Thanks to Pepys...
Thanks to Pepys...
written by Bob Read
Work of Bob Read
60 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Bob Read Foreword 2
Bob Read Openers violin case to store close up props 3
Bob Read Misers Mouchoire four coins appear and vanish from a handkerchief, reproduction of all four at the same time under handkerchief between the fingers 4
Bob Read The Incredible Bottle Production under handkerchief 10
Bob Read R.I.P. sort of miser's dream with a hat, joke 14
Bob Read Handkerchief Through Glass through handle of mug, also with tie 16
Bob Read Coins Across four coins to glass, extra inspired by "The Traveling Centavos" (J. B. Bobo, 1952) 20
Terry Guyatt Coins to Glass at once 24
Bob Read Vanishing Comb 26
Martin Gardner Brush Gag apparently brushing spectator's jacket see also Whisk Broom Nr.2 in Martin Gardner's "Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic" p.570 27
Bob Read Knife Through Jacket 28
Dai Vernon & Bob Read All Backs and Additions see also "The All Backs" (Dai Vernon, 1950) 32
Bob Read Hats and Corks 4 paper balls under hat, through table, two hats, small bread appears as a finaly see also "Mugs and Hats" (Charlie Miller, 1961) 44
Bob Read Notes ideas and credits 52
Bob Read A Couple of Sight Gags 58
Bob Read So That's It... 60