The Phoenix 1-50
The Phoenix 1-50
January 1942 - December 1943
Work of Various
207 pages (Hardcover), published by Louis Tannen
Language: English
(296 entries)
Data entered by Lorenz Schär.
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Walter B. Gibson Pay Off spectator deals half the deck and tries to separate red and black, you predict the relations of the cards to the other half, two phases see also "Follow the Leaders" (Roger Barkann, 1946),
"Skill-Nil!" (Dr. William T. Palchinas, 1949),
"Pay-Off" (Walter B. Gibson, 1956),
"One Thousand Skulls" (Al Mann, 1982),
also published as "Pay-Off" (Walter B. Gibson, 1956)
1 1942 1
Bruce Elliott New Finger! Finger! performer divines amount of fingers two person hold up, with his back turned 1 1942 2
Bruce Elliott Grade-A-Vanish milk vanishes from glass, covered with a cardbord cylinder, see p. 8 for further idea with beer 1 1942 2
Walter B. Gibson Mind Over Money memorizing the serial number of a bill and other ideas about quickly memorizing things on a bill 1 1942 3
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on a telephone gag, Blackstone, John Brandon and Russell Swann performing, Jarrow's "Rope Magic" controversy 1 1942 4
Bruce Elliott Hard Boiled Miracle nickel vanishes and travels into chosen hard boiled egg 2 1942 5
Phoenix Jr. (reviewer) The Blackstone Show by Harry Blackstone 2 1942 6
Walter B. Gibson Lost in the Shuffle medium reveals three cards, pocket writing on playing card varied by "Lost in the Shuffle - Again" (Stylesmith , 1954) 2 1942 6
Walter B. Gibson Clip Color four different colored cards are cut into different amount of pieces and sealed in envelopes, chosen color is spelled and found also published as "Clip Color" (Walter B. Gibson, 1956) 2 1942 7
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the film version of Clayton Rawson "Miracles for Sale", Blackstone, Carlyle 2 1942 8
Clayton Rawson Scrambled Thoughtwaves two cards are selected and deck put into pocket, cards transform into the thoughts of the spectator's (stripper, famous actor etc.) cards are eventually found and deck is normal again 3 1942 9
Clayton Rawson Card Switch see also "Miracle Change No. 3" (Edward Marlo, 1954) 3 1942 10
Harry Baker Penny-Tration seven pennies in spectator's hand, one penetrates it also published as "Penny-Tration" (Harry Baker, 1956) 3 1942 11
Franklin V. Taylor Blow Up marked coin penetrates inflated balloon 3 1942 11
Russel Swan Gaglets gag, doing the pass openly 3 1942 12
Walter B. Gibson & Bruce Elliott The Back Room 3 1942 12
Walter B. Gibson Ball-Istics four balls appear one by one and vanish again see also corrections and improvements on p. 28 4 1942 13
Alvin R. Plough Rehydration condensed pieces of "milk" put in water and they rise and fall for several hours 4 1942 16
Bill Williston Willistons's Pull magician's gag 4 1942 16
Walter B. Gibson & Bruce Elliott The Back Room Otis Manning, Keith Clark, Schlumpini 4 1942 16
Bruce Elliott & S. W. Erdnase The Expert at the Card Table stacking three aces in a four hands game, modified Erdnase System inspired by "Erdnase System of Stock Shuffling" (S. W. Erdnase, 1902),
see also corrections on p. 28
5 1942 17
Ann Y. Mous Slide-Less signed by performer and spectator, without the slide 5 1942 18
Theodore Annemann Forecast three people think of a word, medium writes them on separate papers, numbers them and throws them in a hat, clever one ahead routine see also "Sooth Sayer" (Walter B. Gibson, 1942) 5 1942 19
Walter B. Gibson The Back Room on trick exposure 5 1942 20
Walter B. Gibson Cut To Measure cut and restored tape measure also published as "Cut to Measure" (Walter B. Gibson, 1956) 6 1942 21
Frank Thomas On the Head spectator thinks of a word, medium divines it and writes the word on a playing card 6 1942 23
Unknown Deal Change 6 1942 23
Walter B. Gibson The Back Room on Carl Brema's shop 6 1942 24
Shaman* The Farmer's Daughter thieves and sheep with hats and different colored blocks, gaffed 7 1942 25
James G. Thompson Jr. Embers billet in envelope burnt and divined 7 1942 26
Phoenix Jr. (reviewer) Carl Rosini In the Roosevelt Patio, Jacksonville, Florida. March 26, 1942 by Carl Rosini 7 1942 27
Walter B. Gibson Topper also published as "Topper" (Walter B. Gibson, 1956) 7 1942 27
Bruce Elliott & Walter B. Gibson The Back Room on Russel Swann and on Scarne and Rawson working on a series called "Magicians of the Underworld" 7 1942 28
