Full Frontal Mayhew
Full Frontal Mayhew
written by John Lovick
Work of Steve Mayhew
30 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Steve Mayhew There are 13 items in these notes. 1
Steve Mayhew Motion, Brefity, Confidence: Ramblings on Humor, Card Magic, and You 2
Steve Mayhew The Bugs Bunny Dang Deal performers hand suddenly has over 15 cards, in the next round the spectator's hand grows and performer has Royal Flush inspired by "A Subtle Poker Move (revised)" (Paul Harris, 1996) 3
Steve Mayhew Full Frontal Conus spectator touches aces, then Conus Aces 5
Derek Dingle Variation of Vernon's Strip Out Addition see also "Variation of Vernon's Strip Out Addition" (Derek Dingle, 1982) 5
Steve Mayhew Mayhew Monte Explosion three cards transform into Royal Flush as climax, including variation where they become ten cards 9
Trevor Lewis & Ken Krenzel Monte Move 9
Steve Mayhew & Gordon Bean The Standing Demonstration card comes to top, instead of to bottom the deck reverses inspired by "The Standing Challenge" (Gordon Bean, 2002) 11
Steve Mayhew Hungry Now? very visual sandwich, selection transforms into sandwich when thrown on deck 12
Looy Simonoff Flippant 12
Steve Mayhew A Bird in the Hand audience selects finger through counting procedure - middle finger inspired by "Five Cards on the March" (Jim Steinmeyer & Stewart James, 2006),
see also "Finger Flinger" (Marty Kane & Steve Beam, 2010)
Steve Mayhew Old Lazy Fat Guy Cull four-of-a-kind cull during multiple-packet riffle shuffle procedure 15
Steve Mayhew No-Skill Deck Switch using pen-behind-ear gag and pseudo-deck vanish 17
Steve Mayhew Look at Me, Look at Me selection jumps to top, middle, bottom as desired, then Aces are produced 18
Bill Simon & Steve Mayhew Cut Control Variation inspired by "Cut Control" (Bill Simon, 1949) 18
Wesley James Coming Up in the World 19
Jay Jayaraman Ace Production 20
Steve Mayhew Let's Get Physical boyfriend divines woman's selection (thought of one of 8) and cuts to it 21
Max Holden Criss Cross Force 21
Steve Mayhew Bringin' It with a Ruckus deck is sprung onto glass and selection slides underneath (apparently) 23
Jack Carpenter Howlin' Wolf Aces aces lost, one cut to and placed on spectator's hand, it becomes all 4 after a bit of byplay 25
Steve Mayhew Labyrinth Blackjack authentic and clean 27