Who is this Dr. Jaks?
Who is this Dr. Jaks?
The Dr. Jaks Lecture
written by Dr. Stanley Jaks
Work of Dr. Stanley Jaks
11 pages (Loose-leave collection), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Dr. Stanley Jaks Introduction on close-up magic, his book of mysteries, beautiful props appealing to women 1
Dr. Stanley Jaks Sponge Ball Routine three sponges two in spectator's hand, third vanishes and when spectator opens his hand, fifty small ones appear 4
Dr. Stanley Jaks The Four Blacks image of selection appears on black plastic card inspired by "The Ultra Slate Message" (Dr. Jacob Daley, 1936) 5
Dr. Stanley Jaks False Display hiding one surface 5
Dr. Stanley Jaks Letter Mystery card is divined with a set of letter cards 7
Dr. Stanley Jaks In the Ring spectator sees selection from an other spectator in a finger ring see also "In the Ring" (Dr. Stanley Jaks, 1947) 8
Unknown Force Under Handkerchief 8
Dr. Stanley Jaks The Locked Room handkerchief is ripped out of locked tube, bill tube 9