L. Vosburgh Lyons Call It A Puzzle six discs with a different sign on each side are thrown and turned over while spelling a word, then one disc is hidden and performer turns back, he reveals which side is up on the hidden disc varied by "Under-Hand Coin" (Gerald Kosky, 1952) 8 1942 29
S.S. Henry Gaglet: Henry's Paper Switch getting rid of the torn napkin, when doing the torn and restored with fake explanation routine 8 1942 30
Walter B. Gibson One Good Trick... see also "Deserves Another" (Walter B. Gibson, 1942),
"Skill-Nil!" (Dr. William T. Palchinas, 1949),
"One Good Trick Deserves Another" (Walter B. Gibson, 1956),
also published as "One Good Trick Deserves Another" (Walter B. Gibson, 1956)
8 1942 30
Phoenix Jr. (reviewer) The Knights of Magic - April 25, 1942 8 1942 30
Walter B. Gibson Deserves Another predicting a card at a number, follow up inspired by "One Good Trick..." (Walter B. Gibson, 1942),
see also "One Good Trick Deserves Another" (Walter B. Gibson, 1956),
also published as "One Good Trick Deserves Another" (Walter B. Gibson, 1956)
8 1942 31
Walter B. Gibson Sooth Sayer with different colored paper instead of numbered slips inspired by "Forecast" (Theodore Annemann, 1942) 8 1942 31
Walter B. Gibson & Bruce Elliott The Back Room Dan Morris Russell Swann and Leonard Lyons 8 1942 32
Walter B. Gibson Cardee Foolee chinese writing cut in half reveals selection, published under Feng Huang 9 1942 33
Walter B. Gibson & Chung Ling Foo Filtration liquid vanishes after performance of the hydrostatic glass 9 1942 34
Chung Ling Foo & Walter B. Gibson Twister Chung Ling Foo's torn and restored paper with sucker element 9 1942 34
Walter B. Gibson Confetti of Cathay three cups, one filled with confetti, confetti vanishes and travels to another, published under Hee Foo You 9 1942 35
Walter B. Gibson Tip For Torn Paper and Hat Tearing 9 1942 36
Phoenix Jr. (reviewer) Chicago Assembly S.A.M. Annual Show - May 8th, 1942 9 1942 36
Walter B. Gibson Blackstone Anecdote 9 1942 36
Walter B. Gibson & Bruce Elliott The Back Room Greer Marechal, Clayton Rawson 9 1942 36
Roger Barkann & Audley Walsh Magician's Nightmare first impossible card location and then another card is spelled out from the spectator's pocket, four times thirteen Koran deck (Audley Walsh idea), clever fishing method see also missing lines on p. 44 10 1942 37
James G. Thompson Jr. Silver Arrow 10 1942 38
John Northern Hilliard A Hilliard Vanish see also "A Hilliard Vanish" (John Northern Hilliard, 1938) 10 1942 38
Walter B. Gibson & Danny Morris Gaglet Department - card coding with name badges (Gibson)
- card in balloon gag (Morris)
- cut and restored tie performance at army shows without a stooge (Morris)
- bar bet, naming three numbers of a serial number on a bill
10 1942 38
Audley Walsh Two - presentation for vanishing a rabbit with the break-away box
- invisible hair attached to deck, one card rises and is levered again
10 1942 39
Phoenix Jr. (reviewer) The S.A.M. Convention Shows - May 22 and 23, 1942 show with artists like Dell O'Dell, Clayt Rawson, Al Baker and Cardini, later did not his famous act and got a bad review 10 1942 39
Bruce Elliott The Back Room Bert Allerton, Lu Brent 10 1942 40
Dave Spindell & Clayton Rawson Out of the Smoke paper match turns into light cigarette, three more cigarettes appear also published as "Out of the Smoke" (Dave Spindell & Clayton Rawson, 1956) 11 1942 41
Harry Burns String-Ring with duplicate ring 11 1942 42
Paul Morris Lady in Red picture of a dressed lady is folded, clothes removed and she is seen undressed on the picture 11 1942 42
Dr. Aaron Weiss Mathematics of Magic numbers are called and added, prediction 11 1942 43
Bruce Elliott The Back Room Fred Keating, John Scarne, Prince Mendez 11 1942 44
Lu Brent Together Again three duplicate aces 12 1942 45
Clement de Lion Die Force Improvement one of four cards with rolling of die, see 202 Method of Forcing for original 12 1942 45
Lu Brent One Ahead Peek spectator peeks a card, which is glimpsed boldly 12 1942 46
Lu Brent How'd He Find It! selected card is taken out from the packet by touch 12 1942 46
Lu Brent Site-Unseen three selection are found by stabbing an unknown card reversed into the deck , cards next to the card and reversed card itself are selections 12 1942 47
Lu Brent False Face Glimpse bold glimpse 12 1942 47
Bruce Elliott The Back Room telephone gag, Russell Swann, Jordan, Rawson 12 1942 48
George Armstrong Hegira two cards travel, envelopes and card changing tray 13 1942 49
George Armstrong The G.A. Card Changing Tray 13 1942 51
George Armstrong Hegira II impromptu version 13 1942 53
