Quasimodo / A Fine Mesh
Quasimodo / A Fine Mesh
A Phil Goldstein "Twofer"
Work of Philip T. Goldstein
4 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Philip T. Goldstein A Fine Mesh two selections between three jokers vanish, then a joker finds the selections in deck on either side, red/blue double backer 1
Frederick Braue Braue Addition and Switch 1
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety with 3 cards 2
Philip T. Goldstein Quasimodo three jokers and one normal card are mixed, monte type premise, normal card's back changes red and then blue again with comedic presentation, red/blue double backer 3
Alex Elmsley The Elmsley Count 4
Charles T. Jordan The Jordan Count 4