Don't Blink
Don't Blink
The Magic of James Swain
written by James Swain
Work of James Swain
122 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Creators Title Comments & References Page CARC Categories
Bill Malone Introduction iii
James Swain Tampa Opener four kings turn face up, face down and then each take on appearance of selection. Cards change back to kings 3
Ken Krenzel Pressure Hideout brief 4
James Swain All alike sequence 4
James Swain Miami Opener selection found in card box, mates on top of freely dealt piles. Utilises new deck order see also "One in a Million" (James Swain, 1992) 7
Paul Gertner & Edward Marlo Case insertion using first part of Ovette Master move 8
James Swain Miami Opener - Handling Variation brief discussion to perform "Miami Opener" without new pack order inspired by "Miami Opener" (James Swain, 1992) 9
James Swain One in a Million variation where bottom cards of dealt piles also match inspired by "Miami Opener" (James Swain, 1992) 11
James Swain Up the Sleeve poured sugar disappears from fist and reproduced from spectator's sleeve, credits Roger Klause and Don Stapleton see also "Up The Sleeve" (James Swain, 1985) 13
James Swain & Michael Skinner Dream Poker magician deals himself winning poker hand from spectator shuffled deck. Uses partial stack 19
Arthur H. Buckley Bubble peek 21
James Swain The Big Stack dealt poker hand of four aces transforms into royal flush. All other hands are shown as royal flushes as kicker 23
James Swain Poker Interchange improvements inspired by "Poker Interchange" (James Swain, 1982),
see also "Poker Interchange Redux" (James Swain, 1999)
Edward Marlo & James Swain One Shuffle Riffle Stack inspired by "One Riffle Shuffle Stacks - For Two Cards" (Edward Marlo, 1959) 28
Darwin Ortiz Poker Interchange - Handling Variation 28
Edward Marlo & James Swain Block Stacking Sequence inspired by "Block Stacking" (Edward Marlo, 1964) 29
James Swain Impromptu Cheat performer receives best hand from shuffled deck, uses riffle stacking 31
Alex Elmsley Just Lucky Shuffle four handed via three shuffles see also "Just Lucky" (Alex Elmsley, 1991) 32
James Swain Shocked prediction card in pocket finds one selection by spelling and matches another thought of selection inspired by "Shock Treatment" (John Bannon, 1990) 37
Frank Simon One-hand fan close with upjogged card flourish brief 37
James Swain Mental Chicago Opener classic routine with mental selections via thought of numbers 41
James Swain Mental Miracle triumph with thought of card sighted from spread, gaffed inspired by "Mental Triumph" (Derek Dingle, 1972),
varied by "A Hull of a Triumph" (Stephen Kradolfer, 1993)
Darwin Ortiz Mental Miracle - Handling Variation allows spectator to think of any card inspired by "Mental Miracle" (James Swain, 1992) 46
James Swain The Capitulating Queens packet trick where four queens change to different colored backs (Based on Gardner's "All the Conformists") varied by "Finale for the Capitulating Queens" (James Swain & Darwin Ortiz, 1996) 49
Alex Elmsley Elmsley Count 51
Darwin Ortiz The Capitulating Queens - Handling Variation inspired by "The Capitulating Queens" (James Swain, 1992) 52
Larry Jennings & Derek Dingle & James Swain Family Circus inspired by "Too Many Cards" (Derek Dingle, 1982),
"Ambitious Classic" (Larry Jennings, 1986)
Unknown Switch in Pocket from Tarbell Course 57
James Swain Turnaround Kings Twisting the Aces sequence with kings, after which one king turns face down and transforms into a selection see also "Turnaround II" (James Swain, 1992) 59
Unknown Reverse with Fan Cover as packet is fanned out 60
James Swain Turnaround II ungaffed version inspired by "Turnaround Kings" (James Swain, 1992) 63
James Swain & Bill Malone The J. S. Count actually displays using KM style switch, thereafter referred to as "J.S. Switch"
- To show three cards to be same card
- To perform Brother Hamman's Gemini Count
- Gemini Count Variation
- To perform Daryl Martinez's Diamond Bar
John Bannon & James Swain John Bannon's Discrepancy City Prediction inspired by "Discrepancy City Prediction" (John Bannon, 1990),
"The J. S. Count" (James Swain & Bill Malone, 1992)
Dai Vernon The Vernon Strip-Out Addition shown to Swain by Jennings as taught to him by Vernon 77
James Swain & Bill Malone Elevator Aces spectator selects four cards which turn out to be the aces, cards are buried but appear on top inspired by "The '65 Aces" (Larry Jennings, 1997) 81
James Swain New Wave named four of a kind from blue deck transposes backs with four red backed jokers, examinable 83
James Swain New Wave Prediction four selections match four predictions with odd back design from wallet, rainbow deck varied by "Triple Prediction" (Alexander de Cova & James Swain, 1994) 87
James Swain Vanishing Aces, The Sequel face up Aces vanish one at a time from top of deck - as climax rediscovered face up in different sections of deck see also "Passing Along the Vanishing Aces" (James Swain, 1981),
"The Vanishing Aces" (James Swain, 1982)
James Swain The Free Cut Force force via spectator cut, uses crimp 95
Unknown One-Handed Crimp upwards 95
James Swain The Kings' Holiday three selections in one half of deck travel to other half and are found interlaced between kings inspired by "Another Collectors?" (Don England, 1981),
"The Visitor" (Larry Jennings, 1986)
Dai Vernon Vernon transfer brief 98
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Simple Shift 98
James Swain Seven Jokers three jokers placed reversed between four others turn into selections before reverting back into jokers 103
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count brief 103
James Swain Switching sequence inspired by "Change of four cards" (Harry Lorayne, 1961) 105
James Swain Technicolor Mystery red backed selection vanishes from between four blue backed kings and revealed to be mystery card previously put in pocket 107
Brother John Hamman Gemini Count brief 109
Edward Marlo & Tony Kardyro KM Move brief 109
Unknown Spin cut illustrated 110
James Swain & Dai Vernon Observation Test elaboration of Vernon routine, Ace of Spades and Queen of Hearts continually transpose 115
James Swain Pretty Sneaky Impossible looking location where spectator handles deck, uses faros 117
Edward Marlo Incomplete Faro Control brief 117
James Swain No Explanation four face up indifferent cards 'collect' three selections, uses Marlo's faro sequences 121