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Keith Clark, Al Flosso, George Krage, a coin trick, a card rising gag by Henry Gordien and a joke by Al Plough 13 1942 54
Walter B. Gibson & Henry Hatton & Adrian Plate In the Pocket two different colors change places, hand and pocket 14 1942 55
Karl Germain Over the Top torn and restored cigarette paper 14 1942 56
Clayton Rawson No Corpse for the Coffin inspired by "There It Is!" (Paul LePaul, 1940) 14 1942 58
George Armstrong What's On Your Mind? word from a book is predicted on a billet 14 1942 59
U. F. Grant & Danny Morris & Howcani Gaglet Department - idea for Al Baker's "Salt Trick" (Morris)
- idea for cleaning slates, when done with chemical formula (Grant)
- gag, where two eggs are cracked and one put in pocket, but still three yolks are seen (Howcani)
inspired by "Salt Trick" (Al Baker, 2003) 14 1942 59
Bruce Elliott The Back Room last ideas by Annemann, on Greer Marechal building a changing bag from a hat, newspaper clippings 14 1942 60
Theodore Annemann & Dave Spindell The Window Washer's Dream framed piece of a glass is penetrated by several objects, mime 14 1942 60
Edward Saint Influencing a Scale one of the pans depresses see also solution on p. 68,
"Letter" (Edward Saint, 1942)
14 1942 60
James G. Thompson Jr. Blackout Magic writing of three face down cards is revealed in darkness inspired by "Greta Annemann's Eyes of the Unknown" (Theodore Annemann, 1935) 15 1942 61
Bruce Elliott Blackout Magic - Adam's Apple wrists of performer held by spectator's, apple travels from one hand to the other 15 1942 61
James G. Thompson Jr. Builder-Upper revelation of a writing, luminous paint 15 1942 62
Han Ping Chien & George LaFollette & Danny Morris Gaglet Department - appearance and vanish of a bowl bit (Han Ping Chien)
- on the Lota Bowls (Lafolette)
- lose thread pulled from jacket gag (Morris)
15 1942 62
James G. Thompson Jr. & Bruce Elliott The Coin Dowser coin is found with a dowsing rod in the dark 15 1942 63
Bruce Elliott The Back Room Dante appearing in a Laurel & Hardy Movie, on amateurs telling professionals what to do 15 1942 64
Wilbur T. Kattner Ry for Mystery preparing OOTW while performing 16 1942 65
Milbourne Christopher Match Stickler burnt match vanishes and appears in spectator's hand among unburnt matches 16 1942 66
Horace Goldin Gaglet Department - on routining a fishbowl production/vanish (Goldin)
- person vanish in cabinet bit
16 1942 66
Bob Hanko Simplo-Transpo impromptu and ungaffed version inspired by "Insto-Transpo" (Theodore Annemann, 1937) 16 1942 67
Unknown Deal Change 16 1942 67
Bruce Elliott The Back Room bar bet with a coin, gag with a bill (Al Cohn), on semantics, exposure, George Krager, Keith Clark and Bill Larsen 16 1942 68
Greer Marechal Jr. Greer's Growth rice bowls with a appearing flower bouquet as a finish 17 1942 69
Bob Hanko Gaglet Department - bit of business for the walking through a ribbon routine (Hanko)
- deck transforms into a forcing deck gag
17 1942 70
Danny Morris & Doc Hurwitz Betcha bar bet, drinking from a glass while arm is held by spectator, coin gag 17 1942 70
Edward Saint Letter on how to catch fleas see also "Influencing a Scale" (Edward Saint, 1942) 17 1942 70
Walter B. Gibson The Back Room on exposure, response to Bill Larsen, book exposure like Greater Magic, Modern Magic, Magician's Magic etc. 17 1942 71
Shaman* Shear Nerve! cut and restored paper, unusual method 17 1942 73
Dell O'Dell & James F. Herpick Kiss and Tell lipstick kissed card by female spectator is burnt and a blank card in an initialed envelope transforms into it 17 1942 74
James F. Herpick Envelope Switch envelope switch 17 1942 74
Bruce Elliott & Walter B. Gibson Chance! Thought! Coincidence! with three different colored cardboards, one taken, one thought off and one stopped at by coincidence 18 1942 75
Art Lyle Art Lyle Says: coin through handkerchief, how to make coins shiny and building an easy coin holdout 18 1942 77
Walter B. Gibson & Han Ping Chien Gaglets - Gibson's wand vanish
- Han Ping Chien swallowing billard ball vanishes
18 1942 77
Lu Brent Self-Shuffle observing spectator's riffle shuffle, following the card see also "Eeny-Meeny" (Russell "Rusduck" Duck, 1948) 18 1942 77
Dick Freytag Letter 18 1942 78
Bruce Elliott The Back Room Dr. Hurwitz, Al Flosso, U.F. Grant, George Sands' non-make-up version to look like a chinaman, Orson Welles 18 1942 78
Walter B. Gibson Super-Duper Speller clarification on page 90 19 1942 79
