Magic Mafia Effects
Magic Mafia Effects
written by Allan Ackerman
Work of Allan Ackerman
39 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Edward Marlo Foreword
Allan Ackerman Introduction
Allan Ackerman On Kane's Blank Thought Deck blank deck, spectator thinks of any card, performer removes a blank card, all cards get faces and isolated card is thought-of one inspired by "The Blank Thought Deck" (Peter Kane, 1967) 1
Edward Marlo Double Lift Substitute 2
Allan Ackerman & Edward Marlo & Dr. James Nuzzo Elevator Shaft ace-2-3 or all aces penetrate pack one at a time inspired by "Penetration" (Edward Marlo & Dai Vernon, 1953) 4
Allan Ackerman Joker Sandwich thought of card in sandwich in deck inspired by "Think and it's Trapped" (Bruce Cervon, 1969) 6
Allan Ackerman The Spectator Refuses to Cut to the Four Aces see also "The Spectator Cuts to and Turns Over the Aces" (Randy Wakeman, 1985) 7
Allan Ackerman Everywhere and Nowhere three cards become the selection and change into aces 9
Edward Marlo Three Card Monte Climax showing all the same 10
Allan Ackerman All Backs all backs then all faces, while retaining a stack 11
Allan Ackerman All Backs Additional Notes 17
Allan Ackerman Pokerface while trying to find the selection the four of a kind is produced see also "Foursome" (Harry Lorayne, 1967) 18
Allan Ackerman The Real Work on Adhesive where to put the tape 23
Allan Ackerman Minus One Bottom Deal varied by "Marlo Technique for Minus Multiple" (Edward Marlo, 1975) 24
Edward Marlo Pseudo Centers four aces face up, greek deal 25
Edward Marlo Proving Count card at number, with greek deal 26
Allan Ackerman The Nest Reverse during a table riffle shuffle 27
Allan Ackerman A Card Pass 29
Allan Ackerman Counting Four as Three 30
Dick Koester & Allan Ackerman Smyth Myth Retold cards are shuffled face up into face down, pairs put on the table, when one spectator sees his card he says stop, the other card face down is the second selection 33
Allan Ackerman Snap Change Idea card is seen, it's another card, magician's gag 35
Allan Ackerman The Programmed Deck always dealing into two piles and eliminating one pile, last card is named selection, Named Tantalizer see also "Sorting the Deck" (David Solomon & Pit Hartling, 2010) 36