Liebenow On Cards
Liebenow On Cards
10 Effective Card Tricks
written by Erhard Liebenow
Work of Erhard Liebenow
20 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Erhard Liebenow
Language: English
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Erhard Liebenow Spring Spread Aces four aces are found all at once by springing the cards on the table 2
Erhard Liebenow Liebenow's Aces selection is found and four touched card change into aces 4
Unknown Multiple Shift hindu shuffle control 4
Erhard Liebenow Ball Production large ball appears behind a card 6
Erhard Liebenow The Card In the Center Liebenow's card peeling see also "Liebenow's Card Peeling" (Denis Behr & Erhard Liebenow, 2007) 7
Erhard Liebenow Instant Card Control peeked card at number between 20 and 30 9
Erhard Liebenow Faro Peek Control adjustment for position 9
Erhard Liebenow Your Favorite Value, Please! spectator names a value, performer cuts to the aces, then the aces transform into his selected value 10
Erhard Liebenow Triumph Number One 12
Erhard Liebenow Triumph Number Two from face up face down cards, one card is removed and changes into the selection, deck triumph 13
Erhard Liebenow Triumph Number Three 15
Unknown One Handed Pass 17
Erhard Liebenow Open Color Separation red card shuffled into black cards and eventually separate again 18