Greer Marechal Jr. Streamlined Hoffmann inspired by "The Transformed Handkerchief" (1876) 19 1942 81
Danny Morris & Doc Hurwitz Betcha - coin jumps from mouth of empty bottle, without touching
- pepper in glass is attracted or repelled by finger
19 1942 81
Theodore Annemann Gaglets one object is revealed by medium on telephone 19 1942 81
Bruce Elliott The Back Room credit information on the speller 19 1942 82
L. Vosburgh Lyons & Theodore Annemann Ball From Beyond steel ball between two soup plates, answers questions 20 1942 83
Louis Tannen Change, Please! bill into signed envelope, envelope is cut, bill vanishes and two coins fall out 20 1942 84
Theodore DeLand Floating Smoke cigarette floats in hat, loop passed over it 20 1942 85
Danny Morris & Doc Hurwitz Betcha - drinking from a sealed bottled without opening it
- moving a coin without touching it
20 1942 85
Walter B. Gibson The Furloined Rope Trick removing knots from rope 20 1942 85
Bruce Elliott The Back Room Blackstone, Bert Kalmar 20 1942 86
Wilbur T. Kattner Letter Genii rant 20 1942 86
Theodore DeLand Cremation selection is burnt and a glass half filled with confetti is shown, the confetti vanishes and the selection is inside the glass varied by "Cremation" (Karl Fulves, 1978) 21 1942 87
Stewart James Sefalaljia Jr. ring on string bit with safety pin from "Sefalaljia", under handkerchief inspired by "Sefalaljia" (Stewart James, 1939) 21 1942 89
Bruce Elliott Force forcing an ace with a special lighter 21 1942 89
Danny Morris & Doc Hurwitz Betch - bar bet, predicting which side lands up, when tossing a match box
- betting burning a handkerchief without injuring it
21 1942 89
Arthur Gans Gaglet umbrella is stuffed into a hat 21 1942 89
Wilbur T. Kattner Tricklet stamps are produced from a rolled up bill 21 1942 89
Walter B. Gibson & Bruce Elliott The Back Room Dante, Ed Saint, Max Malini 21 1942 89
Franklin V. Taylor Materialization coin appears with the help of a spring clothes-pin and a handkerchief varied by "Fruit Cup" (Orson Welles, 1944) 22 1942 91
Solomon Stein Miracle Monte three cards on three coins, monte presentation, coins travel under one card 22 1942 92
Theodore Annemann & Professor Hoffmann It Goes Double deck cut in half, top card on one packet is looked at and tells the top card of the other heap, repeated several times, as a finale both cards are named see also "Outwaited" (Gerald Kosky, 1949),
also published as "It Goes Double" (Theodore Annemann, 1956)
22 1942 93
Theodore Annemann Glimpse glimpsing a card while transferring it from the deck on the palm 22 1942 93
Unknown Gaglets with assistant, coin falls on the stage and assistant is looking for it during the show 22 1942 93
Danny Morris & Doc Hurwitz Betcha word play bet with a coin and three matches 22 1942 93
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the Tabell Course Volume 2 and performing for children 22 1942 94
John Scarne Scarne's Drunken Deal 23 1942 95
John Scarne Strong Man ripping the cellophane paper of a cigar, spectator can't do it 23 1942 96
Jack Chanin Gaglets handling for folded bill that turns upside down 23 1942 96
Jimmy Grippo Clear Through! handkerchief put on deck and corner folded in, selection penetrates the silk 23 1942 97
Bruce Elliott The Back Room Bill Larsen and Genii rant, Annemann's bullet catch 23 1942 98
Phoenix Jr. (reviewer) Magic's-A-Poppin IBM New York Ring 26, Dell O'Dell, Chaplain Willard S. Smith, Jay Marshall, Ann Garland, Arthur Elmer, Samy Birch, Richard Dubois, Jack Miller, Miaco 23 1942 98
Walter B. Gibson Voodoo sword cabinet with a pins and a voodoo doll in a box 24 1942 99
Shaman* 21 Plus spectator guesses in which row his card is, in the end the card is found by spelling "This is the card you took" also published as "21 Plus" ( Shaman*, 1956) 24 1942 101
James G. Thompson Jr. & Charles Nyquist Daub securing it and what to use 24 1942 101
Danny Morris & Doc Hurwitz & Walter B. Gibson Betcha - boiling water in a paper bag
- beer bet
- coin bet / puzzle
24 1942 101
Unknown Gaglets when forcing one card, let him grab two and take one back 24 1942 101
Walter B. Gibson & Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the "Barnstormer", Bob Hanko, Jean Hugard's dinner, Milbourne Christopher 24 1942 102
Franklin V. Taylor Peek Deck see also see also page 199 for an improvement,
""Peek-Deck" Pappy" (James G. Thompson Jr., 1943)
25 1942 103
Ken Crossen Elas-Trick through hand 25 1942 104
Walter B. Gibson Getting Away From Card Tricks while explaining a color change, a whiskey glass appears 25 1942 105
