F for Fiction
F for Fiction
Exploiting playing-cards and pockets for magical effect
written by Benjamin Earl
Work of Benjamin Earl
22 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Benjamin Earl For Your Attention copyright notice iv
Benjamin Earl Preface vi
Benjamin Earl Four-Card Impossible performer gives prediction to spectator who then selects a card and two more to make four-of-a-kind 1
Unknown Dribble Top Card Glimpse 2
Max Holden Cross-Cut-Force 3
Steve Beam & Benjamin Earl Deal Force open prediction bluff procedure, no-touch force see also "The Opened Prediction" (Steve Beam, Semi-Automatic Card Tricks, 1993, p. 47) 3
Benjamin Earl Finish 52 finding matching cards from pocket for any named card, then taking all cards except selection from pocket, binary five card set-up that combines to any card inspired by "The Selective Touch" (1948),
see also "The Smiling Mule" (Roy Walton, The Complete Walton 1)
Benjamin Earl Pocket Addition bold 7
Benjamin Earl Followers for finale deck vanishes and leaves last Ace behind 12
John Carney The Dribble Break see also "The Dribble Break" (John Carney, 1998) 13
Benjamin Earl Spread Display spreading through deck with faces towards audience and hiding a number of cards 16
Dave Rumfield Card from Breast Pocket no-palm, with finesse 16
Jack McMillen Pocket Bluff Removal no-palm 17
Unknown Deck Cop 17
Benjamin Earl The Fade Away Deck Vanish finale of routine 20
Benjamin Earl Summary 22