Less is More 3
Less is More 3
written by Benjamin Earl
Work of Benjamin Earl
34 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Benjamin Earl Foreward thoughts on simplicity in design 1
Benjamin Earl Henry Topped not much relation to Christ Aces plot anymore see also "Thanks to Henry" (Benjamin Earl, 2012),
"Henry in Isolation" (Benjamin Earl, 2013),
also published as "Henry Topped" (Benjamin Earl, 2017)
Benjamin Earl Blinded by The Hand four aces located with "other" hand Ramsay-style see also "Blind Lemon Aces" (Jack Carpenter, 2006),
also published as "Blinded by the Hand" (Benjamin Earl, 2017)
Benjamin Earl Wide Awake Scream two of four lost aces travel to pockets, one ace appears in spectator's hands and deck vanishes leaving last ace also published as "Wide Awake Scream" (Benjamin Earl, 2017) 5
Benjamin Earl Four Packet Flow four ace production, "impressionistically" coming from different parts of the deck also published as "Flow Productions" (Benjamin Earl, 2017) 7
Benjamin Earl Pure Flow instant four ace production also published as "Flow Productions" (Benjamin Earl, 2017) 12
Benjamin Earl & Frank Thompson Finessed Frank Thompson Cut handling touches also published as "Finessed Frank Thompson Cut" (Benjamin Earl & Frank Thompson, 2017) 17
Benjamin Earl The Bounce Cut simulates running cut from hand to table see also "Chaos Cut" (Pit Hartling, 1998),
also published as "The Bounce Cut" (Benjamin Earl, 2017)
Benjamin Earl Real Ace Cutting thoughts on cutting four aces from a shuffled deck
- Method/approach/philosophy
- Technical Notes
- Performance Notes
- Final Thoughts
also published as "Real Ace Cutting: exploring realism, rhythm and nuance" (Benjamin Earl, 2017) 25
Benjamin Earl Final Thoughts summary and extension of ideas on simplicity 32
Benjamin Earl Acknowledgements 34