Unknown Gaglets thumb tip, silk is not glued but attached with wax so it can be used for other things as well 25 1942 105
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Think-A-Drink-Hoffman, Fred Keating, a bar bet by Stuart Robson, Albenice, Orson Welles, Greater Magic, John Scarne 25 1942 106
Clayton Rawson Twist for Ring and String hands tied with rope, ring on rope 25 1942 106
Audley Walsh Coin in Bottle Idea spectator holds coin under handkerchief and lets it fall into a glass of water, that stands on a deck of playing cards and everything is balanced on a bottle, coin ends up in bottle 25 1942 106
James G. Thompson Jr. Than Which No Whicher one of the kings is chosen, cards dealt and performer says stop when the king is reached 26 1943 107
Charles Nyquist & James G. Thompson Jr. Sefalaljia III ring tied on string, without cover 26 1943 108
James G. Thompson Jr. Mystery on the Half Shell coin production, vanish and penetration of the pocket 26 1943 109
Joe Berg Coin Vanish as a penetration, trouser pocket, fabric is folded over coin 26 1943 109
Unknown Coin Change De Manche coin switch 26 1943 109
James G. Thompson Jr. Digit-Telepathy medium reveals card 26 1943 109
Bruce Elliott The Back Room presentation idea for 7 keys to baldpate by Fetaque Sanders, on Walter Gibson, Joseph Dunninger, John Scarne 26 1943 110
Orville Wayne Meyer Gaglet cigarette is light without the use of a lighter 26 1943 110
Walter B. Gibson The Back Room on Dorny, Hy Mayer and why this is the wacky issue 27 1943 111
Unknown Gaglet borrowed watch is seemingly thrown away 27 1943 111
Unknown Ultra Wacky cut and restored handkerchief, bluff 27 1943 111
Walter B. Gibson & U. F. Grant Count Them Out false count based on words 27 1943 112
Shaman* Big Man! person grows and shrinks, gag 27 1943 112
Stuart Robson & James Mc Knight Horrors! pins through tongue, lamb's tongue 27 1943 113
N. M. Hopkins & Unknown Nuts! small elephant imitation appears and vanishes, see also Hopkins' "20th Century Magic" 27 1943 113
Buatier de Kolta & Carl Brema With Whiskers De Kolta's beard pochette / topit 27 1943 114
Unknown Line Up! twelve men appear in a cabinet, then a girl vanishes from that cabinet 27 1943 114
Will Goldston Gone! water vanishes in midair, naphtha, from Goldson's "Tricks and Illusions" 27 1943 114
Unknown Threadless 27 1943 114
U. F. Grant Ghost living and dead people's names written on slips, slip with dead person jumps in the air 27 1943 114
Walter B. Gibson Billard Ball Act - perfect color change
- extra ball getaway
- down the ladder
- through the pocket
- gaining white ball
- throw color change
- the vanish getaway
- instant ball to silk
- the smash change
- quick one to four
see also "Second Billard Ball Routine" (Walter B. Gibson, 1953) 28 1943 115
Bruce Elliott The Back Room Bill Larsen and genii rant, Jimmy Grippo, Burce Elliott's baby 28 1943 118
Richard Himber Paper Match Throwing match landing on the side, bar bet 28 1943 118
James G. Thompson Jr. Coin Betcha 28 1943 118
Roger Barkann & Richard Himber Duolette device for switching decks 29 1943 119
Bruce Elliott Changing Tray Substitute 29 1943 119
Roger Barkann The Perfect Steal selection vanishes from deck into envelope, with Duolette 29 1943 119
Roger Barkann Magician's Nightmare selections is spelled out, with Duolette 29 1943 119
James G. Thompson Jr. T.T.T. 29 1943 120
Unknown Improved "The Eyes Have It" see also "The Eyes Have It" (James G. Thompson Jr., 1940) 29 1943 120
Art Lyle Bottom Deal Second 29 1943 120
Shaman* 13 Steps by placing the deck on the stairs, different positions 29 1943 121
Roger Barkann The Pluperfect Steal deck is shuffled face up and face down, four cards put in a box, the cards vanish and the deck is in order again, with Duolette 29 1943 121
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, the book "English Rogue", Jules Romain 29 1943 122
Clyde Cairy Hoomdangs result of some calculations with the serial number of a chosen bill, appear on slates 30 1943 123
Charles Terraneau Card-Incidence deck is cut in two, spectator and performer's selection are found at the same position see also "Skill-Nil!" (Dr. William T. Palchinas, 1949) 30 1943 124
George Armstrong Geomancy of the Gods Q & A with one envelope and sand as a reading tool 30 1943 125
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on flames from the finger tips, Bob Hanko, Annemann, Dunninger, John Scarne, Houdini's library, Arthur Lloyd, Warner Perry, Harry Baker and Russel Swann 30 1943 126
