Cards #3
written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
72 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
(37 entries)
Data entered by Denis Behr.
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Creators Title Comments & References Page CARC Categories
Karl Fulves Naming Names on the Interlock principle 1
Unknown Dai Vernon's Method to get into position for the Interlock Principle 3
Harvey Rosenthal A Quick Lock card at face of packets transforms 4
Karl Fulves Immediate Lock instant method of getting packets in Interlock condition 8
Karl Fulves Buried Alive 10
Karl Fulves Overhand Shuffle Method getting into Interlock condition 11
Derek Dingle Derek Dingle's Method getting into Interlock condition, with Notes by Karl Fulves 13
Derek Dingle Riddle's Aces ace cutting, to kings transformation, aces in pocket also published as "Riddle's Aces" (Derek Dingle, 1974) 15
Karl Fulves Espionage indifferent changes to match 3 of a kind, repeat 18
Karl Fulves Bottom Double Lift 21
Karl Fulves Center Double Lift 23
Karl Fulves In Pieces quarter of a card travels 25
Karl Fulves (B) Named Ace Rise 27
Karl Fulves Work Notes on the Interlock principle 27
Karl Fulves (A) Lock Limit semantics 27
Karl Fulves & Larry Jennings (C) Cut To Lock using Jennings' "Bottom Slip Cut" to get into interlock position see also "Bottom Slip Cut" (Larry Jennings, 1972) 28
Karl Fulves (D) Side Stepping side-step instead of upjog for interlock condition see also "Sidejogged Interlock" (Karl Fulves, 1975) 29
Karl Fulves From The Table Interlock Applications 30
Karl Fulves Inter-Silver Coin is tossed in deck of cards and vanishes 31
Karl Fulves (E) A Switch Interlock 32
Karl Fulves (F) Side-Steal/Diagonal Shift Interlock Set-up 32
Karl Fulves Interlock Aces Ace on face of deck changes into each other ace/suit 34
Karl Fulves The (No Kidding) Final Additional Notes And Variations, Etc. on the Interlock principle see also "Meta-4" (Karl Fulves, 1978) 40
Ken Beale The Interlock Switch three Jacks on top and dealing for 3 42
Ken Beale Switch For A 4-Ace Trick 45
Ken Beale & Ralph W. Hull Positive & Negative Cards using two four of a kinds, transformation kicker see also "+ or - ?" (John Howie, 1948) 46
Ken Beale Alternate Procedure For Picking Up Break for card switch using Inerlock 48
Ken Beale Interlock Sandwich Switch 49
Ken Beale Interlock Steal 50
Ken Beale Stealing the First Card 53
Ken Beale Steal of a Chosen Card 54
Ken Beale Interlock Steal Variation 55
Karl Fulves Optical Interlock 57
Karl Fulves More Notes Yet notes on the Interlock principle
(A) No-Break approach
(B) alternate procedure
(C) switch with double card
(D) paper clip addition, paper clip version of Hofzinser problem
(E) connection to Tilt
(F) allusion to Haunted Pack set-up with Interlock
see also "Wired Thot" (Karl Fulves, 1974) 59
Karl Fulves Side Switch 62
Karl Fulves Near Royalty two cards change to complete a Royal Flush between three cards 64
Ralph W. Hull The Elusive Joker reprint of original instructions, quote: "He [spectator] finally gives up in disgust" 67