Close-Up Mental Magic
Close-Up Mental Magic
written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
55 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Introduction 1
Karl Fulves Heavy Traffic prediction vanishes from between two jacks twice, then the chosen card appears between the jacks see also "King's Row" (Karl Fulves, 1975),
varied by "Swindle Stab" (Karl Fulves, 2001)
Karl Fulves Offloading loading off a double backer while turning the cards over end for end see also "No-Replacement Double Lift" (Dai Vernon, 1973) 3
Karl Fulves Second Method prediction vanishes from between two jacks twice, then the chosen card appears between the jacks 4
Karl Fulves Odd Cards two odd cards put n the case transpose with two even cards on the table, finally an extra card is found in the case with the contact information of the performer 7
Matt Schulien Cardcase Load 8
Karl Fulves Times Two spectator sets a time on a wristwatch and performer behind back, numbers are added and the result told to the performer, who can now name both numbers inspired by "Watchistry" (Martin Gardner, 1938) 8
Karl Fulves Variation in Handling see also "Clocks" (Karl Fulves, 1966) 10
Karl Fulves ESPhone medium knows card, simple code 11
Karl Fulves Close Call four card prediction, total predicts position of selection 12
Karl Fulves Strip Out Switch 13
Karl Fulves Uni-Voice selected card is clipped on a board, where performer noted prediction, they match 15
Karl Fulves Teleportation signed selection appears in a card frame and eventually changes into second signed selection see also "Swindle Trap" (Karl Fulves, 1975) 18
Karl Fulves Fan Steal face card into tenkai palm 19
Karl Fulves Technical Trap odd backed prediction in card frame matches stopped at card 23
Karl Fulves Katch Koin coin is dropped into spectator's hand, who has to close his hand around the coin quickly with eyes closed, coin is back in performer's hand 24
Karl Fulves Think of Something prediction in form of mate in envelope, ultra-mental deck 26
Karl Fulves Wired Thot performer puts a paper clip on thought of ace see also "More Notes Yet" (Karl Fulves, 1980) 28
Karl Fulves Klip Notes notes, techniques, ideas with paper clips and cards
- Add-On Technique
- Flap Card Technique
- Paper Clip Problems (4)
Karl Fulves Sleight of Crime four coins in four matchboxes, spectator secretly removes on coin and mixes the matchboxes, a match is light and goes out in front of the empty box, then the date of the coin is revealed 36
Karl Fulves Matching Miracle with red and black ace to four, as a climax black cards transform into red cards, first face exactly as "Napoleon" see also "Napoleon" (Karl Fulves, 1973) 37
Karl Fulves Prophet #2 deck is divided and to spectator's think of a number, performer predicts cards at the thought of number in each half, half forcing stack 42
Karl Fulves Money Talks spirit raps with two coins and a pencil 44
Karl Fulves Voodoo bowl with folded billets, on each billet is a country, spectator and performer take the same, interesting presentation 46
Karl Fulves Billet Switch with playing cards and paper clips 48
Karl Fulves Second Method billet switch with gaffed playing cards 49
Karl Fulves Rough Rider billet switch with cards and roughing fluid to switch billets 50
Karl Fulves Psilver selection of spoon or fork is predicted, they then change places in the hand and pocket of the spectator, then one bends like the other, power of darkness elements 51
Karl Fulves Mind Wave cards are shuffled, rough and smooth ultra-mental deck 53