Bruce Elliott Coin Vanish nesting coins gaff, idea 30 1943 126
Greer Marechal Jr. Greer's Gadget pull for making a handkerchief appear or disappear, clever design 31 1943 127
E.S. Hoffman Cute Coin coin production gimmick 31 1943 129
Walter B. Gibson Peeksie do as I do, but spectator probably fails finding performer's card 31 1943 129
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on a show by the IBM ring NYC, John Scarne, Jimmy Grippo, how to soften a deck for back palming, two newspaper clippings from Dunninger 31 1943 130
Bruce Elliott Psychic Ammeter card stand with arrow, arrow points to two selections without being touched 32 1943 131
Al Cohn Betcha holding a burning paper match upside down for 50 seconds 32 1943 132
Joseph Dunninger Sealed Mystery sealed message reading system, razor thumb tip see also "Foreword" (Al Mann, 1977) 32 1943 133
Charles Nyquist & James G. Thompson Jr. Pointer card is secretly signed on one side of the face, put back and spread so the signature is not seen, card is found 32 1943 133
Charles Nyquist & James G. Thompson Jr. Key Card Placement 32 1943 133
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the show of Dunninger, a letter by Second Deal Sam, Lloyd Jones "The Bat", an idea for Robson's "Leopard Cards" 32 1943 134
Hen Fetsch Future-Hue card selected, thought of and unseen are all predicted board with three different colors 33 1943 135
Hen Fetsch Past Present and Future card selected, thought of and unseen are all predicted by a medium on different colored papers 33 1943 136
Hen Fetsch Betcha removing two coins balancing on rim of mouth of a galss, with one hand, bar bet 33 1943 137
Hen Fetsch Gaglet presentation for disappearing wand in a piece of newspaper 33 1943 137
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Hen Fetch, John Scarne, James G. Thompson Jr. Orson Welles, Dunninger and Tom Osborne 33 1943 138
Bruce Elliott & Theodore Annemann Biblio Thot no force, based on an Annemann Magazine Test 34 1943 139
Walter B. Gibson Mickey Finn 34 1943 140
Hen Fetsch Betcha turning over a coin under a beer mug without touching the mug 34 1943 140
Hen Fetsch Gaglet idea for bowl of water from a table 34 1943 140
Elray Cue It! code with a thread, routine wit cigarettes, a book, cards and numbers 34 1943 141
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Al Plough, mourning envelopes, Emil Jarrow 34 1943 142
Bruce Elliott (reviewer) Funny Talk by Frank Lane 34 1943 142
Clayton Rawson Slate Sleights with small slates, two routines
- The Great Oriental Enigma (selected card appears written on slates, two flaps)
- Ghost Writer's Cramp (four messages, one on each side)
35 1943 143
Tom Osborne Answer To Hey Magish! "Show Us A Trick" short changing in a routine, dime to penny but not revealing it 35 1943 145
Milbourne Christopher Paper Money crumpled piece of newspaper changes in a dollar bill 35 1943 145
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Stuart Robson, Keith Clark, newspaper clippings 35 1943 146
Unknown Bar Bet letting bill fall and spectator has to catch it 35 1943 146
Walter B. Gibson Turnabout two decks, two cards are exchanged and match 36 1943 147
Elray Glass-Ic sealed message reading technique 36 1943 148
Alvin R. Plough Gaglet calculation and multiple outs 36 1943 148
Hen Fetsch Transition holder for folded silk, clever 36 1943 149
John R. Boyko & John McCormick Blitz-Match winning game see also correction on page 154 36 1943 149
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Harry Segal, table-lifting, Walter Gibson and Clayton Rawson 36 1943 150
Clayton Rawson The Backward Ghost two slate mysteries, different working and preparation
- A Merlini Mystery
- The Message From Nowhere
37 1943 151
Vivian St. John Disembodied C.P.A. lady from audience is blindfolded and reveals a result from a calculation 37 1943 153
Art Lyle Cute Cut three selections are cut to 37 1943 153
Art Lyle Slip Cut 37 1943 153
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on using adult methods when learning magic, John Scarne, James G. Thompson, Annemann, Miss Vivian St. John, Paul Curry and Russel Swann 37 1943 154
Franklin V. Taylor Headline Speller silent spelling 38 1943 155
Paul C. Krank Knots To You disc with hole on rope goes in between knots 38 1943 156
Gerber Thrice Right thought of number is counted from the deck and cross sum as well, another spectator does the same without looking at the card, prediction matches the card from first spectator and when the card by the second spectator is turned over ist is the same as well inspired by a routine by Stewart James in "The Jinx" 38 1943 157
