Transpositions with cards and coins via legerdemain & craft
written by Benjamin Earl
Work of Benjamin Earl
18 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Unknown switch definition from dictionary
Benjamin Earl For Your Attention copyright notice
Benjamin Earl Introduction about transposition effects 1
Benjamin Earl Paper Switch - First Method - The Delayed Palm Removal (DPR)
- Second Method - Psychological Isolation
- Third Method - Pocket Palm and In-Action Palm Replacement
- Fourth Method - Covered Palm Replacement and Palm Change
- Fifth Method - All Techniques Combined
Edward Marlo Prayer Cull Addition "Combination Cull and Exchange" 2
Unknown Pocket Palm 4
Adrian Plate Palm Change 5
Benjamin Earl Metal Switch "or To Swapeth a Penie and a Groat" 10
Benjamin Earl The Peek Load while peering into hand 12
Benjamin Earl Summary 17
Benjamin Earl References 18