Constant Fooling 2
Constant Fooling 2
written by David Regal
Work of David Regal
240 pages (Hardcover), published by Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Language: English
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David Regal Caught In The Act card found by mouse trap 4
David Regal A Magic Lesson magician explains a method for card to pocket 7
David Regal Lucky Seven 10
David Regal Compounding A Lie nine cards from deck
- Version One - Red-handed (odd-backed)
- Version Two - Nothing but the Truth (other cards blank)
Unknown Covered Bottom Deal under spread 12
David Regal Magic Incorporated card appears printed on business card 16
David Regal Hofzinser Sans Hofzinser sucker without the transparent card 20
David Regal One-Two-Three-Four transformation kicker 24
David Regal Shred of Proof rolled shred of paper reveals prediction 28
David Regal Eight Ball production of an eight ball 33
David Regal The Magic Book card and page in paperback book 35
David Regal Heading North slit in one card 40
David Regal Going Through With It card through card 44
David Regal Crazy & Lazy face up stabbing variation 50
David Regal The Card that could not be found seriously silly routine... 54
John Benzais Benzais Spin-Out 55
Earl Nelson "Up"-Set 56
David Regal Not This! prediction of geomatrical shape 65
David Regal Off-Color Thought 70
David Regal Off-Color Thought 72
David Regal The New Yorker Magazine Test 75
David Regal An Odd Decision named card is odd-backed 79
David Regal Deck Switch 80
David Regal Out Of This Borough 83
David Regal Party Line 88
David Regal Thinking of you person is predicted 93
David Regal Journey to Love inspired by "Room Service" (Larry Becker & Don Wayne),
varied by "A Dip into Scripture" (John Lovick, 2016)
David Regal Piece of My Mind piece of puzzle is divined 104
David Regal Thoughtful Words mindreading of a word on a card varied by "Mass Destruction Stacking" (So Sato, 2016) 108
David Regal Hands-Off Force & Shuffle spectator shuffles piles, yet top card of deck is force card 109
David Regal Voice of Reason prediction via voice recorder 113
David Regal Voice of Reason prediction via voice recorder 116
David Regal My Black Book prediction 119
David Regal The Very Last Card fair elimination process varied by "Handsome in Love" (John Lovick & David Regal, 2016) 124
David Regal Getting Sticky tape & applications 139
David Regal A Good Catch tape 143
David Regal Stabbed with extreme Prejudice 145
David Regal Sticky Mama 148
David Regal Sticky Hofzinser 151
David Regal Sticky Transpo 156
David Regal Sticky Monte money card vanishes at the end 158
David Regal The Hype with unbent cards 160
David Regal Mucilaginous Monte 165
David Regal A Tacky Introduction 172
David Regal Triple Cross with 3 named cards 176
David Regal Tenacious Climber using tape 179
David Regal The Origami Bill Switch 186
David Regal Where Credit is due to sealed envelope 195
David Regal Easy Alchemy using box 200
David Regal A Coin Holdout 204
David Regal A Coins Through Table Routine featuring "A Coin Holdout" 205
David Regal Deep Guilt Aces gaffed deck varied by "Spectator Cuts the Aces" (Erik Nordvall, 2006) 211
David Regal The Coincidence Deck gaffed 214
David Regal Roughly Identical gaffed, with four cards 218
Dick Koester Consistent Reverse Double Undercut injog 220
David Regal Face it, you've changed gaffed, hands-off 222
David Regal After Hours 227
Piet Forton Another Forton Pop-Out 229
Steve Draun Spooky Revelation slow motion revelation 231
David Regal Pinky Fan Rise 234