Hen Fetsch Betcha joke, bet that the bottom card is spectator's card, miniature card 38 1943 157
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jerry Gale and paper puppets, N. Majahara, Bert Kalmar and Edgar Bergen 38 1943 159
N. Majahara Destroyed and Restored Dress hem of a dress is cut, burnt and restored 38 1943 159
Shaman* Mental Mirror word and card are divined by medium, cards code word 39 1943 160
Kolmar Silken Switch inspired by "Tarbell Color Changing Handkerchief" (Harlan Tarbell, 1938) 39 1943 162
Wilbur T. Kattner Axis Cut three rings linked, one is allowed to be cut to free all see also "Ring Sation" (Ken Beale, 1972) 39 1943 162
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jack Trepel performing magic on the radio, Jay Marshall, Shaman 39 1943 163
Frances Ireland Letter to Bruce Elliott on Majahara's trick see also page 159 39 1943 163
L. Vosburgh Lyons On the Barrel Head fast and loose with a rope 40 1943 164
Hen Fetsch Destined Dart dart thrown on dartboard, where several cards are displayed, spectator throws the dart and hit card is found in an other deck reversed 40 1943 165
R. C. Buff Middle Deal center deal presentation see also same concepts as Barrie Richardson's "Any Card At Any Number" in " Theater of the Mind" 40 1943 166
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the Great Ballantin, Jean Hugard and Fred Braue, Orson Welles, a bingo fraud, Bill Gresham gives some tips on knife throwing 40 1943 167
L. Vosburgh Lyons Match Puzzle eleven matches, triangle see also page 171 for the solution 40 1943 167
Hen Fetsch Cute! Huh! one of two coin penetrates a slate, name of selection appears on slate 41 1943 168
E.E. Hammill Websterian Wizardry prediction of a chosen word from a dictionary 41 1943 168
Walter B. Gibson Pick Me Up number between 1 and 30 is named, an indicator card is inserted at that position and the card card named see also "The Power of Two" (Roy Walton, 2010),
"Binary Division" (Michael Weber, 2011)
41 1943 169
Audley Walsh Pin Perplexer six safety pins link in hand 41 1943 170
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on why this issue is called G.I. Stuff, the solution to Dr. Lyons match puzzle from page167, Bob Gysel and Annemann's bullet catching 41 1943 171
Paul Rosini Suave Silk knot travels from one handkerchief to handkerchief hold in spectator's palms 42 1943 172
Jean Hugard & Unknown Instantaneous Knot with Both Hands see also Jean Hugard's "Silken Sorcery" page 65 42 1943 172
E.E. Hammill Psychic Uncle Sam "P$ychic Uncle $am", result of calculation shows initial number 42 1943 173
The Brain Guys Collected Thoughts medium and group calculation, result is predicted 42 1943 174
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the nadir of publicity, Rajah Raboid and a picture of Bruce Elliott 42 1943 175
Joseph Dunninger The Umbrella Servante 42 1943 175
Verne Chesbro & James G. Thompson Jr. Popper Upper match on business card covered by matchbook, penetrates it twice, match vanishes in the end see also "Strike One" (James G. Thompson Jr. & Verne Chesbro & William H. McCaffrey & Gerald Kosky, 1956),
varied by "Penta-Match" (Stewart Judah, 1975)
43 1943 176
Clyde Cairy Sympathy varied by "Duo" (Herb Runge, 1947) 43 1943 177
Bob Hanko Papo-Leaso signed paper ring penetrates rope under a handkerchief 43 1943 178
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dante selling his show, a Blackstone anecdote, Jay Marshall, J. A. Melrose, Russ Swann, Jack Marshall, Captain Harry Baker 43 1943 179
John R. Boyko Letter to Bruce Elliott on fake explanations 43 1943 179
Walter B. Gibson 91¢ Miracle three spectators select a different color envelope each and can than put one coin out of five in it, when performer turns over and sees the remaining two, he knows who chose which coin see also "Key Chart to the 91¢ Miracle" (L. Vosburgh Lyons, 1943) 44 1943 180
Art Lyle The Similarity Is In the Difference spectators write names on blank cards, deck in pocket, cards are found 44 1943 182
Greer Marechal Jr. Marechal's Mirage producing a flower in a vase under handkerchief, bottomless vase 44 1943 182
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Frances Ireland, Greer Marechal, Jr., Dunninger, Ogden Nash, John Scarne 44 1943 183
E.E. Hammill & Frank N. Dodd & John Scarne Cleromantic Chicanery page of newspaper is crumbled and page number is the prediction, three dice are stacked and the hidden numbers added see also "The Double Steal" (Frank N. Dodd, 1937) 45 1943 184
