Square One
Square One
Work of Various
55 pages (Paperback), published by MAGIC Magazine
Illustrated with drawings by Philip T. Goldstein & Kazuyuki Hase & Jim Steinmeyer
Language: English
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Creators Title Comments & References Page CARC Categories
Stan Allen Introduction 7
Michael Weber Inside Matchic signed matchbook turns inside out 9
Ken Kuroki Origambit pencil through bill see also "The Invisible Hole" (Yoshio Hirose, 1985) 13
Mike Caveney Serious Laughter on comedy and patter 17
Richard Kaufman Hang-Up card on wire coat hanger see also "A Card Well Hung" (Brainstorm in the Bahamas, p. 19),
"A Card Well Hung" (Richard Kaufman & Michael Ammar & Paul Harris & Daryl Martinez, 1996)
Kazuyuki Hase Nestuary with rubberbands 25
Eugene Burger Are Card Tricks Card Magic 29
Jim Steinmeyer Surrounded Seeing Through known as Doug Henning's "Man Without a Middle" 33
Tommy Wonder Thoughts In Mid-Air essay on Zombie and on floating 41
Philip T. Goldstein O, Wonder anagram prediction 49
Tomo Maeda The Angle of the Hypothesis line on business card "bends", gimmick varied by "Urigami" (Michael Weber & Tomo Maeda, 2008) 53