New Card Control Systems
New Card Control Systems
Work of Joseph K. Schmidt
103 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Joseph K. Schmidt Introduction 7
Joseph K. Schmidt Tabled Double Undercut 9
Joseph K. Schmidt Preface basic tabled card handling 9
Unknown Tabled Double Undercut 9
S. W. Erdnase To retain the complete stock 10
Unknown Tarbell False Cut No. 1 11
Joseph K. Schmidt The "Last Word" Poker Run-Up System with several applications/routines inspired by "Erdnase Outdone" (Jim Wheeler, 1984) 14
Joseph K. Schmidt Blockbuster No. 1 2 times, "deal stack", overhand 19
Joseph K. Schmidt Blockbuster No. 2 stacking 2 hands, overhand 20
Joseph K. Schmidt Rhythmic Shuffling tip 22
Joseph K. Schmidt "Easy Poker" from shuffled deck, overhand inspired by "The Harrison Deal" (Victor Farelli, 1936) 24
Joseph K. Schmidt C.U.S.S. - A Riffle Shuffle Run-Up System "Cut Up Stock Stack" 30
Joseph K. Schmidt The Double C.U.S.S. dealing Aces and Kings on the same deal 36
Joseph K. Schmidt A Hell of a Poker Game Part I: Dealing four Aces with cards face up throughout.
Part II: Dealing Kings to the devil's hand and the Aces to your hand for a surprise finish.
Part III
Part IV: Dealing two hands - Kings to third hand, Aces to your hand.
Joseph K. Schmidt "Clumsy Joe's" Riffle Shuffle Run-Up exploiting a reversed card 49
Joseph K. Schmidt The "Sore-Armed" Bandid another system 52
Karl Fulves Another Word on "Last Word" overhand 60
Karl Fulves The Three - Er, Four King Deal stacking two hands, overhand 62
Karl Fulves Addition to Blockbuster No. 1 63
Joseph K. Schmidt Blockbuster No. 3 stacking 3 hands (!), overhand 65
Karl Fulves Additions to "Last Word" Technique 68
Joseph K. Schmidt Call your Hand II 13 card set-up inspired by "Call Your Hand" (Theodore Annemann & Michael F. Zens, 1937) 71
Joseph K. Schmidt Hold-Out Sam tabled hand turns out to be the one named 74
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley Switch tabled see also Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 5, p. 422, May 1948 76
Joseph K. Schmidt The "Easy Poker" Deal Out a different presentation 77
Joseph K. Schmidt The "Last Word" Deal Cut a different presentation 78
Joseph K. Schmidt Mnemonics for Zens set-up 78
Karl Fulves Prediction Deal 80
Joseph K. Schmidt The Untimely Demise of "Mike" McGuff story presentation 81
Joseph K. Schmidt JKSubway Deal inspired by "The Bottom-Deal (Simplified Method)" (Paul LePaul, 1949) 87
Joseph K. Schmidt The Big "Ripp-Off" 5 torn cards are matched inspired by "The Five Torn Cards" (Martin Gardner Presents, p. 183) 92
Joseph K. Schmidt 2-Hand Overhand Shuffle Run-Ups 8 methods and variation, history 96