort Quick Shot three coins under glass through table, glass through table as a kicker, inspired by Kort's "Coins Through the Table" from Bobo 55
Al Schneider One Half Gone silver coin travels from between copper coins, nested in an okito box, under a card 63
Al Schneider & Edward Marlo SOC II inspired by "S.O.C." (Edward Marlo, 1957),
see also "Soc III" (Blair Bowling, 1981)
Al Schneider One Coin Through see also "Through a Handkerchief" (1952) 81
Al Schneider Coin Growth coin grows under handkerchief 82
Al Schneider Dynamic Coin one coin routine 87
Al Schneider Tri-Vanish three coins vanish and reappear
see also "Coin Lapping with Sound" (Scotty York & Roger Klause, 1975) 89