Continuations and Departures
Continuations and Departures
written by Gary Kurtz
Work of Gary Kurtz
28 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Gary Kurtz
Language: English
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Gary Kurtz Zero, One, Two, Four four coin production 1
Gary Kurtz Money Begets Money four coin production also published as "Money Begets Money" (Gary Kurtz, 1988) 3
Unknown Two for Two Shuttle Pass 4
Gary Kurtz G. K. Spectator Coins Across four coins across, slightly different than version in "Continuations ... Departures 1" see also "G.K. Spectator Coins Across" (Gary Kurtz, 1988) 6
Unknown Heel Clip Steal 7
Harvey Rosenthal Roll-Over Palm brief 9
Geoffrey Latta Isolation Placement brief 10
Gary Kurtz Absence Travels two pieces of paper, both are punched with four holes, holes travel from one paper to the other 13
Gary Kurtz The Gesticulated Switch 14
Gary Kurtz Countering Expectations beginning of a cups and balls routine, balls change color 16
Gary Kurtz Moving to the Inside card travels between to file cards, which are stapled all around 18
Gary Kurtz The Cheeky Load see also "Card Load" (Gary Kurtz, 1988) 18
Gary Kurtz Flash Glitter Finale finale for coin routine, coins are wrapped in paper, paper is ignited and they vanish in a flash of fire, leaving a shower of glitter 20
Gary Kurtz Sharing the Credit accomplice is asked to leave the room, after returning he finds a selected card, two versions, accomplice does not really know how it's done 22
Gary Kurtz The Hofzinser Cull Placement 22
Dai Vernon The Vernon Placement running cut 23
Gary Kurtz Code of Silence see also "(10) Positional Codes" (Tony Corinda, 1959),
also published as "The Code of Silence" (Gary Kurtz, 1992)
Gary Kurtz Code of Silence II medium finds paper and knows which three digit numbers are written 27