Blackpool Twenty Twelve
Blackpool Twenty Twelve
written by Michael Weber
Work of Michael Weber
14 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Michael Weber Please Note legal notice 2
Michael Weber & Terry Lynn Sevin coin through spectator's hand, clean inspired by "The Seven Penny Trick" (Terry Lynn, 1966) 3
Michael Weber Final Freud 5
Michael Weber Card Kindergarten memorized deck with easy rules 7
Michael Weber Inanimate Liar clean vanish 9
Michael Weber One Girl Two Decks spectator cuts to card and cases deck, performer names number, when counting down to this number in the deck and a second prediction deck both end up with selection 10
Unknown Peek Case 11
Michael Weber Bicycles Built for 0.5 divided deck from back with different brands 12
Michael Weber Soul Searcher information written on paper pieces is correctly assigned to spectator, torn edges marking 13