Seeing with Photo-Electric Eyes
Seeing with Photo-Electric Eyes
Lecture Notes by Benjamin Earl
written by Benjamin Earl
Work of Benjamin Earl
18 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Benjamin Earl Real Scarne aces dealt to poker hand from a spectator shuffled deck, thought of card predicted in pocket 7
Benjamin Earl Playing the Odds spectator shuffles and deals themselves royal flush, thought-of card divined varied by "Jungian Poker" (Justin Higham, 2008) 10
Benjamin Earl Ramjollock spectator selects card, shuffles and cuts, performer reveals card 12
Benjamin Earl Hand Built by Trees (handling of Joel Givens' Laser Aces) gambling demonstrations with aces, pack then revealed to be 4 solid blocks with aces at the face of each 14
Benjamin Earl Refined Peek Technique peek and glimpse 16
Benjamin Earl Pseudo Moe pseudo version of Moe's Move-A-Card 16
Benjamin Earl Fingertip Memory named card instantly produced from shuffled deck 16
Benjamin Earl Lie Detector 1 cards eliminated until selection found 17
Benjamin Earl Lie Detector 2 cards eliminated until selection found, additional thought of card determined 17
Benjamin Earl Revelations thoughts on implied effects via choice of revelation used 17
Benjamin Earl Thoughts on Misdirection 18