Shaman* Cagliostro's Spectacles spectator puts on special glasses when the cards are spread in front of him, he names all of the selections inspired by an idea of DeLands, credit reference on page 191,
see also "Bifocals" ( Shaman*, 1944),
"Bluecue" (Thomas Alan Waters, 1985)
45 1943 185
Jerry Sorensen "-and having writ-" sealed message reading, mixed with psychometry and handwriting analysis 45 1943 186
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Stuart Robson and the war 45 1943 187
Willard S. Smith Special Sale coins and slate idea, with defense stamp 45 1943 187
Harrison Kimball Letter to Bruce Elliott on his trip to the east, the mango trick, cups and balls 45 1943 187
Byron Churchill First Fumes performer mimes rolling a cigarette, lights a match and later blows smoke from his mouth 45 1943 187
James G. Thompson Jr. "Peek-Deck" Pappy Taylor's Peek Deck, as a code see also page 199 for an improvement,
"Peek Deck" (Franklin V. Taylor, 1942)
46 1943 188
R. C. Buff The $64.00 Word Taylor's Peek Deck combined with a dictionary book test see also "Peek Deck" (Franklin V. Taylor, 1942) 46 1943 189
The Brain Guys Weirdo Double two predictions inspired by "Weirdo" (Charles T. Jordan, 1937) 46 1943 190
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dunninger, Vantine and Cazan 46 1943 191
Ken Crossen Letter to Bruce Elliott about Bob Weill's and Eddie Clever's writing on Ted Annemann in "The Linking Ring" 46 1943 191
L. Vosburgh Lyons Slip, Snap, Spoof linking and unlinking pins see also Jerry Andrus' routine, same gimmick 47 1943 192
Clyde Cairy Ode to The Jinx three piles, one card from one pile selected and packet counted, card is found in performer's pocket 47 1943 193
Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin Primapara with cards 47 1943 194
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on an article in the Sunday Mirror Magazine about spotting gambling, John Scarne, Frances Ireland, Kolmar, Shaman 47 1943 195
Shaman* Half-Head/Half-Tail Coin for rubbing-two-coins-together illusion see also "Gaffed Coins - 3/4 Silver Fake" (Karl Fulves, 1971) 47 1943 195
Francis Carlyle Carlyle's Card idea by Fred Braue on page 214, see reference see also Douglas Dexter's "The Mystic Star" in Will Goldston's "Great Magician's Tricks", 1931,
"Paddle Move with a Card" (1942),
"The Back Room" (Bruce Elliott, 1944),
varied by "The Human Printing Press" (Steve Beam, 1984),
also published as "Carlyle's Card" (Francis Carlyle, 1953)
48 1943 196
Bob Hanko Confetti Spaghetti confetti turns into a multicolored paper band 48 1943 197
Bruce Elliott Buckram "Out" thought of card travels to book, as an out for the think of a card you see plot 48 1943 198
L. Vosburgh Lyons Paper Puzzle a figure on a paper, has to be reorganized to form a square in no more than 4 cuts see also page 203 for solution 48 1943 198
L. Vosburgh Lyons Key Chart to the 91¢ Miracle see also "91¢ Miracle" (Walter B. Gibson, 1943) 48 1943 198
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on L. Vosburgh Lyons, a demonstration where a doc is beheaded, an improvement to Taylor's Peek Deck by James G. Thompson Jr., Fred Mosteller and his spelling trick ("Bravo!") 48 1943 199
Unknown An Egg Gag when proving that an egg is real, a spectator holds a glass and the egg is cracked open, bottomless glass 48 1943 199
Frederick Mosteller Bravo! five decks, multiple phase mental speller, suits spelled and values counted (count-spell), see Back Room reference for corrections see also "The Back Room" (Bruce Elliott, 1943),
varied by "Encore!" (Frederick Mosteller, 1944)
49 1943 200
Tom Fitzgerald "Take It Off" knot is slid on rope then taken off 49 1943 202
Unknown Slip Knot 49 1943 202
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Stuart Robson, Al Chris describing a miracle from India, Dell O'Dell, Russ Swann, selling and promotion 49 1943 203
Robert Gable Lota Bowl and Sand Cup idea for humorous presentation 49 1943 203
Franklin V. Taylor & Bruce Elliott "Visible But Unseen" Or " The Pocket Index That Ain't" card prediction, index in deck, switch in hat inspired by "Peek Deck" (Franklin V. Taylor, 1942) 50 1943 204
L. Vosburgh Lyons Okito Outdone okito box with a rectangular box 50 1943 205
Walter B. Gibson Deferred Coincidence three cards are selected from a red and from a blue deck, they match 50 1943 206
Clayton Rawson A Sucker Bet performed as a bet see also page 211 for a variation 50 1943 207